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  1. As the envoys went from Redwald's presence to their lodging, the two brothers seized the man they suspected, hurried him under a clump of trees, and whispered "Coifi!

  2. The Bernician envoys were dismissed with contumely and defiance.

  3. Among the Bernician envoys they noticed one who was evidently disguised and ill at ease.

  4. The governor ordered them to tell the chief of the Xarayes that they were envoys sent to speak with him, and contract friendship with him and his people; that he begged him to come and see him, as he wished for a personal interview.

  5. He patiently informed himself of public affairs; and when foreign envoys had their audiences of him, they were surprised to find him possessed of everything relating to their own courts and the objects of their mission.

  6. The place selected for his burial was a vault under one of the chapels of the building; and a decent monument indicated the spot where reposed the ashes of the last of the envoys who came from Flanders on the ill-starred mission to Madrid.

  7. There he took his meals, discussed affairs of state with his council, and even gave audience to envoys from abroad.

  8. It was in vain that the Flemish envoys interposed to mitigate the king's anger, and turn him from those violent measures which must bring ruin on the country.

  9. Both envoys were men of the highest consideration.

  10. The situation of the envoys became every day more uncomfortable.

  11. At this point of advance, Alexander, still anxious to obtain his rich prize unharmed, and believing that the Tyrians were now convinced of his resolution to conquer, despatched in a royal barge several Envoys to propose terms of capitulation.

  12. Envoys and attendants had sunk, never to rise until that Day, when even "the Sea shall give up its dead!

  13. These envoys endeavoured at least to make a good use of their time.

  14. The deputies of the Christian co-burghery, being assembled at Basle in 1530, the envoys from Strasburg endeavoured to reconcile Luther and Zwingle.

  15. Accordingly a pension had been secured to the widows of these envoys in case of misfortune.

  16. Treason united with this dilatoriness, and persons who pretended to be envoys from Zurich stopped the Landsturm in many places, as being contrary to the opinion of the council.

  17. Being satisfied, therefore, for the present with knowing the sentiments of Zurich, the French envoys began to look coolly upon the Reformer's scheme.

  18. Pack fled in alarm to the Landgrave, who caused him to be arrested; and envoys from the several princes whom this scoundrel had compromised met at Cassel, and proceeded to examine him.

  19. Three envoys from New Amsterdam visited the savages bearing these presents.

  20. With these alarming tidings, the Dutch envoys returned to New Amsterdam.

  21. After waiting several days the governor sent envoys to the chiefs of other tribes, urging them "to bring the Esopus savages to terms.

  22. Ambassadors and Envoys Extraordinary were there in the full splendour of their uniforms.

  23. Notwithstanding this side-play the Polish envoys had joined Herberstein at Moskva, and were seeking to arrange a peaceable understanding between the Grand Prince and their master.

  24. The foreign envoys saw in the miserable desolation of the border districts through which they travelled evidence of the distress with which Moskovy was still afflicted.

  25. Envoys were sent to the King of Poland suggesting the marriage of Ivan with one of Sigismund-August's sisters as a basis of peace between the two countries, but the negotiations fell through.

  26. When the scattered envoys returned, the result of their investigations was laid before Vladimir, and this young man in search of a religion examined and compared the pretensions of the competing creeds.

  27. The Tzar reminded the Livlandish envoys of this unremembered pledge, and refused to renew the truce until the arrears had been paid in full.

  28. The letter of the Council of Quebec and the commission given to the envoys sent to Boston, are also in Massachusetts Archives; Documents Collected in France, ii.

  29. Events had not reached a state of open hostility three years later, when Kanghi sent special envoys to the camp of Galdan, as well as to the Khalkas.

  30. The envoys returned without having been able to deliver their letter.

  31. The mission never had a chance of success, for the Coreans succeeded in frightening the Mongol envoys with the terrors of the sea, and by withholding their assistance prevented them reaching their destination.

  32. The first envoys from Tibet, or, as it was then called, Toufan or Toupo, are reported to have reached the Chinese capital in the year 634.

