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Example sentences for "fluttering"

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fluting; flutings; flutist; flutter; fluttered; flutterings; flutters; fluttery; fluty; fluuius
  1. They were the Fingo Levies of the returning Kei expedition; the wildest looking host that can be imagined, their woolly heads covered with ostrich feathers gathered on their route, and their scanty dress fluttering in rags.

  2. It seems very restless at first, and, with the fluttering apologies for wings, drags its heavy body along till it reaches some surface up which it can climb.

  3. Populi at rest by day, or fluttering round a light at night.

  4. Back to the colours fluttering beneath a live-oak came the reviewing party.

  5. With a vague and fluttering hand she touched his brow and lips.

  6. For suddenly he had seen his mother’s sombre eyelids fluttering in that faint pathetic way they had.

  7. Underfoot, the first-fallen leaves of October lisped and whispered in a soft-stirring night-wind, and overhead a few late rooks were fluttering darkly from branch to branch.

  8. He saw again his mother’s eyelids fluttering under the lamps of the flitting Bayswater streets as the Rolls Royce purred through the foggy December morning only a few weeks ago.

  9. She opened her eyes in time to see fluttering downwards an immense flock of birds--birds of every shape and colour, though none of them were very big, the largest being about the size of a parrot.

  10. Fainting, breathless, with fluttering eyelids, he shivered at the touch of the monk's floating robe.

  11. At last I looked toward the window, and saw two wings fluttering against the glass.

  12. I might have been a mummy in a Pyramid hearkening after the fluttering pinions of its spirit come back to bring it life.

  13. The moths were fluttering to their trysts, and from some dark little coign the cricket strummed me a solo.

  14. The showman, leering avariciously at me out of his shifty eyes, led us on towards the huge ballooning tent, its pennon fluttering darkly against the stars.

  15. An immense moth with greenly glowing eyes, lured out of its roosting place, came fluttering round my candle, fanning my cheek with its plumy wings.

  16. But personally I should prefer to have the bird actually fluttering in my hand before she contemplates it in the bush.

  17. A fluttering panic swept through my mind at the muffled thumping of the invisible pendulum.

  18. As Martin ascended to his bedroom, his eye was attracted by the Republican banner, which had been hoisted from the house-top in honour of the occasion, and was fluttering before a window which he passed.

  19. Randall Clayton as he cast himself down on his knees at the side of the woman whose faintly fluttering eyelids alone told of the vital spark of life.

  20. He read the innocent-looking scrawl a last time, and then burned it at a fluttering gas jet.

  21. The signature seemed to be a fluttering banner of hostile hosts.

  22. I kept close upon him; and, with a fluttering heart, seated myself at his side.

  23. My home-circle was like a ring without its jewel, while I, an undenominated waif in search of a visé, was fluttering through the duchy of Baden.

  24. Despite their fluttering of anxiety, the girls had a keen sense of exhilaration in this race with the elements.

  25. Walter, as he noted the fluttering of a skirt.

  26. While you remain here, I am no better than a poor moth fluttering about the candle!

  27. The moment the little birds heard their wings fluttering among the leaves, five little yellow mouths flew open wide, so that nothing could be seen but five yellow mouths!

  28. When winter came little white snowflakes came fluttering down and rested on the branches of the little pine tree.

  29. At this time there is a general bustle among the feathered tribes; an incessant fluttering about, and a cheerful chirping; indicative, like the germination of the vegetable world, of the reviving life and fecundity of the year.

  30. And, in faith, how could she be otherwise than pleased to see these pretty boys with beating drums and fluttering banners doing her honour so merrily in the sunshine before her house!

  31. Here boots and shoes were spread beside the road; there sun-burnt peasant women were buying stays, heaped on the ground close to a stall of fluttering kerchiefs.

  32. By noon a grey pall shrouded the sky and the snow began to shake down as gently as feathers fluttering from the bosom of some mammoth bird which had taken the world to be her nest, and in spring would hatch again the ancient miracle of life.

  33. Days wore by; sometimes days of unbroken sunshine; sometimes days of gently sifted whiteness fluttering out of a grey sky.

  34. This scene vanishes as I speak, and I catch a vision of an old Southern home with its lofty pillars and its white pigeons fluttering down through the golden air.

  35. When you see the flag fluttering to the South, you know the wind is coming from the North.

  36. The fantastic fluttering robes, given by contemporary painters, were too absurd for him to imitate; and he painted all his figures in the exact habits they wore.

  37. As she read, the tired look passed away, and over her pallid features, so daintily sculptured, stole a faint glow, such as an ivory Niobe might borrow from the fluttering crimson folds of silken shroudings.

  38. Her heart gave a sudden, wild bound, then a spasm seemed to seize it, and presently the fluttering ceased, her pulses stopped, and a chill darkness fell upon her.

  39. This is the second time I have suffered so severely; though very frequently I find a disagreeable fluttering about my heart, which is not very painful.

  40. But who was galloping up suddenly on a charger covered with foam, his hair fluttering in the breeze, and his face pale and terrified?

  41. Up hill and down dale walked Little John, the fresh wind blowing in his face and his robes fluttering behind him, and so at last he came to a crossroad that led to Tuxford.

  42. Then, in all his fluttering tags and ribbons of red and yellow, Robin Hood strode forward.

  43. Straight flew the arrow, and so true that it smote a gray goose feather from off Gilbert's shaft, which fell fluttering through the sunlit air as the stranger's arrow lodged close beside his of the Red Cap, and in the very center.

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