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Example sentences for "accommodated"

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acclivities; acclivity; acco; accolade; accommodate; accommodates; accommodating; accommodation; accommodations; accomodate
  1. Here we were accommodated at Mr. Ainsley's house; and as his schooner had not yet arrived with our baggage, I purchased some corn for our cattle, and spoke for a bullock for the soldiers.

  2. The other girls accommodated themselves more or less successfully to the circumstances of their lives; but Beth in herself was always at war with her surroundings, and her busy brain teemed with ingenious devices to vary the monotony.

  3. To relieve this distress until the parts have accommodated themselves to their new relations, the Femina vaginal capsules are of the greatest value, and without the slightest ill effect arising from their use.

  4. Mordaunt walked round to the kitchen accordingly, where Swertha's care speedily accommodated him with a plentiful, though coarse meal, which indemnified him for the scanty hospitality he had experienced at Stourburgh.

  5. As many as 5,000 wounded have been accommodated here at one time.

  6. The home was operated for two years or more and often whole regiments of soldiers came to it, and all that could be accommodated were taken in and cared for.

  7. During many centuries the Chinese coolies have become so accommodated to a meagre life that they do not seek to conquer other nations but choose rather to starve quietly within their walls.

  8. Wheelock may be accommodated with a suitable farm, at or near the college; apprehending that his past labors and expenses, and his present connection with said institution, justly merit such consideration.

  9. They crossed the Equinoctial line separately, but afterwards at sea accidentally fell in company with each other again, and at this meeting they accommodated their differences, and renewed their partnership.

  10. When they came to a fall which appeared more than usually dangerous, they put ashore, took their rafts to pieces, and carried all below the fall, where they re-accommodated matters and embarked again.

  11. The lady faints away at the doors of charitable publicans, and the gentleman being accommodated with three-penny worth of brandy to restore her, lays an information next day, and pockets half the penalty.

  12. It is a matchless piece of modern fortification, accommodated with lodgments for the soldiers and magazines.

  13. In the middle of their performance, while intent upon the figure in which they had been completely practised, an actor of some humour, who had been accommodated with a spare dress, appeared among them.

  14. Pauper lunatics accommodated in workhouses, and boarded out, 23.

  15. Experience has shown that chronic lunatics, at least, can be accommodated in an asylum at a lower rate, in fact, at little more than half the expense that we calculated upon.

  16. The circle is accommodated to the square by a course of stones forming at each corner a flat triangular bracket, rounded upon the inner side.

  17. These may have been accommodated in tents or in mud-built houses of an unpretending nature.

  18. The Prince occupied the warden's seat in the choir, his retinue being accommodated in the stalls close by.

  19. It is commonly affirmed that from this elevated position Fox was wont to address his followers assembled in the garden below, when the number was too large to admit of their being conveniently accommodated in the house.

  20. Of one of the women only I could make no disadvantageous detection, because she had assumed no character, but accommodated herself to the scene before her, without any struggle for distinction or superiority.

  21. This flexibility of ignorance is easily accommodated to any tenet; his only difficulty is, when the disputants grow zealous, how to be of two contrary opinions at once.

  22. Sufficiently accommodated in those lodgings, they all said mass; and then those who wished had their breakfast.

  23. Most frequently, they remain stationary, after having attained a certain size, and are productive of little inconvenience, the surrounding parts having accommodated themselves to the new formation.

  24. The sun and moon and the five planets were, with this end in view, accommodated each with a set of variously revolving spheres, to the total number of 27.

  25. He inquired of a voluble fellow where he could be best accommodated at Northumberland.

  26. He went to a hotel and asked if he could be accommodated with a room.

  27. The one she had taken for herself for the same period, was both pretty and agreeably situated; it was accommodated with a cook, or maid of all work, who was taken with it as a part of the furniture.

  28. The other watchful Cerberus standing on the right, observing that the intruder was not accommodated with any member, intimated to him the propriety of standing back in one of the corners.

  29. Two royal princes and a royal duke were accommodated within the House in an irregular manner.

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