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Example sentences for "breathlessly"

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breathest; breatheth; breathing; breathings; breathless; breathlessness; breaths; breathtaking; breathy; brebis
  1. The room was breathlessly quiet as Balcom continued.

  2. The throng increased every moment, and withal the silence never lifted, but brooded breathlessly over the ancient town.

  3. Then breathlessly she turned to her mirror.

  4. We quickened our pace, each of us breathlessly eager to investigate the mysterious spot.

  5. We saw skulls used as drinking-vessels, and even as we waited, breathlessly apprehensive of our fate, we witnessed our captors piling up a great fire near the platform with dried sticks and leaves.

  6. Captain Leathers," cried Jeanne breathlessly as they reached his side.

  7. The girls looked on breathlessly and presently they heard the order given for the men to fall in line.

  8. Pale and trembling the girl stopped, and then to her astonishment Dick came breathlessly though the undergrowth.

  9. Breathlessly the boys crouched in their craft, shaking with fright, while nearer and nearer came the boat from the submarine.

  10. Mr. Pauling, Mr. Henderson and Rawlins appeared at the same instant as the Russian and all waited breathlessly as the big fellow seated himself at the instruments.

  11. From his lofty chamber he looked forth and saw the stars watch quietly over the scattered cottages and the dark foliage that slept breathlessly around.

  12. Ralph lay in the grass behind the bush, breathlessly watching the approaching figure.

  13. The Fabian group leaned over the rail of the steamer and watched breathlessly as the boat was rowed across the intervening space and, finally, was made fast to the steamer.

  14. When I awoke it was still breathlessly calm, and I thought for a moment that night had fallen, so dark was it; but upon consulting my watch I found that it still wanted nearly an hour to sunset.

  15. I waited breathlessly while one might have counted "one--two," and then the sound of an ominous crashing aloft told me that we were wounded somewhere among our spars.

  16. The latter came breathlessly up the hill.

  17. Wegen bade adieu as breathlessly and hastily as he had arrived.

  18. Just then Danny came tumbling breathlessly downstairs and thrust a little cloth sack, which was very heavy, into Jerry's hand.

  19. The dazzling splendor of it first brought him to a dead halt and then set him running breathlessly to join the Mullarkey children.

  20. Her face was radiant, her eyes starry, her cheeks flushed, her pretty lips glowing breathlessly apart--her whole form instinct with enthusiasm.

  21. Marian stood and gazed upon the wondrous beauty of the scene with soft, steady eyes, with lips breathlessly severed, in perfect silence and growing emotion.

  22. In this way they had moved along about six miles, when the two spies in front came rushing breathlessly back, with the tidings that they had discovered a camp of Creek Indians.

  23. Even his black face was pallid with fright, as he breathlessly told his story.

  24. Between the intervals of the cannonade, kept up so vigorously far away on our right, we listen breathlessly as the night-breeze sweeps down to us from the town, until we can almost fancy we hear the Russians talking within their works.

  25. Every one watched almost breathlessly as the big heavy Austrian, mounted on a fresh horse, and the slim Lorrainer in armour less strong but less weighty, had their meeting.

  26. It won't be so exciting as it is when you have a whole schoolful before you hanging breathlessly on your words.

  27. Anne, running breathlessly down from the east gable one February evening.

  28. But Julia Cloud rested not in satisfaction until another figure breathlessly slipped in with eyes for none but the speaker.

  29. It is one thing to understand this saying botanically, and another to see it exemplified when you are breathlessly awaiting the result.

  30. One pleasant afternoon, while I was breathlessly pursuing the phantom of an idea through the syntactical mazes of a freshman theme, I became aware of the sharp screaming of a pair of jays directly beneath my open window.

  31. Breathlessly we followed its length, saw it burst like a bomb and hurl three green balls from itself which sped at equally spaced angles to form a perfect triangle.

  32. For a moment the three stared breathlessly at the surface of this dead sister of the Earth.

  33. Bobby and Mr. Kincaid chased hard and breathlessly to force their quarry up a tree.

  34. Bobby, with determination, took Celia's hand, and breathlessly the pair sped away.

  35. The bystanders breathlessly awaited the moment of its explosion.

  36. The boys waited breathlessly for the outcome of Tom's bold gamble.

  37. Swift Enterprises wait breathlessly for what may well be the most important scientific event in history--the arrival of the visitor from Planet X--a visitor in the form of energy.

  38. Bobi, just in time," he breathlessly cried, "five minutes more and Fanfaro would have been done for.

  39. At this moment Bobichel breathlessly rushed into the room, and Irene uttered a cry of terror when she saw his pale face.

  40. At every tone the heavy cask rose a few inches in the air, and breathlessly the crowd looked at Girdel's performance.

  41. Spero breathlessly followed Larsagny's movements, and when he saw that Jane made no resistance, he became violent.

  42. The dying girl listened breathlessly to the sweet sounds.

  43. She paused breathlessly once or twice, and fancied that she could hear, above the beat of her strumming pulse, the vehicle containing Fitzpiers turning in at the gate of her father's premises.

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