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Example sentences for "flames"

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  1. Christmas pudding' or 'mince pie' is surrounded with the flames of burning brandy.

  2. Still faint on the porch Brake the flames of the stars.

  3. Out of the grave I come to tell you this,-- Out of the grave I come to quench the kiss That flames upon your forehead with a glow That blinds you to the way that you must go.

  4. Suddenly he raised his face and the flames of hell glittered in his tear-washed eyes.

  5. Long, yellow flames leaped up from the sun-cured buffalo-grass, howled in the wind that grew stronger and stronger, and raced northward toward the valley where the circled lodges of the Omahas lay.

  6. Then the flames closed in, the smoke hid the peaked hill, and frantically the people fled from their village to a nearby creek, where they huddled in the stream, and where the loud flame passed over them, booming on into the north.

  7. The flames sank, and the embers sent a dull blue light upon the circles of haggard faces!

  8. In another instant the magnificent palace lay in ruins illumined by fierce flames that leaped wildly from the apex of the volcano and licked with fiery tongues the very sky.

  9. In conclusion, the Testament is said to have been given to the flames by certain men in the time of persecution.

  10. Judas betrayed Christ in the flesh to the unbelievers; you in the spirit madly betrayed the holy gospel to the flames of sacrilege.

  11. They who desired that the word of God should perish in the flames did not believe that it could be despised if read.

  12. They would not, therefore, set their flames to work upon the gospel, if you would let them use your tongues against the gospel.

  13. Which gospel endured more meekly the flames of furious kings than it can possibly endure your tongues; for while they blazed, unity remained, and this it cannot do amid your words.

  14. If you wished to extinguish the flames of avarice, you are drenched with deceit, you are drenched with wickedness, you are drenched also with madness.

  15. He fled from the house as if the imaginary flames which so terrified the maniac were pursuing him too, and he did not pause till he had left the village behind him, and found himself encompassed by the shadows of the ruins.

  16. With the flames he seemed to reach the zenith of his delirium, and then gradually descended again to the bats, which he made a feint of chivying out of his way with his arms and legs, and then resumed planing the legs of the table.

  17. For swifter than a boat can scour the lake Shall you have tidings of our victory; And when you see the welcome flames ascend, Then, like the lightning, swoop upon the foe, And lay the despots and their creatures low!

  18. In his kingdom, the first scene of this fatal war, the flames of dissension still smoldered beneath the ashes, while the discontent of the inhabitants was fomented by daily acts of oppression and tyranny.

  19. Destiny still pursued its relentless course, and for full sixteen years longer the flames of war blazed over the ashes of the long-forgotten king and soldier.

  20. As if they would rend up the earth from its roots, Rush the flames to the sky Giant-high; And at length, Wearied out and despairing, man bows to their strength!

  21. The weapon stuck in the dragon's flesh, until he contrived to tear it out with his claws, whereupon black blood streamed forth from his wound, and flames of fire from his nostrils.

  22. Still more surprised was she to find the flames which had guarded the porch quenched, and the porch itself gone.

  23. Upon this there burst forth from the beast such smoke and flames and brimstone as to dim the light of heaven itself and force the warrior to retreat, lest he should be scorched alive.

  24. But the injured wing impeded his effort, and full of rage and disappointment, he uttered a roar such as had never before been heard, and once more sent out flames of fire.

  25. But he was full of proud passions, and commanded the flames to yield to him, and being foolish enough to threaten them, increased their mighty rage so that with imperious sway they sent him back scorched and burned.

  26. There they found neither gate nor porter, but a porch from which issued flames of fire, mingled with smoke and sulphurous stench.

  27. Mr. Brown dashed into the kitchen for a bag of salt, because salt more quickly puts out the flames from burning oil.

  28. She flung the water on the flames, but water will not quench the flames made from oil.

  29. The man fanned the tiny flames with the brim of a torn hat.

  30. It had not spread far; the blankets had covered the flames and kept them from increasing.

  31. The spread of the flames may be arrested, but not all the water that can be thrown will put out the rick.

  32. The tawny flames floating upwards could not bite the crackling sticks when the full beams came pouring on them.

  33. A Zeppelin raid on London and the Eastern Counties; a Zeppelin is brought down in flames at Cuffley by Lieut.

  34. Five Zeppelins fail in an attempt to cross the east coast of England; one of them (the L70) is brought down in flames at sea.

  35. An immediate rupture between France and Spain, a re-kindling of the war flames from one end of Europe to the other, were necessary to save the credit and the interests of the Caraffas.

