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  1. I much prefer half-breed children or even illegitimate children to no children at all!

  2. By the grace of God, much may be done with the half-breed or even the illegitimate child.

  3. The Archdeacon relates that once he visited a Mission where the man in charge, a youth, with misguided enthusiasm, boasted that there was neither a half-breed nor an illegitimate child in the village!

  4. Originally he had been a commercial traveller; and his early marriage with an illegitimate daughter of a younger son of an English nobleman seems to have had much to do with his subsequent career.

  5. Here are no less than nine illegitimate children, evidently by different mothers.

  6. His father, Sir Patrick Hamilton of Kincavel, was an illegitimate son of James first Lord Hamilton, by a daughter of Witherspoon of Brighouse, and died in 1479.

  7. It appears from some payments in the Treasurer's Accounts, in 1543, that Patrick Hamilton had left an illegitimate daughter named Isobell.

  8. At once your legitimate working hypothesis is transformed into an illegitimate dogma--illegitimate because it no longer serves as a guide on the path to knowledge but {33} blocks that path.

  9. There was no one at this dinner, apart from the legitimate and the illegitimate family, besides the suite and a few old friends of the King, such as the Duke of Dorset and Lord Mount Edgcumbe.

  10. A pastoral epistle to the Earl of Ormond, and all nobles of the realm of Ireland; 'To all who groan beneath the loathsome tyranny of an illegitimate adulteress, etc.

  11. Italians reproach him for his illegitimate birth, and even refuse him the title of Pope, said aloud, that he would rather be the Emperor's groom than the sport of his people.

  12. In other words, she lived by conveying illegitimate children from the places of their birth to the establishment just mentioned, which has been very properly termed a bounty for national immorality.

  13. It's a fact though, that the illegitimate son of the blasphemous old squire, and of the virtuous and celebrated Kate Clank, hoped to have united the M'Loughlin blood with his!

  14. Prince Hall of Massachusetts, a founder of a Spurious and Illegitimate Masonry, among the Colored Masons in the United States, died at Boston, Mass.

  15. This will fall in with the long manifest tendency in modern society to lighten the disadvantages (in the case of legacy duties, for example) and stigma laid upon illegitimate children.

  16. Statisticians are still looking rather perplexedly for those War Babies; the illegitimate birth-rate has fallen, and what has become of the subscriptions I do not know.

  17. Heloise was the illegitimate daughter of a canon of patrician blood; so that she is said to have been a worthy representative of the noble house of the Montmorencys--famous throughout French history for chivalry and charm.

  18. Burr and Hamilton were born within a year of each other--Burr being a grandson of Jonathan Edwards, and Alexander Hamilton being the illegitimate son of a Scottish merchant in the West Indies.

  19. There is another curious story which makes Martin Van Buren, eighth President of the United States, to have been the illegitimate son of Aaron Burr.

  20. In contrast with the Duc de Morny, who was Napoleon's illegitimate half-brother, Alexandre de Walewski stood out in brilliant contrast.

  21. His grandmother had been the natural daughter of Marshal Saxe, who was himself the illegitimate son of Augustus the Strong of Poland and of the bewitching Countess of Konigsmarck.

  22. He was the illegitimate son of the Baron Dudevant.

  23. According to the French conception foundlings are orphans, and the French bourgeoisie thus permits its illegitimate children to be reared as "children of the nation" at the expense of the state.

  24. The new German civil law contains provisions in regard to the legal status of illegitimate children, that are in contradiction to the more humane laws that were in force heretofore.

  25. One can imagine the amount of care and heart-ache that the births of these illegitimate children mean to their mothers, even if some of them are legally married later on by the fathers of their children.

  26. It is a generally known fact, that the rate of mortality is always higher among illegitimate children than among legitimate ones.

  27. One paragraph states that "an illegitimate child and its father are not regarded as being related," while Emperor Joseph II had already decreed that legitimate and illegitimate children should be equal before the law.

  28. The woman is taken into consideration by this same state only, inasmuch as she yields to the illegitimate satisfaction of male lust, that is, becomes a prostitute.

  29. It is a noteworthy fact that the number of illegitimate births did not decrease.

  30. The men of France may, by the provision of this law, seduce as many girls and women as they please; they are freed from all responsibility and do not have to contribute anything to the support of their illegitimate children.

  31. Lack of care during pregnancy and during the confinement and improper care of the child after birth are the simple causes of this great mortality of illegitimate children.

  32. The law concerning illegitimate children furthermore provides: "it is the mother's right and duty to care for the person of the illegitimate child.

  33. But as a great many causes prevent or limit the legitimate satisfaction of the sexual impulse the result is its illegitimate satisfaction.

  34. If the woman had been seduced with the promise of marriage, she was entitled to all the rights of a divorced wife, and in those cases the illegitimate children were regarded as legitimate before the law.

  35. You straightway increase not only the number of illegitimate children, but of illegitimate unfit children, for the illegitimate child, in our mad world, has not the whole of a chance.

  36. He was an illegitimate son of Colonel Gonzalo Pizarro,[20] who had won distinction in the wars in Italy and Navarre.

  37. Like the man he was, he had Diego de Almagro, the traitor's illegitimate son, taken to his own house, and cared for as his own child.

  38. Some report that Sinibaldo had other illegitimate children, and number among them a Giulio and a Claudia, the latter of whom married into the family of the Ravaschieri.

  39. There was in addition a Cornelio, who though illegitimate (his mother was a certain Clementina of Torriglia), was much beloved on account of his spirited character.

  40. Thus a man cannot marry his wife's illegitimate daughter or her half-sister, whether legitimate or illegitimate; but he can marry the daughter or sister of a woman with whom he has had unlawful connection.

  41. The degrees include illegitimate as well as legitimate relatives and connections; but an illegitimate liaison with a woman or a man does not make her or him a wife or a husband within the meaning of the Table.

  42. The law is the same as regards children of Church people and of Dissenters, and as regards legitimate and illegitimate children.

  43. In former times a woman was not to be churched after an illegitimate birth unless she had previously done penance or acknowledged her fault before the congregation at the time of her churching.

  44. King Henry of Transtamare was not considered as an illegitimate king, though he was an illegitimate child, and this race of bastards, founded in the house of Austria, reigned in Spain until Philip V.

  45. For what the Chinese authorities have failed to do by the legitimate means at their command, their underlings and the circle of gentry that surrounds each provincial centre attempt to do by illegitimate and criminal methods.

  46. They seemed never able to seize the bull by the horns, but drifted on, allowing themselves constantly to be put in the wrong, hoping perhaps to accomplish by illegitimate means what was within their legal competence.

  47. He bequeathed his books and manuscripts, of which he had acquired a considerable number, to Sir Thomas Stafford, who was said to be his illegitimate son.

  48. That a man should be legally responsible for his illegitimate children.

  49. Sir Timothy) would provide for as many illegitimate children as Percy chose to have, but he would not tolerate a m├ęsalliance.

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