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Example sentences for "glimmering"

Lexicographically close words:
gliding; gliff; glim; glimmer; glimmered; glimmerings; glimmers; glimp; glimpse; glimpsed
  1. But this whim was finally forsaken; the long rope and the elaborate buckets had been removed and stored; and the slabbed shafts ended in tiny glimmering squares without break or foot-hole from brink to base.

  2. As the little white hearse went glimmering by.

  3. As the little white hearse went glimmering by-- A man looked out of a window dim, And his cheeks were wet and his heart was dry-- For a dead child even were dear to him!

  4. Away, into the neighboring wood, The startled creature flew, And crimson drops at morning lay Amid the glimmering dew.

  5. When I went on deck, the cold air and black scowl of the night seemed to rebuke me for my presumption in being where I was: the lights of the foreign sea-port town, glimmering round the foreign harbour, met me like unnumbered threatening eyes.

  6. To my gasping senses she made the glimmering gloom, the narrow limits, the oppressive heat of the dormitory, intolerable.

  7. She, the fair sun of all her sex, Has blest my glorious day; And shall a glimmering planet fix My worship to its ray?

  8. Duncan caught from these natural accompaniments of the solitary scene a glimmering of hope; and he began to rally his faculties to renewed exertions, with something like a reviving confidence of success.

  9. The Mohicans had suspended their operations about the glimmering fire to listen; and, when Duncan had done, they looked at each other significantly, the father uttering the never-failing exclamation of surprise.

  10. Duncan had no other guide than a distant glimmering light, which served, however, the office of a polar star to the lover.

  11. But I began to have a glimmering of what all these new fellows in the universities are driving at.

  12. She lay there, inert, bewildered as in the grip of an unknown force, until presently she was aware of the beating of his heart, and a glimmering of what he felt came to her.

  13. But he looked at me so queerly, as though he, too, had had a glimmering of what we might have been to each other after my mother died.

  14. Suddenly, with a glimmering of the mad events of the night, I stood up, walked uncertainly into the back room, and stared at the bed.

  15. It would not be true to assert that, on this wonderful June day, a glimmering of this truth dawned upon him.

  16. Cuba floated like a high, blue cloud over the port hand, cut off from the water by a blaze of reflected light, and the broad Yucatan Channel, glimmering like silver, stretched ahead.

  17. Seen from the road across the valley, the town had an ethereal look, for the tiers of square, white houses rose from a gulf of shadow and clustered upon the hillside, glimmering with a pearly luster, picked out by clumps of green.

  18. Once I saw the General's white horse come glimmering by and melt into the darkness.

  19. We drove about three miles, and were turned out at last on a road-side, where lanterns and some red-shawled phantoms were glimmering about.

  20. Now and then, when her gaze shifted, she could see the pale oval of her face glimmering unsteadily in the window-pane, like a light that is going out slowly.

  21. On the hearthrug, across the glimmering circle of the fire, he watched those old years flock back again, in all the fantastic motley of half-forgotten recollections.

  22. Her profile grew sharper and flatter until it gave the effect of being pasted on the glimmering pane.

  23. Then came a glimmering sail on the wide waste of waters; a little boat neared them, and Lilly leaned over the side and held out tiny, dimpled hands to lift them in.

  24. The pale moon was glimmering through the quiet leaves, and he saw a dark and muffled figure in the avenue.

  25. Here and there the moonbeams crept fantastically through the boughs, like fairy lamps glimmering on his path.

  26. I cried, as I saw how spectral all things were, for more than a thousand grimy faces had already added their fitful glances to the glimmering scene.

  27. I saw the glimmering light of many a region as we darted by at our lightning speed.

  28. This he conjectured from a few tents which he beheld glimmering upon what was called the Common Moor.

  29. The next moment the blind of Willie's window was drawn up, and there stood Willie, his face and his white gown glimmering in the moonlight.

  30. A lean fish of the changing colours of a cherry swam softly to the glimmering surface and stared at Nod.

  31. Nod ran to Battle, and laid his long narrow hand on the glimmering gun-barrel.

  32. Her slim hands, her stooping shoulders, were clear and pale as ivory, and Nod could see in the rosy glimmering of the flames her narrow, beautiful face reflected amid the gold of her hair upon the formless waters.

  33. Zora knows this glimmering light is not love, but renunciation.

  34. But others carry in the little chapel of their hearts a solitary glimmering lamp of love which only flames out with death.

  35. And their function is to catch all the young fellows attending the university, to drive out of their minds any glimmering originality that may chance to be there, and to put upon them the stamp of the established.

  36. It was super-machinelike, and it helped to crush out the glimmering bit of soul that was all that was left him from former life.

  37. The glimmering vision was rent asunder and dissipated by Arthur, who, all evening, had been trying to draw his wild man out.

  38. Now the ploughman returns two or three hours before the curfew rings; and 'the glimmering landscape' has 'long ceased to fade' before the curfew.

  39. Nor has "the glimmering landscape long ceased to fade before the curfew.

  40. Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight.

  41. Monsignor caught a glimmering of what he was at.

  42. III) Monsignor Masterman sat that night at his window, looking out at the stars and the night and the blotted glimmering gardens beneath; and it seemed to him as if the Dream deepened every day.

  43. Suddenly, about ten o'clock, he thought he beheld a light glimmering at a distance.

  44. She went her way with the fairy cap in her bosom, ascended the green summit of the Sun's hill, now glimmering in the moonlight, and drew from its hiding-place the pledge that had been entrusted to her.

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