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Example sentences for "flutist"

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  1. Gradually the invisible flutist intruded into the house.

  2. At last there came a clever man from the neighbouring town, who offered to settle the matter; he only wanted to know beforehand whether he should show and banish the flutist in his real figure, or in the figure of a poodle.

  3. In the course of time, however, the invisible flutist became very intrusive, and at last he proved quite a nuisance.

  4. An old German musician who used to play with him in the Orchestra told me that Lanier was the finest flutist he had ever heard.

  5. The distinction Sidney Lanier achieved as first flutist in the orchestra of the Peabody Institute led to an offer of a position in the Thomas Orchestra, which the condition of his health did not permit him to accept.

  6. A young violinist, 'cellist or flutist has to study for some time before he can produce a tone of good musical quality on his instrument.

  7. A singer understands his, a violinist, flutist or drummer knows his, but not a pianist.

  8. The flutist was wild, but presently he calmed down, and played us a nice little tune.

  9. The flutist from Udine of course went to the theatres, and by his means some of the others went gratis from time to time, but always to the play, and usually either to the Rossini or Gerbino theatres.

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