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Example sentences for "gainsay"

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gainful; gainfully; gaining; gains; gainsaid; gainsayers; gainsaying; gainst; gair; gairden
  1. But if as soon as he heareth he gainsay it, and make her promises and the words wherewith she had bound her soul of no effect: the Lord will forgive her.

  2. But if he gainsay it after that he knew it, he shall bear her iniquity.

  3. But if forthwith he gainsay it, she shall not be bound by the promise: because her husband gainsaid it, and the Lord will be merciful to her.

  4. The day that her husband shall hear it, and not gainsay it, she shall be bound to the vow, and shall give whatsoever she promised.

  5. He that shall gainsay thy mouth, and not obey all thy words, that thou shalt command him, let him die: only take thou courage, and do manfully.

  6. And Judith answered him: Who am I, that I should gainsay my lord?

  7. For this was the custom, that no man durst gainsay the letters which were sent in the king's name, and were sealed with his ring.

  8. Thou hast spoken it, and not I," said Froth, "and so spoken it that I may hardly venture to gainsay it.

  9. Tis manifestly constructed upon the novel of Italy, written by Luigi da Porto, a Venetian gentleman now deceased--gainsay that who will.

  10. If any man can gainsay it, let him speak.

  11. As no man did gainsay it, it is presumed that the reasoning of the top-man gained many proselytes.

  12. Allah upon thee, gainsay me not and grant me this last of thy boons: and whatever shall betide me I will not hold thee responsible therefor.

  13. Accordingly the three Princes, who could not gainsay the decision of their sire nor question its wisdom and justice, backed their coursers, and each taking his bow and arrows made straight for the place appointed.

  14. So gainsay me not in all I shall say to thee, and now go up to yonder ring and uplift it as I bade thee.

  15. But 'tis needful that thou learn of me all wherewith I would charge thee; nor gainsay e'en a single syllable of my words.

  16. Who dare gainsay but God is every where Unbounded, measurelesse, all infinite; Yet the same difficulties meet us here Which erst us met and did so sore affright With their strange vizards.

  17. The strongest stroke wherewith they can assay To vanquish me is this; The Date or Day Of the created World, which all admit; Nor may my modest Muse this truth gainsay In holy Oracles so plainly writ.

  18. Poet or no poet, as thou wilt, I 'll not gainsay thee.

  19. Sweet, we may not gainsay the King in this matter," Stephen made answer, sad.

  20. Be you ware, Dona Ines, that you gainsay it not.

  21. It would ill become me to gainsay your Lordship,' said I.

  22. She is now of ripe age to know what is for and against the same; and if she would have rather Robin and what may hap than to leave both, I will not gainsay her choice.

  23. And is a gentleman born, and hath a fair house, and ne father ne mother to gainsay her in whatsoever she would.

  24. Then he turned to me yet another time, saying, "Trust in Allah and gainsay Him not; for verily shall come to thee joy out of that wherein thou wast of straitness and annoy.

  25. They who gainsay the signs of God without authority having come to them, are greatly hated by God and by those who believe.

  26. Yet thus are they turned aside who gainsay the signs of God.

  27. None but infidels gainsay the signs of God: but let not their prosperity in the land deceive thee.

  28. Will ye make it your daily bread to gainsay them?

  29. Now know we that what they speak vexeth thee:7 But it is not merely thee whom they charge with falsehood, but the ungodly gainsay the signs of God.

  30. They who gainsay our signs are deaf, and dumb, in darkness: God will mislead whom He pleaseth, and whom He pleaseth He will place upon the straight path.

  31. Now I had made up my mind to gainsay Sihamba, not that I could find any fault with her plan, but because if such arrangements are to be made, I like to make them myself, as is the business of the head of the house.

  32. But their minds were set against this plan, for they desired to be married where they had met and lived so long, so we did not gainsay them.

  33. Mary and Bill can both gainsay you," Ned said.

  34. If oi choose to give myself oop now who is to gainsay me?

  35. O Agni of the Daylings, thou warder of the Thing-stead, bid men choose a War-duke if none gainsay it.

  36. What must be, must be,” said I, “and there is none can gainsay that.

  37. I endeavoured to gainsay this, but without success, and I had sorrowfully to witness the departure of the Burkes from Askeaton.

  38. That's what I says, and I don't think as any one else here will gainsay me.

  39. I can't gainsay you there, Jacob Carey; now you put it so, I see there is something in it, though never before have I heard of there being anything in the curse except in the family.

  40. I do not gainsay it, my lord," answered the young man in a low voice.

  41. Gainsay it not that thou dost long for learning.

  42. If it suit the maiden, I will not gainsay the choice," returned the ealdorman.

  43. Why she should gainsay the fact, I know not.

  44. Ospak said she did not mince matters and it was hard to gainsay her, and he sprang up forthwith and dressed, as did also each of the brothers one after the other.

  45. Bolli behaved as if he did not hear, as he always did when Kjartan was spoken ill of, for his wont was either to hold his peace, or to gainsay them.

  46. Hoskuld said he could not gainsay that, and so told her the truth, and bade that the woman should be kindly treated, and said it was his wish she should stay in service with them.

  47. Michael did not gainsay this, and made no further attempt to depart.

  48. No use to gainsay him; on the contrary, he orders me round as if he were my lord and master.

  49. The truth of this was so apparent that even Raoul could not gainsay it.

  50. I venture to gainsay this assertion, although the wild nature of a plant may always be disputed in the case of a plant which spreads so easily from cultivation.

  51. Thus historical data do not gainsay the opinion of an American origin, but neither do they adduce anything in support of it.

  52. And the woman lives not who may gainsay my appeal.

  53. And the younger one said she would leave it to the King, and would not gainsay him in anything.

  54. Then they say to her: "If you will come to our tournament, he will not gainsay you nor stand in the way.

  55. If ye gainsay it, ye will perish, unless ye can eat grass; for on this isle everything cometh from my hand.

  56. Now she scarce knew how to gainsay him, so wretched as the old carle looked; so it came to this, that she yeasaid the abiding till to- morrow.

  57. Meseemeth then, said Birdalone, were the mistress of you to gainsay you the gifts of the Wonder-coffer, ye were undone.

  58. And I tell thee right out, that if thou gainsay this, I shall deem it unfriendly in thee, and that those lovely words which thou didst speak e'en now were but words alone, and that thou art not as true as I have deemed thee.

  59. But the two friends answered that it was well their will to dwell there neighbourly, and do them all the help they might, and that they would not gainsay the worship they offered them nor the work that should go with it.

  60. Maybe, sir, you are aware that she has some mysterious hold over her father, and he dares not gainsay one word she says?

  61. I trust that your testimony will not gainsay me.

  62. It can not only question and stay the judgment of the Commons, but may always with perfect safety act upon its own judgment and gainsay the more popular chamber to the end of the longest chapter of the bitterest controversy.

  63. Shall Maria pay a tax and have no voice where the principle is admitted, where the principle is thundered forth, where it is axiomatic, where none dare gainsay it, that taxation without representation is tyranny?

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gainsay" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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