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Example sentences for "breathtaking"

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breathings; breathless; breathlessly; breathlessness; breaths; breathy; brebis; breccia; breccias; brecciated
  1. Fact is, very little remains of the fortress itself these days except for a wide moat, green with lotuses, and a few stone walls lined with cherry trees that blossom an exquisite white for a few breathtaking moments each spring.

  2. Add to that, they leveraged the whole thing with breathtaking margins.

  3. Yet there were brief visions so breathtaking as to obliterate all sense of danger and to become indelibly implanted upon the retina.

  4. The West knew that these institutions were dysfunctional - but not to which breathtaking extent.

  5. This is the Greek tragedy of this breathtaking region.

  6. From Dead Horse Point we get breathtaking views in several directions, including a loop of the Colorado River called the Goose Neck, 2,000 feet nearly straight down.

  7. The unification of human society, forged by the fires of the twentieth century, is a reality that with every passing day opens breathtaking new possibilities.

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