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Example sentences for "forbid"

Lexicographically close words:
forbeare; forbeareth; forbearing; forbears; forbede; forbidd; forbidden; forbiddeth; forbidding; forbiddingly
  1. In these they smoke and drink in Abundance, talk of Trade or Politicks; and at such Times, woe be to those Powers that have forbid the Importation of Dutch Toys into their Dominions.

  2. And in the King's name I forbid you to read these obscenities, and in the King's name I hereby command that these books be destroyed at once.

  3. I forbid your Imperial Highness to see that dog," said my father in an icy voice that brooked no reply.

  4. Suppose I call on your Imperial Highness's mother and ask her to forbid you to mount a horse for a month or so?

  5. I forbid you to go to the theatre," he bawled in the presence of my titled entourage and three servants.

  6. Why does Your Royal Highness forbid me to see my children?

  7. Moreover, this is my room and I forbid you to play the ruffian here.

  8. The Fates forbid that our agremens should be less, but I dare say, if they had a vote in it, they'd try to get a trifle more.

  9. God forbid that I should envy poor Vaughan his dazzling qualities.

  10. She retaliated fairly upon me, and God forbid that she should have one hour of her life embittered through remorse for me.

  11. I forbid you ever to breathe a word of what I have told you to him.

  12. I forbid you, on your faith as a gentleman, ever to tell him what I told you that night.

  13. The other apostles have also more bodies than are mentioned in the text, but the limits of this work forbid enumeration.

  14. The limits of my little volume forbid me from entering but upon a small part of what I would wish to perform, for it would be necessary to ascertain the relics possessed by every place in order to compare them with each other.

  15. You see that by a simple prohibition, I have given you sufficient means to diminish your fear of the thunder, and of the wind; as to those things which I do not forbid, you have only to forbid them yourself.

  16. No one controlled his actions, and he could not help acknowledging, that the Abbé Durand had a right to refuse to take him out, and his father a right to forbid his servants to execute his orders.

  17. And, when I forbade you, that prevented you from doing so; I am sure that if I were to forbid your rolling yourself up in your sheets, when you hear the wind whistle, it would prevent you from doing that also?

  18. One cannot always find something to forbid oneself.

  19. Heaven forbid that I should attribute bigamy to you, or saddle you even with a single wife, when you have not got one.

  20. Heaven forbid that I should be afraid, noble Lord," cried Van Noost eagerly.

  21. My station, my age, my name, my family, all forbid me to quit this cause when I have once embarked in it.

  22. Heaven forbid that they should get to hear of it.

  23. Good manners forbid your refusing it, and you eat it--with disgust it is true, but you eat it.

  24. Overexerting yourself, I am sure, and I forbid you ever doing so.

  25. God forbid that we should draw from this phenomenon one inference, however faint, to thwart or discredit the missionary zeal now in our day rising like a fresh, pure tide in the believing Church.

  26. Its own laws of observation and tabulation forbid it to make a single affirmation of what the Universe shall be, or shall not be, under new and unknown conditions.

  27. God forbid we should call these things evil.

  28. Pryderi despatched unto Math an embassy to pray him to forbid his people, and to leave it between him and Gwydion the son of Don, for that he had caused all this.

  29. I positively forbid you or any one in this place riding out while Big Tom's roaming about.

  30. Heaven forbid we'd ever turn you out, Miss Gipsy, after all you've done for us!

  31. Finally, it is difficult to see how the state may forbid anything but direct solicitation.

  32. There remains the further question whether a state is competent to forbid its citizens to receive certain mail matter, and here also the interstate commerce analogy affords an answer.

  33. I absolutely forbid you to ask this Dorothy Greenfield here again.

  34. No, I shall not explain; it is quite enough for you that I forbid it.

  35. I don't forbid you to speak to her, only there is no need for you to spend your whole time together.

  36. The municipality of Nantes forbid all persons to drink the water of the river Loire, on account of the infection from the dead bodies which were victims of Carrier's cruelty.

  37. Motion of Herault, that foreign powers be required to forbid the white cockade to be worn by emigrants.

  38. Elizabeth had the decency to forbid the repetition of such atrocities.

  39. God forbid that I should say that there is no possibility of union with Christ and a little fruit.

  40. Heaven forbid that he should ever tie himself to the tame domestic female; and just as little could he seek for a mate among the women of society, the creatures all surface, with empty pates and vitiated blood.

  41. If you forbid me to do simple things, with not the least harm in them, you can't expect me to take it like a child.

  42. It is you who forbid and allow and command, and--' 'I will never again use such words.

  43. Then why were you so particular to forbid me, Monica?

  44. Suppose the thought took you that you would go and walk about the City some afternoon, and you wished to go alone, just to be more at ease, should I have a right to forbid you, or grumble at you?

  45. There are things which God seems to forbid him to execute; there are warnings which tell him to renounce certain projects.

  46. God forbid And come to Papua, careless of your life?

  47. God forbid that at my time of life I should be ordered to sail in a ship that has no punishment on board; but I am really getting to be too old to look at executions with any sort of pleasure.

  48. I forbid you to appear in my presence until it be cast down.

  49. But Condé prevented its prompt execution, exclaiming: "God forbid that it should ever be said that a Bourbon fled before his enemies!

  50. Good manners forbid him to ask, "Why is the Moat let?

  51. Now that they have detected him, good breeding, and even humanity, forbid his continuing any longer his watch upon them.

  52. Then, father, we must see what we can do here, and you must not forbid us to say ‘God’s will be done!

  53. I answered quickly, “Heaven forbid I should sport with misery; I mean and hope to do him good, as well as myself.

  54. Heaven forbid that the recipe should ever be needed for us or ours!

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "forbid" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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