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Example sentences for "furthering"

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  1. Here is revealed the special field for Federal cooperation in furthering education.

  2. After all there is less difference about the part this great Republic shall play in furthering peace and advancing humanity than in the manner of playing it.

  3. Possibly he was not to quit it at all, except according to events; but merely had leave given him to join a party in arms, who were furthering Ippolito's own objects.

  4. He had even taken advantage of mother's influence in certain circles, and, relying upon her unquestioning faith in his integrity, had made her an unconscious instrument in furthering his schemes.

  5. They can be employed as vital terms only when the self is seen to be in process, and interest to be a name for whatever is concerned in furthering its movement.

  6. Nor at first did it go far in furthering tolerance or respect for divergency of moral and religious convictions.

  7. Covenant and the furthering of a Personal Treaty between King and Parliament, without interference from the Army.

  8. The large expenditures needed for our national defense emphasize the great scope for effective organization in furthering economy and efficiency.

  9. These and other problems which may face us can be met by the cooperation of all of us in furthering a positive and well-balanced Government program--a program which will further national and international well-being.

  10. Louis XIV was especially enthusiastic in furthering the movement, and, among other favors he conferred the title of "Fellows of the Academy of Science and Royal Mathematicians" on six Jesuits of Paris, and sent them off to Pekin.

  11. The Princess Berenice was a friend of the Egyptian governor, and she was furthering the imperial election as an affair of the heart.

  12. This small but remarkable woman merits attention; her all-seeing eye and shrewd tongue were inscrutably the means of furthering the ends of Providence.

  13. He's unconscious of it; for he is in love with her; but he must be furthering his own ends.

  14. In the third place, in both divisions the chief aim was the realization of capacity, not the furthering of acquisition.

  15. This event, the date of which is uncertain, not only exercised a most furthering influence on the arts and sciences, but gave rise to a new branch of education.

  16. And the Teutonic pantheists are for the most part uncontaminated souls, puritan by training, and only interested in furthering the political and intellectual efficiency of the society in which they live.

  17. In propagating and sowing broadcast precarious beings there is fertility only, such as plants and animals may have; but there is charity in furthering what is already rooted in existence and is striving to live.

  18. And bicause Adam Staple the maior was not diligent in furthering that lone, he was by the kings commandement discharged on the 22 daie of March, and Richard Whitington mercer chosen in his place.

  19. Margaret also drew largely from her own revenues in furthering her nephew's interests, and transferred to him the duchies and lordships she had inherited from Maximilian.

  20. Having crossed the Pyrenees they met with but slight opposition and soon succeeded in making themselves masters of Southern France, thereby furthering and encouraging their boastful ambition to conquer and Islamize the whole world.

  21. Louis XV having resumed his former habits, I began to meditate seriously on my presentation; and my friends employed themselves to the utmost in furthering my desires and insuring my triumph.

  22. Rome, hoping that his demagogical talent would succeed in furthering the interests of the papacy.

  23. There were also thousands of other persons, circumstances, and relations helping, strengthening, and furthering the work.

  24. Although schools did exist during the period of Turkish rule, the Turks had no interest in furthering education among their subjects, except insofar as it would benefit themselves.

  25. This law was entitled "Law on Establishing a Closer Link Between Education and Practical Life and on Furthering the Development of Public Education in the People's Republic of Bulgaria.

  26. A] His sons are anxiously desirous of furthering the abolition cause on every suitable occasion.

  27. For a man might find that his own Good consisted in furthering the Good of other people; and in that case of course he will try to further it.

  28. And thus we could have no guarantee that in furthering the Good of one we are also furthering that of others.

  29. While Riccabocca thus amused himself, Randal had not been prevented, either by his official cares or his schemes on Violante's heart and fortune, from furthering the project that was to unite Frank Hazeldean and Beatrice di Negra.

  30. She spent herself in helping him, in furthering his interests and upholding his political views and acts.

  31. They married women who, often beautiful, and always intelligent, devoted themselves to furthering both the political interests and the domestic happiness of their husbands.

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