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Example sentences for "accommodating"

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acco; accolade; accommodate; accommodated; accommodates; accommodation; accommodations; accomodate; accomodation; accompanie
  1. Parliamentary powers were obtained to construct a graving dock capable of accommodating the largest class of warships.

  2. Related to these is what is said by other poets that by the intercourse of Ares and Aphrodite arises Harmony; a combination of contraries grave and acute analogously accommodating themselves to one another.

  3. Ralph thought of his home and mother, but a certain appealing glance from the claim agent and a natural disposition to be useful and accommodating influenced him to a kindly impulse.

  4. Cert," bobbed the accommodating operator, handing it to Ralph.

  5. Where a low-level viaduct with opening bridge can be adopted, there will be a very great saving of expenditure; and there are numbers of such viaducts in existence, accommodating a large railway and river traffic without inconvenience.

  6. It was the most accommodating thing you ever saw; I'd wake up, take a look and see it stood at a quarter to seven, and then roll over for another little snooze.

  7. Bumpus, as has been remarked before, was an accommodating fellow, and he allowed himself to be coaxed to sing one song after another, with all of them joining in the chorus, until he was too hoarse to keep it up.

  8. Giraffe liked to be in the lime light; and he was also an accommodating chap.

  9. A large dry dock is being built at the Pacific end having the same usable dimensions as the canal locks, capable of accommodating any vessel that can pass through the canal.

  10. Palmer, of New York, for the construction of a canal through Nicaragua capable of accommodating the largest vessels afloat.

  11. At last it is full, and the surplus runs over in a pretty cascade, while the accommodating stream piles mud and stones against the dike, and thus unwittingly strengthens the barrier.

  12. He is a most amiable and accommodating man.

  13. But when the Tweed "ring" came into complete power, with its unbridled policy of accommodating anyone who could pay bribes enough, the landowners and merchants rushed to get water grants among other special privileges.

  14. Without doubt, those enterprising pirate captains, Kidd and Burgess, and their crews, were good customers of these accommodating and undiscriminating merchants.

  15. Each time the workmen obtained by force a small rise in their wages, the employers multiplied it by two and put it onto the goods; that was why they were beginning to be so accommodating with regard to certain wage-demands.

  16. But this time the men had no intention of accommodating themselves to the decrease.

  17. This last was a sumptuously fitted up carriage having a seat behind for servants, accommodating eight persons in all.

  18. The handsome building, with its large grounds, accommodating three hundred tenants, is neither a hotel nor a boarding establishment, least of all an almshouse.

  19. I'm agreeable, Mr. Toole," said the accommodating Ned Mollowney.

  20. Once more from the accommodating barrister he drew a larger sum,--still with a like result.

  21. Under the Moors, ten centuries ago, it was a fortress, then a palace, now an academy, capable of accommodating six hundred pupils.

  22. Happily the Cardinal showed a more accommodating spirit, and, when the situation had been explained to him by the Prince's messengers, consented to have the Cross smuggled through in a sledge.

  23. As for him, the need of accommodating himself to her nature, which was inflexible in proportion to its negations, held him as with pincers.

  24. It was a new edifice, with an accommodating landlord and landlady, the latter of which personages seemed quite mystified by the advent of two lorn ladies in search of an unknown lake.

  25. The huge packages which the two scouts had staggered under during their weary hike from the road where the accommodating farmer had dropped them, really contained the said model.

  26. It is capable of accommodating some hundreds of visitors at a time, and is generally well filled every afternoon and evening.

  27. This long cart, it is needless to say, is without springs; but it has the faculty of accommodating itself to the inequalities of the road in a marvellous manner.

  28. Patrons can do much towards aiding the Government in this matter and they doubtless do their bit in a willing and accommodating spirit.

  29. By many means, which the easy command of a motive power at any time, at every part of a line, must afford of accommodating the public, I believe the traffic may be increased.

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    Other words:
    accommodating; acquiescent; affable; agreeable; amenable; amiable; attentive; benevolent; benign; charitable; civil; complaisant; compliant; considerate; courteous; decent; deferential; delicate; dutiful; easy; elastic; fair; favorable; generous; graceful; gracious; heedful; helpful; human; humble; indulgent; kind; kindly; lenient; meek; mindful; obedient; obliging; passive; patient; permissive; polite; reconciled; regardful; resigned; respectful; solicitous; submissive; supple; sweet; tactful; thoughtful; tolerant; uncomplaining; urbane; yielding