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Example sentences for "illicit"

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  1. Dense chemical fumes rendered the air difficult to breathe; but the shelves, once laden with the largest illicit collection of drugs in London, were bare.

  2. Owing to the lack of enterprise on the part of our British drug-houses, even reputable chemists are sometimes dependent upon illicit stock from Japan and America.

  3. And Sin Sin Wa brought with him the good-will of an illicit drug business which already had almost assumed the dimensions of a control.

  4. I heard some lament the prevalence of stilling illicit whiskey in Innishowen.

  5. I'm going to clean out that nest of illicit stills if it takes the rest of my natural life and every man in the bureau!

  6. Indeed, so potent a factor was this charge of holding illicit communication with the Indians, in arousing prejudice against the Saints, that it was used against them with great effect after their settlement in Utah.

  7. The question is simply whether there is much difference between the general adoption of illicit connections, or the existence of open prostitution.

  8. The internal revenue tax on distilled spirits was then so high as to make of illicit distilling an enormously profitable species of crime.

  9. In the region round the Navy Yard there were illicit stills by scores, producing spirits by thousands of gallons daily.

  10. To begin with, is it likely that if, after so long a separation, the pair had wished to resume their illicit intercourse, they would have chosen London as the place in which to do so?

  11. It is clear, therefore, that when they became Catholics Sir Robert Howard and Lady Purbeck must have determined never to resume their illicit intercourse; and, so far as is known, they never did so.

  12. The government will grant all the necessary privileges of inspection to the municipal police in the prevention of illicit smoking.

  13. About ten years ago the Americans crossed the line and established themselves on Pelly River, where they carried on to an extraordinary extent the illicit traffic in intoxicating liquor to the Blackfeet.

  14. Tolerable illicit resting-place, so far as the illicit can be tolerable, for a lonesome Man of Letters, who goes into the illicit.

  15. It lasted above a dozen years more: an illicit marriage after its sort, and subject only to the liabilities of such.

  16. It is impossible for the United States to use means to prevent an illicit commerce with the Spanish Colonies, without interfering in their internal regulations.

  17. This advice was followed with as much eagerness and precipitation by the clergy, as though they wished to hide themselves from public notice, or as though they had been guilty of some illicit and scandalous offence.

  18. The issue of the illicit intercourse were named Dangis, and there are thus twenty-two subdivisions of the caste, besides three other subdivisions who are held to be descended from pure Rajputs.

  19. These are, there is little reason to doubt, the progeny of illicit unions.

  20. Bhattacharya states, [102] to associate with him as a divine consort Radha, the chief partner of his illicit loves.

  21. Maid-servants also frequently belong to the Dhimar caste, and it often happens that the master of the household has illicit intercourse with them.

  22. Bachhawat and Dhanawat are the names of sections of the Banjara caste, and the persons of these gotras among the Audhelias are probably the descendants of illicit connections among Banjaras.

  23. It is the illicit diamond buyer, or as they term it, tout court, I.

  24. He associated with himself one Robertson, and two other idle young men, whom, having been concerned in the same illicit trade, he persuaded to view the transaction in the same justifiable light in which he himself considered it.

  25. Much reference is made in the minutes to the difficulty of preventing the men employed in the ships from entering into illicit trade in furs.

  26. Not always, however, as Macaulay points out, did the trading Companies remember that the pressure on their agents abroad for increased returns meant the temptation to take doubtful or illicit methods to gain their ends.

  27. On the return of Groseilliers and Radisson to Quebec, the former was made a prisoner by order of the Governor for illicit trading.

  28. Here he stumbled against casks and kegs left behind by the smuggler folk, who in former days carried on their illicit traffic around the neighbouring coast.

  29. Under such and no better guidance, in this illicit premature manner, he gets his introduction to the paradise of the world.

  30. How far, that is, the mind may be directed on the one hand to ascetic abnegation by the systematic use of certain music, or on the other to illicit and dangerous pleasures by melodies of an opposite tendency.

  31. It was his reputation as a necromancer, and the stories current of illicit rites performed in the garden-rooms at St. John's, that contributed largely to his being dismissed from that College.

  32. With the year 1738 his diaries begin, and though then little more than a boy, he had tasted every illicit pleasure that Oxford had to offer.

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