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Example sentences for "bamboozled"

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balustrading; baly; bamboo; bamboos; bamboozle; bambu; ban; banal; banalities; banality
  1. Hard-headed men are not to be bamboozled into belief in reform by near approach to "sweet doing nothing.

  2. He must have been bamboozled by a detective, perhaps even by a prison spy, who played the simpleton.

  3. Great disquietude at the French armaments, considerable uneasiness at the dispute with America, and much disgust at our having been apparently bamboozled by the Chinese, form the principal topics of political grievance and complaint.

  4. The Chinese have bamboozled and baffled us, that is the plain truth.

  5. We had no occasion, here, to discuss jurisdictions, or talk about marine leagues; or be bothered by Iroquois, or bamboozled by French governors.

  6. Peter Cooper has long bamboozled this city and country with his bogus philanthropy.

  7. First time I was ever b-b-bamboozled in my life.

  8. As if the President could be bamboozled by such a shallow artifice.

  9. And as a matter of fact I was left just as bamboozled as you were.

  10. Those were always my own ideas, except that I felt bamboozled where you felt clear--which shows the difference between our brains!

  11. People began to think and wonder how they had been bamboozled for centuries by a set of educated harlequins, who, in all lands and climes exhibited their antics and nostrums for the delectation and digestion of infatuated fools!

  12. I remembered how he had formerly bamboozled me.

  13. He knew she had sung after she had no voice, and bamboozled even the critics, all but one who wrote for an evening paper and so didn't do his notice until next day.

  14. He asked Lydia seriously what she should recommend doing, to make good citizens out of bamboozled aliens.

  15. And very soon she wearied altogether of foreign places, clamoring to be settled in London, where the language was not gibberish, and one could go a-marketing without being bamboozled and cut off from bargaining.

  16. In its common manifestation, it is no more, at bottom, than the privilege of being bamboozled and made a mock of by the first woman who ventures to essay the business.

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