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further; furtherance; furthered; furtherer; furthering; furthermost; furthers; furthest; furtive; furtively
  1. The exanthematous eruption, representing a hyperæmia, or even an inflammation, of the skin, furthermore contributes to depress the nervous system by the pain and itching which it causes.

  2. It was furthermore met with in the cheesy lymphatic glands of swine, in the tubercular nodules of a fowl, and in the tubercles of guinea-pigs, rabbits, and monkeys.

  3. Furthermore he himself, seeing himself aggrieved, appeals you at the court of Rome.

  4. Furthermore the King had contrived that the responsibility for the proposed league with Cleves should fall almost entirely on his minister’s shoulders, in order that he himself might the more easily renounce it if occasion served.

  5. Furthermore he took pains to assure each one of the two rivals apart, that the other prized England’s amity so much that great concessions would be necessary to regain it.

  6. The feast then proceeds and terminates by general eating and drinking, most of all by the one who "officiated," who furthermore takes home with him a goodly supply.

  7. Furthermore I give the name of praise to the pleasure, with which we conceive the action of another, whereby he has endeavoured to please us; but of blame to the pain wherewith we feel aversion to his action.

  8. However, in order that the foregoing proposition may be fully explained, I will draw attention to a few additional points, and I will furthermore answer the objections which may be advanced against our doctrine.

  9. Furthermore the majors of all our syllogisms can be reduced to a single formula.

  10. Furthermore our measuring instruments could not disclose it, even if they were much more precise; our measuring rods in fact undergo the same contraction as the objects to be measured.

  11. It is well to provide that corporations shall not contribute to Presidential or National campaigns, and furthermore to provide for the publication of both contributions and expenditures.

  12. Probably the great majority of the Government reports and the like now printed are never read at all, and furthermore the printing of much of the material contained in many of the remaining ones serves no useful purpose whatever.

  13. Instructions for Commander Gerrit Thomasz Pool and the Council of the Yachts Cleen Amsterdam and Wesel, destined for the discovery of the lands situated east of Banda, and furthermore of the South-land, thence extending to the South-west.

  14. It should furthermore be noted that we are convinced that the west-coast of Nova Guinea, or the land discovered as far as Lat.

  15. I answered, "Yes, you can depend on me, and furthermore we have service tonight in the church, and I will tell the folks to agree in prayer for you and also to fast and pray tomorrow that the Lord will heal you.

  16. Furthermore he estimated the value of all his printed stock only at the cost of manufacture, and the great stock of copper plates, many newly etched, at merely their value as copper.

  17. The birth of the son, it is furthermore fair to presume, took place towards the end of Etana's career, when his own life was drawing to a close.

  18. It was furthermore apparent, even to a superficial observer, that some of the stars seemed fixed to their places, while others moved about.

  19. Anu furthermore promises Ramman that if he triumphs, lofty shrines will be erected in his honor in many cities.

  20. Parnapishtim carefully provides plugs to fill out all crevices, and furthermore smears a large quantity of bitumen without and within.

  21. The mourners are furthermore instructed to institute a formal lamentation.

  22. There is no place where they are not found; and when we are furthermore told (apparently in contradiction to what has just been said) 'that neither in heaven nor earth is their name pronounced (i.

  23. He furthermore pleads that Zu, who has the tablets of fate in his hands, is invincible.

  24. But as the Franks put no confidence in the rule of a child and furthermore held him in contempt, and were also plotting war, he gave back to them those parts of Gaul which his father and grandfather had seized.

  25. He sent an embassy to give them the past gifts, as well as those now due, and furthermore promised to give these gifts in future without any dispute.

  26. He states furthermore that by reason of the great extent of their country they could scarcely come from Ocean to our frontier in a year's time.

  27. This writer furthermore remarks[6] that “it is stated by judicious persons among themselves to be of modern origin.

  28. XVII, B, consists of a number of archaic words, some of which are furthermore different from the spoken language on account of their being chanted, and meaningless syllables introduced to prolong certain accentuated notes.