  33. Taitsou refused to receive the envoys of the Prince of Tang, and he ordered him to attend in person at the capital.

  34. Sidenote: Columbus reaches Cuba, and sends envoys to find a certain Asiatic prince.

  35. But Agamemnon before long relented and he sent three envoys to make friendship between himself and Achilles.

  36. The envoys were Odysseus and Aias and the old man Phoinix who had been a foster-father to Achilles.

  37. His envoys reported in favor of the Greek Church, for their barbarian imagination had been so impressed by the majesty of the ceremonies performed in Sancta Sophia that "they did not know whether they were on earth or in heaven.

  38. What was his surprise to hear that his envoys had been arrested, two thrown into prison, and two given up to the Neapolitan troops which were in the city.

  39. The Jewish envoys did not think their task completed, unless they sought to prevent, as far as lay in their power, the repetition of events which branded all Judaism with dishonor.

  40. The two envoys and their escort were filled with heartfelt joy.

  41. The Jewish envoys also made it their duty to induce the Pasha to abolish torture altogether.

  42. The moment the envoys had left the room, however, she broke down and laughed till her eyes were full of tears.

  43. English envoys seem to have received no authority to treat.

  44. The text of this book is frequently corrupt; but the evident sense of these ungrammatical lines 3-5 is that the envoys were allowed to watch the unsuspecting damsels from some hidden coign of vantage.

  45. The French envoys proposed a marriage between their little princess Marie, aged seven, and the future Richard II.

  46. Ambassadors from the Khan reached Constantinople, and Roman envoys were received in return in his tent at the foot of the Altai range.

  47. Persia was in imminent peril, and sent envoys to China begging for aid.

  48. Dread of China and Japan induced the king to send envoys with tribute to Peking and Yedo, but the tribute was small, and the isolation was maintained, Corea winning for itself the names of the Hermit Nation and the Forbidden Land.

  49. Envoys were sent to him, whom he treated with princely courtesy, though he still declined to visit the court, and plainly stated his reasons.

  50. Some of these envoys wrote accounts of what they had seen, and that was all that was known of Japan for two centuries.

  51. The princes of Idsu and Iwami awaited as the envoys of the shogun, both of them splendidly attired in richly embroidered robes of silk.

  52. Once again the Chinese emperor sent to demand tribute, and once again the heads of the envoys were severed from their bodies.

  53. We are told of envoys bearing tribute from Corea of horses, and of tailors, and finally a schoolmaster, being sent to Japan.

  54. The army remained long encamped on the Caspian, coming into communication through its envoys with the Roman empire, whose eastern borders lay not far away, and forming relations of commerce with this rich and powerful realm.

  55. Corean envoys were sent to them with the white flags of peace, and the country was given up without a fight.

  56. Finally, with an army of thirty thousand men, he invaded the country of the Khalkas, and in 1690 took his first open step of hostility against China, by arresting the envoys who had been sent to his camp.

  57. Kublai Khan, the Mongol emperor of China, now sent nine envoys to the shogun, bidding them to stay until they received an answer to his demand.

  58. Envoys also came from India, but China kept carefully free from hostilities with the conquerors of the south.

  59. The mission of the two envoys proved successful; and on their arrival at Fontainebleau the uncle and nephew were welcomed with a warmth and magnificence which alike flattered their self-love and tended to inspire them with confidence.

  60. Bassompierre, accompanied by a numerous train of nobles, escorted the English envoys to the palace; while more than fifty thousand persons crowded the streets through which the glittering train was compelled to pass.

  61. It touches, your Grace,' he purred, 'upon the reception to be accorded the envoys of Ferrara and Mantua.

  62. He rides between the envoys of Ferrara and Mantua, a gorgeous nucleus to a brilliant nebula.

  63. When negotiations for peace were opened, the bearing of the English toward the American envoys was not that of men who felt their country to be threatened with an unbearable evil.

  64. New advances were made; but while the envoys were still in the camp of Louis, the populace and the Orange party rose, and with them the spirit of resistance.

  65. The envoys on reaching Paris were met by the words: "Too late!

  66. At the negotiations which preceded the Treaty of Westphalia, the Swedish envoys alone made an ineffective appeal in favour of the Unity and the other non-Roman inhabitants of Bohemia.

  67. Peter Payne was also one of the Bohemian envoys at the Council of Basel, where he was occasionally in violent conflict with his countrymen, the English bishops.

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