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  1. So I have made of my Flamenco something more refined.

  2. We feared that he might be in Madrid, where he sometimes played in the Flamenco cafes; but the interpreter said that he was in Murcia, and that we could look for him at once.

  3. A huge dump or breakwater has been built from the mainland at Balboa out to Naos Island and this, in turn, has been connected with Perico and Flamenco by large stone causeways.

  4. Until Montoya started giving one-man concerts in 1948, flamenco was strictly a music to accompany singers or dancers, who added to the rhythm with castanets, snapping fingers and feverishly clicking heels.

  5. With more than 30 albums to his credit, Montoya is the most recorded flamenco guitarist in history.

  6. Does he consider flamenco to be the highest art attainable on the guitar?

  7. At 74, he is the world's most famous master of flamenco -- the ancient folk music of the Spanish gypsies, which Montoya performs with dazzling speed and dexterity.

  8. There are many guitarists, but in the world there are only two or three artists on the flamenco guitar.

  9. I also perform with many symphony orchestras to play my Flamenco Suite.

  10. I think that to play flamenco as it should be played, you have to be an artist.

  11. He was, in fact, the first prominent flamenco guitarist to go solo.

  12. That composition, which Montoya co-wrote and premiered in 1996, is the first flamenco piece ever to be written for a full orchestra.

  13. Flamenco guitar is more popular than ever right now," said Montoya.

  14. Many of the sound effects produced by a whole flamenco group can be duplicated by Montoya alone.

  15. Sitting upright in an overstuffed chair, he smiled benignly and said, "Not all the flamenco guitarists are artists.

  16. Half a mile east of Cayo Flamenco we passed close to two rocks on which the waves break furiously.

  17. I allude to the calcareous agglomerates, which I saw in the islands of Cayos that border the coast between the Batabano and the bay of Xagua, principally south of the Cienega de Zapata, Cayo Buenito, Cayo Flamenco and Cayo de Piedras.

  18. On the boundary of a sort of gulf between Cayo Flamenco and Cayo de Piedras we found that the temperature of the sea, at its surface, augmented suddenly from 23.

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