  29. The words are archaic to a great extent, and they furthermore differ from the modern language on account of the manner in which they are pronounced in chanting, which peculiarity has been faithfully followed below.

  30. The degrees are furthermore specifically designated by short vertical strokes.

  31. And furthermore the color that had been her chiefest glory in the old Palm Beach and Newport days was all gone, and she looked very thin and delicate, and tired and discouraged.

  32. Furthermore the village was full of people already, and half a dozen of them had been so clearly designed by the Poor Boy's imagination that he could see them, every line of their faces, every detail of their clothes.

  33. And here she was crossing Madison Square on the long diagonal, in shoes that had not been blacked that day, and furthermore she was not headed for the avenue but away from it, and dusk was descending upon the city.

  34. Furthermore she threatened Sprot that "he should never get his Sunday's meat to the fore by his work;" and he forthwith fell into extreme poverty, by which her words came true.

  35. Mr. Lovejoy furthermore told Tom that there were three privateers being fitted up at the docks, one of which was about ready to sail.

  36. Furthermore the stomachs of sharks, upon being opened, had revealed to him the gigantic fragments of the adversary.

  37. When Ulysses furthermore said that he was not sure of his crew either, and that the voyage was impossible, the woman again became furious at him.

  38. Furthermore the child was well suited to be the wife of a man of the sea, having seen its life from her infancy.

  39. The Ark furthermore gave the signal for breaking camp by soaring up high, [456] and then swiftly moving before the camp at a distance of three days' march, until it found a suitable spot upon which Israel might encamp.

  40. God furthermore treated His bride as did that king who went to the marriage ceremony only after he had overwhelmed his chosen bride with many gifts.

  41. They furthermore said: "O Lord, content Thyself with the celestial beings, let them have the Torah, what wouldst Thou with the dwellers of the dust?

  42. Moses furthermore said to God: "O Lord of the world!

  43. To intensify to the uttermost their fear of the inhabitants of Palestine, they furthermore said: "The Amalekites dwell in the land of the South.

  44. Moses furthermore said: "Look about carefully what manner of land it is, for some lands produce strong people and some weak, some lands produce many people and some few.

  45. Furthermore Moab wanted to kill Israel, but Midian wanted to tempt them to sin, which is worse than death.

  46. He is furthermore distinguished from all the other prophets, that he was conscious of his prophetic revelations, while they were unconscious in the moments of prophecy.

  47. Herodotus furthermore tells us in his account of Babylon that the walls had a hundred gates "all of bronze; their jambs and lintels were of the same material.

  48. Furthermore to keepe the state in more securitie, the Louteas that gouerne one shire are chosen out of some other shire distant farre off, where they must leaue their wiues, children and goods, carying nothing with them but themselues.

  49. Furthermore betweene Cape de Monte, and Cape Verde, go great currants, which deceiue many men.

  50. Furthermore in the citie Meaco is the pallace of the high Priest, whom that nation honoureth as a God, he hath in his house 306 Idoles, one whereof by course is euery night set by his side for a watchman.

  51. Furthermore the Louteas, yea and all the people of China, are wont to eate their meate sitting on stooles at high tables as we doe, and that very cleanely, although they vse neither tableclothes nor napkins.

  52. There is furthermore a place bearing name Coia, very famous for the multitude of Abbyes which the Bonzii haue therein.

  53. They tolde me furthermore that it was moted about, and in the moates great store of fish, whereof the King maketh great gaines.

  54. Furthermore all merchants arriving from India or other countries, and bringing with them gold or silver or gems and pearls, are prohibited from selling to any one but the Emperor.

  55. Furthermore it is stomachic, antispasmodic and emmenagogue.

  56. It is furthermore prescribed in India for syphilis and leprosy and is one of the many remedies used for the bites of rabid animals.

  57. It is furthermore positive that persons of a certain disposition and with certain ailments are injured by even a moderate use of tobacco.

  58. It could furthermore be very advantageously used in the manufacture of fine grades of soap.

  59. Furthermore it may be safely assumed that the bitterness of the natives is to be ascribed to German tyranny, which culminated, as Norden relates on p.

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