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Example sentences for "drastically"

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  1. In late 1993, most industrial enterprises were either shut down or operating at drastically reduced levels.

  2. The door has been drastically trimmed to fit the frame.

  3. Amedeo knew her--the Tabby who haunts Swiss and Italian hotels, the eternal Tabby drastically complete.

  4. Our Allies grappled quickly and drastically with the enemy alien at the very outbreak of war.

  5. After the Second World War, there was a fresh wave of emigration from the West Indies to America, but the 1952 Immigration Act drastically reduced the West Indian quota, thereby 'deflecting this stream of emigrants to Britain.

  6. Local citizens were afraid that the rumored influx of Negroes would drastically alter the situation.

  7. In an age of rapid urbanization and industrialization a strategy which emphasized craft and agriculture was drastically out of step with the economic realities.

  8. At the beginning of the 1920s, the United States imposed a new quota system on new immigrants and this drastically slowed the influx of people from South and East Europe.

  9. Always he had pigeon-holed affairs of importance, dealing drastically with little things, purging his mind of them first, so that he could approach the big thing with a clear brain.

  10. No one surely existed more fitted to deal drastically with a scoundrel than he.

  11. No class will abolish itself, materially alter its way of life, or drastically reconstruct itself, albeit no class is indisposed to co-operate in the unlimited socialisation of any other class.

  12. It surprised them a little, I think, that Agitators were not more drastically put down.

  13. Drastically to cut down wages that have been raised by the power of monopoly would injure some workmen without materially helping others, and it would benefit chiefly the monopolistic employers.

  14. Not long after its construction, it was drastically altered in design and appearance.

  15. It would be interesting to know what parts, unnecessary enough to justify their removal or so sturdy that they could be drastically lightened, were involved in changes that reduced the total weight by 5,000 pounds.

  16. Doubtless the spelling was drastically corrected by the proof-readers; but to have one's spelling drastically corrected is an experience which occurs to nearly all women writers, and to a few male writers.

  17. If one or mote of these methods become practical, human requirements for food and oxygen could be drastically reduced.

  18. The study of the effects of unique or unknown space environmental factors will probably yield unexpected results which may drastically modify future technical approaches.

  19. Certain parameters of the environmental and space-flight conditions drastically affect man's ability to maintain equilibrium and spatial orientation.

  20. Bodies change drastically in time (consider a baby compared to an adult).

  21. He has changed so drastically that it is arguable whether he is still the same person - he has been "replaced".

  22. Some of them had drastically and hurriedly changed their minds about UFO's when they thought that the Pentagon was no longer sympathetic to the UFO cause.

  23. The answer was simply that the official attitude toward UFO's had drastically changed in the past few months.

  24. It was in the process of finding a solution to a basic problem of the feed industry--a solution that would also drastically reduce the industry's transportation costs.

  25. The bulk of the decline was in phosphates and potash, imports of which were drastically curtailed after 1968, presumably because of the shortage of foreign exchange.

  26. It passed the Third Five-Year Plan for the development of the economy, the fulfillment of which was drastically reduced to three years even before the ink was dry on the document.

  27. Meeting in the Congress of Berlin in 1878, the powers nullified the Treaty of San Stefano and decreed Bulgarian boundaries that drastically reduced the size of the newly liberated country.

  28. He dealt drastically with the worshipers of Baal, and tried his best to put a final stop to all Baal worship.

  29. They have had to be adjusted drastically to fit in with existing development, road networks, sewage lines, and such things, which seldom are located in accordance with an ecological ideal.

  30. Feeling light-headed and drastically weak, she swayed slightly in the saddle as she turned her head and looked out fearfully over the steep drop-off.

  31. Susan Yellam, spectacles upon nose, read all articles in her paper which dealt drastically with recalcitrants.

  32. But no Hellenic or quasi-Romanized philosophy so drastically drew all subjects of speculation and inquiry within the purview and dominance of a single motive at once intellectual and emotional as the Christian Faith.

  33. With Rome's political domination, the Latin language also won its way to supremacy throughout the peninsula, being drastically forced, along with Roman civic institutions, upon Tarentum and the other Greek communities of Magna Graecia.

  34. The Neosho madtom is nearly restricted to gravel riffles having moderate flow; therefore, it may be drastically reduced by intermittency of flow.

  35. The population of long-nosed gar probably would not be drastically affected even in the event of a nearly complete failure of one or two successive hatches.

  36. The total of all other programs, which was drastically cut during the war, is increasing again as liquidation of the war program proceeds and renewed emphasis is placed on the peacetime objectives of the Government.

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