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Example sentences for "envy"

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  1. Really I envy him his home here, though I fear that I should be out of place in such a country-life.

  2. What the disease of envy was he could no more comprehend than a man born blind can understand colour.

  3. The book-keeper who has grown haggard in the firm's employ at a couple of pounds a week is the envy of the clerk who lives on eighteen shillings, and the wight who sweeps the office daily thinks how happy he would be in the place of the clerk.

  4. Mrs. Corporal does not envy the reputation of General Sheridan; she knows very well who really won Five Forks, for she has heard the story a hundred times, and will hear it a hundred times more with apparently unabated interest.

  5. But he had no envy of him, and he evinced no desire to imitate him.

  6. She chose to fancy it was because of her envy of the modest, busy, peaceful girl, who envied none.

  7. Before his wits had grasped the certainty possessing them, fiery envy and desire to be alongside her set his fingers fretting at buttons.

  8. Aminta noted it as a mark of superior ability, and she had the envy of the complex nature observing the simple.

  9. I envy those that go with you," he answered, sighing.

  10. Rhoda Jane forgot her envy of Mildred on learning that she was sick and seemed to have lost her relish for food.

  11. He had an instinctive understanding of that, attributed it in a great measure, to his own awkward, ungainly ways, and looked with envy upon those whose better education and more polished manners made them more acceptable companions.

  12. The entrance of the old crone who performs such menial offices as she requires is a boon as something human, yet even she scowls at her with envy because she is a queen.

  13. A blush and a faint denial is the reply, and a murmured assurance that such perfection as she possesses makes him the envy of all the sovereigns his neighbours.

  14. They have been sometimes, especially in the Life of Taddeo, quoted and treated as effusions of envy and malignity by the annotator of the Roman edition.

  15. Whatever were the motives of the two architects, whether private pique, or envy of M.

  16. Emulation embalms the dead; Envy the vampire, blasts the living.

  17. The cloth was finished on both sides alike; 11 the delicacy of the texture was such as to give it the lustre of silk; and the brilliancy of the dyes excited the admiration and the envy of the European artisan.

  18. Here their riches brought them consideration and competence, and while they excited the envy of their countrymen, stimulated them to seek their own fortunes in the like path of adventure.

  19. He could not imagine his future works but he could see distinctly how the papers would talk of him, how the shops would sell his photographs, with what envy his friends would look after him.

  20. At first I felt it dreadful, but now I envy her.

  21. This doctrine contributes to the welfare of our social existence, since it teaches us to hate no one, to despise no one, to mock no one, to be angry with no one, and to envy no one.

  22. This relic is especially valuable when we remember that 'L'Ecole des Femmes' and Arnolphe's sermon to Agnes, and his comic threats of future punishment first made envy take the form of religious persecution.

  23. You need not envy me my purchases, which are imprudent ones: both because I can't well afford them, and because I have no house to put them.

  24. I read of the advertisements of sales and auctions, but don't envy you Londoners while I am here in the midst of green idleness, as Leigh Hunt might call it.

  25. What an officious fool, to take him in the carriage, and prevent myself from a pleasure I envy him for.

  26. I envy not the greatest monarch on earth!

  27. He had a soul-reaching contempt for Billy Goodge, a passionate envy of him.

  28. Perhaps, being a Russian, I am more primitive and envy a nobleman of the time of Pharaoh who never heard of devastations in Mexico, did not feel his heart called upon to pulsate at anything beyond his own concerns.

  29. It was an appeal to the Pharisees; would they accept the grace of God and further his plans for the salvation of the lost, or would they continue to criticize and envy the repentant sinner?

  30. Envy induced Wilberforce to run away a few days after Frederick returned with his great tales of adventure, privation and gallantry.

  31. I can't look at you without envy in my soul--eating my soul, do you understand?

  32. But I must be permitted not to envy the doctor anything.

  33. To envy this happiness is one of my favorite occupations," he growled, twisting his under lip awry.

  34. I envy you such a life task, although I consider it perfect folly.

  35. The envy of the 'so-called gods' has this time produced a master piece.

  36. Balder was right, when, he said Mohr's envy was only a mutilated love.

  37. A time will come when people will read of these barbarities with a shudder, and envy us because we have nerves to endure them.

  38. As for the envy of the former, I'm far from making it a reproach to them.

  39. On the contrary, I do him the honor to envy him.

  40. But for envy of the great champions of thought, our friend Edwin would now be a well paid professor of logic, reading stupid volumes year in and year out.

  41. It was impossible to conceive a more cowardly or malignant rascal than this fellow had become under the influence of envy and jealousy.

  42. I envy his children (I am sure he has a frouzy, ragged brood of them) for they have at least somewhere to sleep.

  43. So far from there having been any appearance of envy between you and me, I always regarded us as one.

  44. Later in the summer the envy died down and Thomas Jefferson developed a pronounced case of hero-worship, something to the disgust of the colder-hearted, older boy.

  45. This was the external Ardea, known of men, and of those women who were large-minded enough not to envy her.

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