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Example sentences for "addled"

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additional; additionally; additions; additive; addle; address; addresse; addressed; addressee; addressees
  1. Pakriaa had gradually accepted the fact of Tocwright's leadership, but her view of the status of Charin women remained addled by contradictions; the idea of social and mental equality between the sexes eluded her completely.

  2. Never was a poor brain more addled than his.

  3. I hev never addled my brains tryin' ter make out what a woman means.

  4. Plainly I see that it is not my drabbled skirts he is sorry for, it is my addled wits.

  5. Can you carry it all in your own addled old head, daddy?

  6. Are my brains not quite so addled as you thought them when you wrote?

  7. Likewise many broken and addled eggs were found, and it is clear that the mortality is very great.

  8. By September 12, the earliest date upon which a party arrived, all the eggs which were not broken or addled were hatched, and there were then about a thousand adult Emperors in the rookery.

  9. The King angrily refused and dissolved the so-called "Addled Parliament.

  10. After several weeks of angry discussion the King dissolved what was nicknamed the "Addled Parliament," because its enemies accused it of having accomplished nothing.

  11. Still silently they picked up their caps, one or two of them scratched their addled pates.

  12. Awhile ago she talked intelligibly enough, but three bumpers of heavy Spanish wine have addled her feeble wits by now.

  13. He nevertheless felt carefully about, in hope of finding an addled egg, and he was not disappointed.

  14. There were two addled eggs, which he brought down in safety.

  15. It is very strange that I cannot give you a more accurate account of our interview; but he addled my head about pictures and early art; and then, though always temperate, his wine was exquisite.

  16. He sat down on these to inhale the fresh night air, for already his head was beginning to feel confused and addled by the strong odours.

  17. Also amongst other of my addled eggs of invention, I may mention that in my chemistry days as a youth I suggested to a scientific neighbour, Dr.

  18. My poor head is so addled that I can fathom no plots.

  19. Like a hunter bewitched, the gray buccaneer was absorbed in this rare pastime until Bill Saxby exclaimed: "Is there no wit in our addled pates?

  20. Your still fowl, blinking at you without remark, may all the while be sitting on one addled nest-egg; and when it takes to cackling, will have nothing to announce but that addled delusion.

  21. But perhaps you're no more addled than usual.

  22. Such was her certitude that I accepted it fully, as I had accepted the amazement of the lepers of Samaria staring at their smooth flesh; and I was bitter that so great a woman should be so easily wit-addled by a vagrant wonder-worker.

  23. The frequent changes from place to place, the noise, the new people, the intense haste that seemed to pervade all that went on, addled me to that degree that I had few collected thoughts at the time, and no memory of them afterwards.

  24. My head is confused; the crash of misfortunes has addled me, and each succeed so rapidly on each other, that remedies are scarcely employed than they have to be abandoned.

  25. Come, tell me in what decent tavern you have addled your brain?

  26. His brain must be addled by having had too much to drink this morning.

  27. The effort to solve the Big Bow Mystery may have addled his brain.

  28. Their brains were not addled by exams, or Oxford degrees.

  29. We were thousands of miles from anywhere, in the South Indian Ocean at the time, running our Easting down, but the cook got the idea into his addled head that we were lying in Boston Harbour, and that I wouldn't let him go ashore.

  30. It is an orgy, a debauch; and I am sure the addled sailors adjudge me the queerest creature on board.

  31. In his struggles he sometimes sank beneath the surface, but always he emerged, flourishing the knife and screaming his addled harangue.

  32. We give 'em an hour's ride in a cart where they sometimes gets roses but more often gets addled eggs.

  33. Who caused all the addled eggs in London to fly in their innocent faces?

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "addled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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