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Example sentences for "agitated"

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agio; agir; agit; agitans; agitate; agitatedly; agitates; agitating; agitation; agitational
  1. For in the hall without soft footsteps were heard, and the instant after, upon her door, there sounded an ominous scratching--a sound like a key in an agitated hand searching for its appointed hole.

  2. Mrs. De Peyster, her brow knitted with agitated thought, walked slowly to one of her windows and stood looking down into the pleasant bustle of Washington Square.

  3. How could I help mistakes," said he afterwards, when people objected to this and that in his blusterous mendacity of a Book: "I had nothing but my poor agitated memory to trust to!

  4. At last he saw a dead man carried to his grave, which still more deeply agitated him, for he had not known that this calamity was the common lot of all men.

  5. She was too much agitated to think of formalities.

  6. The importation of the drug was thus thrown upon private adventurers, and whenever the subject was agitated in Canton and Macao, none were so warm in their denunciations of the trade as the servants of the East India Company.

  7. She was much agitated She ran toward him as he entered the door, calling his name.

  8. But for once in his life, Mr. Brinsmade was too much agitated to inquire about the pain of another.

  9. The English in their camp had passed a troubled night, agitated by strange rumors.

  10. He twisted his cap with agitated fingers.

  11. She tried desperately to control her voice, but her agitated heartbeats seemed somehow to have got hopelessly mixed up with it.

  12. The contest with Mr. Watts was a notable one, the district was agitated as never before by the contesting aspirants, and Mr. Dowdell won by a narrow majority.

  13. The state was agitated throughout, both candidates appearing before large and excited audiences in every part.

  14. He hated those among them who indirectly agitated against the rotten form of Christianity, upon which the papacy had built its power.

  15. They were now rudely awakened from their happy religious slumber, and their minds agitated with speculations upon the consequences involved in the Maimunist philosophy of religion.

  16. When he once began to examine the bearings of the momentous question that agitated England, he was not slow in coming to conclusions which threatened to produce a permanent disagreement between Constance and himself.

  17. You have--to tell the truth--agitated me.

  18. There were people at the door, ladies and gentlemen among them, and the servants looked white and agitated as they answered questions.

  19. Lloyd had only to look at him once to know that Bennett was at the moment aroused and agitated to an extraordinary degree.

  20. Like a flock of agitated gulls, the boats in the harbour stirred nimbly from place to place; a belated newspaper tug tore by, headed for the upper bay, smoking fiercely, the water boiling from her bows.

  21. In the upper hall they found Mark hovering about Jessie like an agitated bee, about a very full-blown flower, and Clara Deane flapping him away, lest he should damage the effect of this beautiful white rose.

  22. This great question has, in all ages, agitated and disturbed the human mind, and been a prolific source of atheistic doubts and scepticism.

  23. In other words, there is neither freedom nor necessity in the usual acceptation of the terms; and the whole controversy concerning them, which has agitated the learned for so many ages, dwindles down into a mere empty and noisy logomachy.

  24. Cardan described it--of "a torch agitated by the wind," and have not unfrequently been observed to characterise other similar objects.

  25. It was found that much more could be seen, and higher magnifying powers used, high up in the sky near the sun, than at low altitudes, through the agitated air of morning or evening twilight.

  26. At no other time in truth was Britain more agitated or in a state of greater uncertainty.

  27. The chariots which we had ordered to be drawn out, were so agitated backward and forward, tho upon the most level ground, that we could not keep them steady, even by supporting them with large stones.

  28. While the public mind was agitated by these and similar discussions, the illness of Augustus grew daily more serious, and some suspected nefarious practises on the part of his wife.

  29. All London was agitated by the commotion which these extraordinary events created.

  30. The subject of paper money which agitated our country, was then being discussed in Pennsylvania with intense interest.

  31. It is difficult to imagine the emotions with which his heart must have been agitated in that hour.

  32. Phil, still agitated by poorly hidden alarm, could not fail to observe the all too evident confidence of the Clearport players.

  33. Before its establishment a body of the medical men who had retired from their connection with the medical faculty of the University of Coburg agitated for the foundation of an independent university in the city.

  34. He agitated for the establishment of a House of Assembly and the establishment of representative government in Canada.

  35. It would seem rather belatedly brought in but it had been promised in some form during the past ten years as a means of indemnifying those who had suffered from the very great destruction of property during that agitated period.

  36. Probably I was less agitated than the natives, but I freely and gladly admit that I have never had my nerves more unstrung than on that occasion, though I have been in much greater peril.

  37. When the sun strikes this cloud and one looks through it the air seems filled with millions of microscopic gems, throwing off many combinations of prismatic colors, and agitated and mingled by some unseen force.

  38. Once when we reached a small hill dominating a village, I could see the cloud of smoke below me agitated like the ground swell of the ocean.

  39. But these sentiments soon gave way to the anxious fears which agitated her mind concerning her father, and she cried with tears, "Oh, my father, my father!

  40. The emotion that agitated her since her interview with the watchman absorbed her entirely.

  41. The young girl saw through the windows the preparation of the old carriage, and, too, Luquin Trinquetaille, as he walked back and forth in a very agitated state of mind.

  42. During the session of 1845, the State was deeply agitated by the discussion of the annexation of Texas.

  43. Only in such a case the question to be agitated would not involve the mere expression, but rather the meaning which is associated with it.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "agitated" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    abashed; afflicted; agitated; anxious; apprehensive; beset; beside; bothered; bustling; chagrined; chapfallen; concerned; confused; discomfited; discomposed; disconcerted; disquieted; distraught; distressed; disturbed; embarrassed; emotional; excited; fearful; feverish; fidgety; flustered; fluttering; fluttery; foreboding; frantic; fretful; fussy; hectic; impatient; jumpy; misgiving; mortified; nervous; nervy; perturbed; quivering; resentful; restless; rough; shaken; shaking; shaky; shivering; shivery; solicitous; strained; tense; trembling; tremulous; troubled; troublous; tumultuous; turbulent; twitchy; uncomfortable; uneasy; unquiet; unsettled; upset; wild