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  1. Before the pair go a boy playing on the double-flutes and two women holding torches, who probably move round the altar, as well as another woman, who perhaps leads the way to the bridal chamber (figs.

  2. Hence the frequency with which pairs of ancient flutes are found.

  3. Ancient flutes are distinguished from the modern instruments by the vibrating reed which formed the mouthpiece, and by the fact that they were always played in pairs.

  4. Another pair of flutes (in bronze) from Italy (No.

  5. To assist the playing of the two flutes together a mouth-band was often worn, as may be seen from designs on vases, e.

  6. The first two volumes were danced in slow time, to the accompaniment of two flutes and a lyre.

  7. The flutes for an instant reappeared, to make way in turn for the violins, which now began timidly to peep out from their hiding-places.

  8. But the 'cello, too, went down and for a bar or two the flutes and oboes sang a p├Žan of victory.

  9. And the flutes narrow as they draw nearer and nearer to the capitals of the columns.

  10. The white marble floor, which is composed of great blocks perfectly fitted together, and without any joining substance, contrasts strongly with the warm hues of the inner flutes of the Doric columns.

  11. He wouldn't leave them flutes if he were making a bolt.

  12. The flutes were produced, and the duet was whispered through, as it were; and at the end Dick applauded softly.

  13. I was thinking it seemed strange for him to leave those flutes behind.

  14. We see dancers, male and female, in various and sometimes very intricate positions; harps and flutes of very different shapes are played upon.

  15. As their priests use the music of flutes and drums, and wear crowns of ivy, and a golden vine was found in the temple, some have thought that they worshipped the conqueror of the East, the god Bacchus.

  16. The drums of our orchestra were the echoes of thundering wars; the flutes and soft recorders were the eloquence of an Empire's statesmen; and our 'cellos and violins wailed with the pity of all mankind.

  17. The flutes of the sheepfold are more delightful than the clarions of battle.

  18. So feasted they through Troy, and in their midst Loud pealed the flutes and pipes: on every hand Were song and dance, laughter and cries confused Of banqueters beside the meats and wine.

  19. The shepherd boys looked very graceful, playing on the long flutes with four notes.

  20. To the shrill accompaniment of their Syrian flutes they turned round and round, and with their heads thrown back fluttered about and gave vent to hoarse clamors until vertigo seized them and insensibility was complete.

  21. Semyon had learnt when still a lad to make flutes out of a kind of reed.

  22. About half a verst away there was a big marsh, around which splendid reeds for his flutes grew.

  23. In the boat there were many sacbuts, and two ivory flutes eight spans long, on which they played by a little hole in the middle, agreeing and according well with the music of the sacbuts.

  24. During his meals, the king is often served with wine, and then the musicians sing and play upon flutes such songs and tunes as the king pleases to order.

  25. Do not the gentle caprices of the flutes and the swing of the fiddles make even you, flake of airy nothingness that you are!

  26. Like the Mexican temples in general, it was built in the form of a pyramid; and as the young man ascended the stairs he broke at every step one of the flutes on which he had played in the days of his glory.

  27. The children were laid on the hands of a calf-headed image of bronze, from which they slid into a fiery oven, while the people danced to the music of flutes and timbrels to drown the shrieks of the burning victims.

  28. Here the men played on flutes and the women whistled softly to lure the soul home.

  29. In front of them was carried a casket supposed to contain the sacred heart of Dionysus, and to the wild music of flutes and cymbals they mimicked the rattles by which the infant god had been lured to his doom.

  30. After this had gone on for some time they formed in procession and moved homewards, the flutes playing and the women whistling all the way, while they led back the wandering soul and drove it gently along with open palms.

  31. Then he was beaten seven times upon his genital organs with squills and branches of the wild fig and other wild trees, while the flutes played a particular tune.

  32. The sound of flutes was heard and the odor of fragrant wine spread all around.

  33. Some authorities say that the music of the Kagura consisted at first of flutes made by opening holes between the joints of a bamboo, of wooden castanets, and of a stringed instrument made by placing six bows together.

  34. Anon they move In perfect phalanx, to the Dorian mood Of flutes and soft recorders.

  35. Anon they move In perfect phalanx to the Dorian mood Of flutes and soft recorders.

  36. A fillet between the flutes of columns, pilasters, or the like.

  37. To form flutes or channels in, as in a column, a ruffle, etc.

  38. All the inhabitants had turned out, and formed a picturesque group round the band, which started a deafening tune with its flutes and drums (Illustration 22).

  39. The flutes performed the accompaniment, and a saucepan served as a drum.

  40. The wind sank in the evening, and the sound of the flutes echoed clearly and sweetly in the valley.

  41. And so behind the flutes and flowers change comes and the shadow of fate stands waiting, and through the tinkling of the rose-hung river is heard in undertone the grave murmur of the sea.

  42. Then there fell a low and sweet music upon the air, like a concert of flutes and harps, very far away.

  43. Mozart afterwards added two flutes and two clarinets to the first and last movements for the performance in Vienna; these are wanting in the printed score.

  44. In the first air all is restless motion--we have the flutes in broken chords, flashes of sound like lightning from the wind instruments, and only at certain points are the forces united into a concentrated expression of emotion.

  45. The instrumentation is simple, only flutes and horns being added to the quartet.

  46. The oars were silver, Which to the tune of flutes kept stroke, and made The water which they beat to follow faster, As amorous of their strokes.

  47. The orchestra of flutes and drums occupied a little recess, from behind which the dancers appeared in turn.

  48. The last beams of the sunset made emerald jewels of the needles in the twigs above me--made red velvet of the powdery edges of broken bark, when the distant flutes ceased, and I left my study.

  49. The sound of flutes was doubtless more piercing, and particularly when a great number of pipers (who in Sparta formed several native families)(1570) played the tune for attack.

  50. They marched to the sound of flutes and lyres, and besides fists, weapons of wood and iron were employed.

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