  36. So many flames before proud Ilion blaze, And lighten glimmering Xanthus with their rays; The long reflections of the distant fires Gleam on the walls, and tremble on the spires.

  37. All over the head is a darkness not of transitory cloud or night that will some time melt into day; recalling that great verse: "Neither could the bright flames of the stars endure to lighten that horrible night.

  38. Red flames the crest rebellious And eyes of death; the harlot womb oft opened in vain Heaves in eternal circles, now the times are returned upon thee.

  39. All night beneath the ruins, then their sullen flames faded emerge round the gloomy King.

  40. Egremont's Countess can control The flames of hell that round me roll.

  41. This Princess had like to have perished in the Flames of the Palace, which was set on Fire by the Indiscretion of the Confectioners, who were preparing Sweetmeats for a Ball, which the Archduchess intended to give the next Day.

  42. This unfortunate young Lady, thinking her Mother still asleep, was caught by the Flames as she was running to her Apartment to awake her.

  43. But all these Things, as well as the Palace, were consumed by the Flames in 1707, on the very Day that the Duke of Marlborough set out for the Army.

  44. When she became a Widow, the old Flames of Love broke out again; the King gave her an Apartment at Court, where he cou'd see her without being seen, and he took Care of her Family.

  45. The fires on the Campagna are rose-carmine as the pointed flames pulsate upwards.

  46. Defil'd with one wide sheet of reeking gore, The verdure of the lawn appears no more: In bubbling streams the lazy currents run, And shoot red flames beneath the evening sun.

  47. This act had fanned to increased intensity those flames of revolutionary phrensy which were now glaring with portentous flashes in every part of France.

  48. Like Corinths double torrent, you and I Will rush upon the Land; nor shall the Queen Defend this Villain in his villany: Lusts violent flames can never be withstood Nor quench'd, but with as violent streams of blood.

  49. When flames have done their worst, thick clouds arise Of lurid smoke, which useless mount the skies.

  50. Let us but meet and thou shalt trembling know, How fierce that wrath which bids my bosom glow: If living flames express his boundless ire, O'erwhelming waters quench consuming fire!

  51. As soon as this was done, a thick dark cloud of dust and vapor arose, and when it subsided, a black apparition of a demon burst upon his sight, with flames issuing from its mouth.

  52. As soon as the dragon smelt the approach of a human being, flames issued from his nostrils, and he darted forward to devour the intruder, but was driven back by a number of arrows, rapidly discharged into his head and mouth.

  53. But when the army reached that awful fort, The ground seemed all in flames on every side; One universal fire raged round and round, And the hot wind was like the scorching breath Which issues from red furnaces, where spirits Infernal dwell.

  54. I have all gleams and savours, I am supple As a bindweed in hedgerow bowers, My breasts are curved as flames are, or a couple Of sister flowers.

  55. Again the wind drove the flames far out over the stern.

  56. The lurid tinge to the smoke, bellying up through the deck-vents, gave sharp hint of the undiminished fury of the flames raging below.

  57. For a minute the flames were driven back by the concentrated rush of water; two minutes, and then a gush of fire flared through the break.

  58. The flames did not touch me, you know, just their hot breath; the bandages do not amount to anything.

  59. There came a time when the fire hissed constantly on the deck-house--when, indeed, flames plunged around it and touched the two figures.

  60. But the roar of the flames drowned his cries, and the boats, which had moved out to windward, could not see him.

  61. A half-hour they crouched together, until the steel walls of their shelter burned to the touch, until the flames licked up over the forward end, ran over the roof, and looked down upon them.

  62. With greedy rapidity did the flames advance to the devoted scene of their ministry; nothing could impede their progress.

  63. About an hour after, or probably at half past five, innumerable large spires of smoke, issuing from different parts of the woods, and illuminated by flames that seemed to pierce them, mounted the sky.

  64. All nature appeared to be hushed, when suddenly a lengthened and sullen roar came booming through the forests, driving a thousand massive and devouring flames before it.

  65. It was night but not dark, for through the barred window places came the sound of tumult and fighting, and red rays of light cast by the flames of burning houses.

  66. Guatemoc turned his head towards him and spoke, and as he spoke I saw that his foot also was resting in the flames of a brazier.

  67. The glare of the flames was that of a lurid day, and by it I could see the white men retreating to their quarters, pursued by thousands of Aztecs, who hung upon their flanks, shooting at them with stones and arrows.

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