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Example sentences for "drastic"

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drappie; drappy; draps; drapt; dras; drastically; drat; dratted; draue; draught
  1. Their need rightly to understand the Faith, define it and maintain it, was of such drastic power as to force into ancillary roles every line of inquiry and intellectual effort.

  2. This had already taken its most drastic form in the credo quia absurdum of Tertullian the Latin Father, who was twenty-five years his senior.

  3. The Civitas Dei is the crowning example of the drastic power with which the Church Fathers conformed the data of human understanding into a substantiation of Catholic Christianity.

  4. The latter will probably be met by Japan's adoption of drastic measures to check completely the influx of her immigrants.

  5. Only by rather drastic methods were they induced to turn to.

  6. We could not afford to carry unnecessary gear, and a drastic sorting of equipment took place.

  7. Weapons so drastic as this one were seldom used.

  8. I had never been within one before, though upon drastic occasion they were in official use.

  9. The House of Burgesses drafted some drastic demands to be sent to the British King.

  10. It has its parallel in other drastic readjustments to other levels of life; and is merely a method by which selves of a certain type seem best able to achieve the union of feeling, thought, and will necessary to stability.

  11. She never knew what to say, being uncomfortably aware that a detailed account of her doings would only give rise to drastic comment.

  12. She had fared forth finally upon the adventure with tearful eyes and drooping heart, her mother's frigid kiss of farewell hurting her more poignantly than her drastic punishment of an hour before.

  13. Her mother's most drastic punishments had never humbled her more completely.

  14. The tremendous interest in the play throughout the entire country showed the time was ripe for a drastic step forward if the step was ever to be taken.

  15. The New Zealand association has made a drastic move.

  16. Many other items of unexampled severity were included in this Act, and in the yet more drastic measures of 1745 and the following year.

  17. To have said that Mom and Dad were angry would have been a drastic understatement.

  18. Reactions to drastic news are manifold and multicolored.

  19. The initial reaction to a terminal illness is often that of undiluted shock, especially cases wherein the patient had demonstrated no drastic changes in health or felt no persistent pain.

  20. More than my resistance to treatment, (for they too had witnessed the drastic effects which are inherent characteristics of chemotherapy) the family was besieged by the inevitability of my death.

  21. It is through the selfish nature of human beings that we suffer and mourn over a drastic loss, for the deceased is no longer subjected to the routine pangs of life itself.

  22. In his ultimate view of life, he was a drastic pessimist, and what we call materialism receives from his hands the clinching fiat of a terrific imprimatur.

  23. Public opinion in that country was smarting under the drastic Treaty of Bucharest, which had been imposed by the victors of the second Balkan War.

  24. The rest of the message consists chiefly of the drastic remedies which the writer would apply.

  25. Compared with his handling of ducal landlords, the most drastic criticisms of Mr. Lloyd George in his earlier days are as water to wine.

  26. South Carolina took the lead, and indeed stood alone, in applying a remedy more drastic than the disease--nullification.

  27. It may have been court gossip, but one reason for Duke Cosimo's drastic treatment of his innamorata, was the intimacy which had sprung up between Eleanora and his own precocious and vivacious son, Piero.

  28. A revolution of a drastic description seemed to be inevitable, and, really, Cosimo had no other course than abdication.

  29. Thereupon the premier reminded the emperor, and it was agreed to by his majesty, that his retention of the portfolio could mean nothing else than a drastic retrenchment of the administrative and financial expenditures of the state.

  30. All these changes were radical in nature, and it was inevitable that the conservative instincts educated among the people through centuries of feudal training should often burst forth in opposition to the drastic social revolution.

  31. As to the third point, all the experts agreed that the internal situation in Germany demanded that the most drastic methods of submarine warfare should be employed.

  32. Herr Schmidt admitted the possibility of Germany not being able to hold out, and emphasized the importance of taking drastic steps before disorder and unrest arose in the agricultural districts.

  33. To what extent does the internal situation in Germany demand the use of this drastic weapon?

  34. Herr Zuckschwerdt urged the advisability of the most drastic measures owing to the feeling of the nation.

  35. Sidenote: July 29] A still more drastic step was taken when Parliament declared Mary guilty of murder [Sidenote: December 15] and formally deposed her from the throne.

  36. The reforms of Sixtus are important rather for their comprehensive than for their drastic quality.

  37. The haughty Elizabeth herself often had to listen to drastic advice.

  38. Just as in England later the Parliament and the Puritans called the crown to account, so in Scotland the kirk continued to administer drastic advice to the monarch and finally to put direct legal pressure upon him.

  39. The drastic measures taken to force men to work failed to supply all needs.

  40. His own thought was imaginative to the verge of abnormality and the means which he took to awaken and artificially to stimulate this faculty in his followers were drastic in the extreme.

  41. The commission demanded drastic reform of these abuses as well as of the monastic orders, and called for the abolition of the venal exercise of spiritual authority by legates and nuncios.

  42. A warrant was issued for Bristol's arrest, and he escaped any more drastic punishment only by absconding.

  43. Meanwhile the Chancellor tried to put into operation within his own house his drastic views of parental authority.

  44. However unwillingly, he was compelled to decide for the drastic exercise of authority which might, once for all, compose the strife and produce a settlement.

  45. These might seem drastic measures to Dorothea, to begin with; but she was an eminently reasonable child, and would soon come to recognize their wisdom.

  46. His measures grew more drastic in proportion as he gave them utterance, until he himself become aware that they would be difficult to fulfil.

  47. However," he said in conclusion, "it is our purpose to take the most drastic measures against revolutionists, bandits and other disturbers of the peace.

  48. Consequently, he took active and drastic steps to bring order out of chaos.

  49. Citizens discredited the stories of executions of looters and were not over-inquisitive of details, because they realized that drastic measures were imperative under the existing conditions.

  50. The pillaging of abandoned homes and stores and the slugging and robbing of men and women in the streets after nightfall had reached a desperate stage when the troops arrived, and drastic orders were necessary.

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