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Example sentences for "agitating"

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agitans; agitate; agitated; agitatedly; agitates; agitation; agitational; agitations; agitator; agitators
  1. Men will agitate, are agitating already, about the new President, to take away from his thoughts and designs this resolute character which makes their force.

  2. As the expression of the opinion of an intelligent, clear-sighted European, in a position to comprehend men and things, concerning the storm which is now agitating the whole country, it can scarcely fail of a hearty welcome.

  3. Nowhere has what is called the "Labor Question," which is now agitating the world, been discussed more wisely and with a broader humanity than in these essays.

  4. Yet at that very time Martin Luther bore in his heart the living germ of all that is now agitating men's hearts from Pomerania to Spain.

  5. But the great event which is agitating Wittemberg now is the abandonment of the cloister and the monastic life by thirteen of the Augustinian monks.

  6. In the great questions which were agitating the national representatives at the time of his death, Mr. Calhoun had taken the deepest possible interest.

  7. After waiting years in the most agitating suspense and doubt (for the council would come to no decision), he was preparing to abandon the suit.

  8. She had various agitating scenes with Katie to make up for it, and on the other hand an anxious visit from Mrs. Stormont, full of excitement and indignation.

  9. There will be your ticket lost," said Jean, though in her heart she was almost glad to have a little time out of Margaret's presence to realize all that had passed on this agitating day.

  10. Jimmie wandered into the city of Ironton, and got himself a job in a big automobile shop at eight dollars a day, and set to work agitating for ten dollars.

  11. Jimmie asked again; and Comrade Meissner dissipated his dream by replying that she had gone off to work for an organization in New York which was agitating for humane treatment for "conscientious objectors".

  12. The people generously confided in the disposition of the General Government to observe their rights, and continued to hope for a peaceful settlement of the questions then agitating the country.

  13. On my return to Mississippi in 1851, the subject chiefly agitating the public mind was that of the "compromise" measures of the previous year.

  14. Colonel Alexander followed, endeavoring to grapple with the great questions of tariffs, finance, and internal improvements, which were then agitating the nation.

  15. In vain glances her eye at that splendid banquet, as it shrinks also timidly from the glittering array of guests seated around it--and she soon retires with her maidens to prepare for her agitating journey!

  16. The breakfast things had been removed; and on hearing the agitating though long-expected rat-tat of the postman a few doors down the street, Mrs. Aubrey and Kate started to the window.

  17. The extreme radicals were agitating for the release of the imprisoned leaders of the Labor Group and urging drastic action by the workers.

  18. Meanwhile, Trotzky, out of prison again, and other Bolshevik leaders were agitating by speeches, proclamations, and newspaper articles for an uprising.

  19. This oil is acidulated by mixing with it one tenth of pure nitric acid, leaving it for at least 48 hours, occasionally agitating the flask.

  20. It was one morning later on, while these things were agitating his mind, that, curiously enough, something darkened the window just as they finished breakfast.

  21. Before turning it she paused, her fingers still clutching it; and pressing her other hand to her forehead, she fell into agitating thought.

  22. I mean not however to complain; yet so many feelings are struggling for utterance, and agitating a heart almost bursting with anguish, that I find it very difficult to write with any degree of coherence.

  23. Too tired and over-strung to sleep, she lay down, closed her eyes, and lived again through the many fatiguing, agitating moments of that day.

  24. And therefore it is intimately mixed with it, by the Teeth agitating or stirring them together in Mastication.

  25. It is on Anniversary Week, a week when almost every moral question now agitating the civilized world is represented and discussed in Boston.

  26. Some of our States have abolished the gallows, others are agitating this subject in their legislatures.

  27. The scholastical sects were still agitating the same topics; for the same barbarous terms supplied, on all occasions, verbal disputations, which even bloody frays could never terminate.

  28. It was again renovated in 1681, at the time of agitating the bill of exclusion against James the Second.

  29. We now shed tears of gratitude, and after recovering ourselves from this agitating excitement, I asked the gardener where he found the child.

  30. It had been an agitating evening all through, and now this last suggestion was rather more than she could face with composure.

  31. Catholic questions of the most momentous character are now agitating the whole continent of Europe.

  32. Though the news of the abduction was already agitating the town of Troyes, it was still unknown at Arcis, where the inhabitants were supping when the messenger arrived to summon the gendarmes.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "agitating" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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