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Example sentences for "dawned"

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dawg; dawgs; dawk; dawn; dawne; dawning; dawnings; dawns; daws; day
  1. An afternoon of brooding over lost opportunities led to a night of remorse, and scarcely had day dawned when he ran to his sitting-room to see if he still had safe the card of Santiago.

  2. Then, all in a moment, a suspicion of the truth dawned upon George.

  3. The next morning dawned with a coppery-red tint in the eastern sky, and a streaky look in the clouds, which was a presage of a windy day.

  4. The day had dawned in joy, and no clouds disturbed its close.

  5. Yes, the morning which dawned on Julia’s bridal day was wild and stormy, but before noon the clouds cleared away and the afternoon was dry, hot and oppressive, a precursor to the mightier and more wrathful storm which followed.

  6. Before the morning dawned he had resolved that if there still was hope for him he would find it.

  7. It does indeed cut across many of the instinctive impulses of our nature; it can hardly be said to have dawned on humanity as a virtue until the Incarnation of God.

  8. But when the first day of the week dawned it proved to be a day of stupendous wonder.

  9. The morning of the first day of September, 1513, dawned bright and sunny upon the harbor of Darien, as a small fleet of vessels sailed away, with Balboa in command.

  10. Morning dawned and Velasquez heard that the fleet was under weigh.

  11. The morning of the evil date, August 31st, dawned as on other days.

  12. It dawned on us all then that these wooden arrows were not the contemptible things we had imagined.

  13. As the next day dawned and a grey light broke through the umbrageous coping of the camp I despatched a boy to call the head chief Rashid.

  14. It now dawned upon me that this must be the Ruwenzori, which was said to be covered with a white metal or substance believed to be rock, as reported by Kavalli's two slaves.

  15. It dawned on both of us that it could not be a case of the key being mislaid.

  16. Enough, that when morning dawned on the earth above, a better day had dawned over the soul of Marcellus in the vaults below.

  17. The third day dawned cold and clear, and daylight found the outfit on the move.

  18. Illustration: "The third day dawned cold and clear, and daylight found the outfit on the move.

  19. If I could but find one of these women, on whose mind the idea had dawned that she was neither more nor less than my equal, I think I should embrace her in an ecstacy of hopefulness.

  20. This, I imagine, is a conception that has never dawned upon the female slave mind on this plantation.

  21. But in 1880, after a night of seven years, prosperity dawned in America.

  22. Throughout the Dominion the brief gleam of prosperity which dawned with the eighties had vanished.

  23. Howe had been working at night and was on his way home, gloomy and despondent, when this idea dawned on his mind, probably rising out of his experience in the cotton mill.

  24. Has it not dawned upon you yet that there is a difference between us and her?

  25. Then it gradually dawned upon her that Joergen must be another man than she took him for--that he had violent passions--that he had the daring to act with utter recklessness.

  26. At last Sunday morning dawned and found me hiding from the fierce anger of a man who would soon be making his way to church; but I could not go.

  27. At last the day dawned when this group of slaves had to part, not only from the old homestead but from each other, and to go to scenes and climes unknown to them.

  28. No Sabbath-day with its hallowed accompaniments seemed to have dawned upon the inhabitants of St. Roch.

  29. Brighter days have since dawned upon Canada, and at this time the most discontented can scarcely find the shadow of a grievance to lay hold of.

  30. It gradually dawned upon me that there was no one more difficult to please than my mother.

  31. About this time it dawned upon me in a measure what birth and death were.

  32. It dawned upon me for the first time, though merely as a remote possibility, that the Press might purposely and with intent to mislead keep silence about facts that had a claim upon the attention of the public.

  33. Nevertheless, the prospect of the garden-party dawned radiantly for him above what had hitherto been a rather gloomy horizon.

  34. Moreover, if it had dawned on Augustus Flint that the son of Hilary Vane might prosecute the suit, it was worth while taking a little pains with Mr. Meader and Mr. Austen Vane.

  35. It would not be true to assert that, on this wonderful June day, a glimmering of this truth dawned upon him.

  36. The day of the battle dawned darkly, with great flakes flying.

  37. The morning of the sixteenth dawned clear, as beautiful a summer's day for a drive as any man could wish.

  38. As the policy of the parent dawned upon him, first came incredulous questioning, "What does this mean?

  39. At that time it had not dawned upon the world that there might be more than one way to worship God in truth.

  40. After a stormy, dangerous week, Saturday, December 9th, dawned clear, and the sun shone down on the snowy world.

  41. Presently, however, it dawned upon him that instead of having been attacked by a great army from Acre, he had been routed by a mere handful of men, most of whom were now sleeping unprotected in camp.

  42. It is said of Columbus that he had in mind the idea of stirring up an Eastern War in the "Cause of God" before there had dawned upon him the vision of that Western {277} enterprise which was to open the gate to a new world.

  43. There was absolutely no solution, and it dawned upon her that she was doomed to return to the upper world defeated.

  44. He saw the woman's face for an instant, and it gradually dawned upon him that there was something familiar about its beauty.

  45. The wonderful child quality which still survived in her beneath all her shallow worldliness dawned suddenly in her wide-open, angry eyes, and he saw clearly at last the hidden canker which was eating at her impatient heart.

  46. As day dawned the annoyance ceased, and he rose the next morning hoping all he had witnessed the preceding night was a dream.

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