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Example sentences for "breathy"

Lexicographically close words:
breathless; breathlessly; breathlessness; breaths; breathtaking; brebis; breccia; breccias; brecciated; bred
  1. It is this breathy quality, however--which one must be careful never to exaggerate or the tone will not carry--that gives that velvety effect to the tone that is so delightful.

  2. The big man's voice had reached the high, breathy pitch of a fife.

  3. His voice was rather higher than Malone would have expected, oddly breathy without much depth to it.

  4. She sang the verse a second time, with but little added expression and no louder; but with a sort of breathy widening of her voice that made it like a broad heavenly smile of universal motherhood turned into sound.

  5. From that capacious mouth and through that high-bridged bony nose there rolled a volume of breathy sound, not loud, but so immense that it seemed to come from all round, to be reverberated from every surface in the studio.

  6. Split and I tried to imitate his breathy accents as we repeated aloud, "Tomboldo.

  7. And then, as the names of the others were pronounced, we tried to memorize each breathy sound that was uttered.

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