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Example sentences for "blinking"

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bline; bling; blink; blinked; blinkers; blinks; blip; blips; blis; blisful
  1. His eyelashes were blinking very fast, his lip began to tremble.

  2. Buddy stood blinking and sniffing, his eyes fixed upon the Dutch ovens.

  3. I'd like to see you give her a chance to speak your name without blinking back tears.

  4. Grandpa stared at him for a minute, his blue eyes blinking with some secret excitement.

  5. The old captain sat upon the bridge in his old armchair, with his old comrade, the tortoise-shell cat, dozing and blinking at his feet, a true picture of furry felicity.

  6. The dog lay near the front of the tent with his nose over his paws and his brown eyes blinking toward the blaze.

  7. He had dropped the necklace to the floor, and had knelt to recover it when the opening of the door, followed by a blaze of light and a startled exclamation, brought him to his feet with a bound, blinking but alert.

  8. THE NIGHT-BIRDS [Winking and blinking with marked evidences of pain.

  9. Straightway was he led to an inner room, where the master of the house was roused from his sleep and brought blinking before him.

  10. He sat with chin on hands and elbows on table, blinking heavily at the blazing array.

  11. He yawned once or twice, and sat on the bed blinking unmeaningly at the fire, as if he had something to say to it which he could not recollect just then.

  12. Thank you, Baldassare," said Vanna to her blinking old master; then she kissed him.

  13. Ippolita sat very scared on her throne, and endured what she could by catching firmly to the knobs of it and blinking her eyes.

  14. Yet he remained watching on the bridge, his chin buried in his knotty hands, his little eyes blinking under stress of the inner fire he had.

  15. The two boys sat together, blinking at so much speechless glory.

  16. Henderson was watching one of his monitors behind the bar, now blinking off the seconds.

  17. He was blinking in erratic bursts, still flying on uppers.

  18. The same defect was made the subject of a caricature particularly allusive to critical prejudices in his "Lives of the Poets," in which he is pictured as an owl "blinking at the stars.

  19. It's really a pity," he added, blinking at her through his half-closed light eyelashes with tender compassion.

  20. I suffer from nasal catarrh," Frau Asmussen explained, blinking at Lilly with her rather watery grey eyes, "And one of our most noted physicians has prescribed this medicine.

  21. For there was no blinking the matter any longer; he had become a regular reprobate.

  22. She gazed at the freckled bridge of his nose, the blinking pale-lashed eyes, and the sharply pointed unshaven chin, half hidden in the turned-up collar of his green Norfolk jacket.

  23. Herr von Prell leaned towards his old superior officer, blinking his lids with reverential and eager attention.

  24. Something in his manner as he said this, with his eyes blinking at her, made Lilly redden and feel uncomfortable, though it filled her at the same time with a quiet satisfaction.

  25. His inflamed eyes, like two red slits blinking behind his round glasses, gave him an air of groping helplessness.

  26. It was beastly," he retorted, blinking rapidly through the smoke.

  27. Placing his hands on the edge of the aperture, the fellow raised himself clear of the hole and stood blinking in the strong sunlight.

  28. Without hesitation the two lads obeyed, and were soon blinking in the early morning sun.

  29. But Bradish clung to the gunwale of the long-boat and stared out at the yeasty waves, blinking his eyes.

  30. Well, it may be just as well for ye that ye don't," said Oakum Otie, twisting his straggly beard into a spill and blinking nervously.

  31. The glory of light flooded into their blinking eyes.

  32. But this insistence alarmed Bradish and his blinking eyes revealed his fears and suspicions.

  33. It lit up the rough bark of the oak tree on the lawn, and at the foot of the latter, blinking resentfully in the light, Stubbs saw the owner of the watching eyes.

  34. Grimalkin, blinking down from his coign of vantage, saw rabbit after rabbit bolt from its 'form' only to turn a somersault and collapse into a palpitating heap.

  35. Three times Grimalkin saw the Collared Buck basking outside his hole above the glen, with his legs sprawled on the dry leaves, and his eyes blinking blissfully in the heat.

  36. She did not leave her room, this little French girl, until night shadows had fallen and automobile lights like twin stars were blinking their way down the boulevard.

  37. Streets were steel-gray ribbons where automobiles, mere bugs all black, blue and yellow, crept along, blinking their fiery eyes.

  38. Presently, one sleepy face after another crept up the ladder, with blinking eyes, accustomed to the nether darkness, and looked towards the morning sun just breaking through a bank of thin gray clouds.

  39. With quacking and wriggling and dabbling, the meal was eaten, and Alix, scraping the bowls for last fragments, and blinking in a flood of sunlight, laughed exultantly at the exhibition.

  40. There was a good deal of summer lightning blinking overhead, and the black avenues and white statues leapt out every minute into short-lived distinctness.

  41. I have been steadily drenched for twenty-four hours; water-proof wet through; immortal spirit fitfully blinking up in spite.

  42. Panting and crouching down as if exhausted, he seemed to be in a dying condition; and near him were gathered some sorry-looking curs who lay blinking in the sun and snapping at the flies!

  43. Then Brimblecombe's blinking eyes accommodated themselves to the inner gloom.

  44. It's my only weakness," said Mr Dyce emphatically, blinking through his glasses.

  45. Dan Dyce stood for a second a little bit abashed, rubbing his chin and blinking his eyes as if their fun was a thing to be kept from brimming over.

  46. A wintry sun was shining, and for a few moments he stood blinking in the light.

  47. He was small and insignificant, with weak blinking eyes.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blinking" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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