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Example sentences for "illegible"

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  1. For this the following [illegible in MS.

  2. In this way there will remain three clergymen who can minister elsewhere, because [illegible in MS.

  3. I beg of your Lordship that, putting aside human considerations, you order that this be attended to, which the good of these souls demands with [illegible in MS.

  4. When they were saying mass in their house to the Indians, with considerable notoriety and scandal to them, and no little affliction to the fathers, they were ejected from the [illegible in MS.

  5. This may cause some inconvenience to the religious themselves, for it comes to this [illegible in MS.

  6. As far as this is concerned, if I could [illegible in MS.

  7. God knows that this does not [illegible in MS.

  8. Lordship to do it, if it were not for the obstacle which that would put in the way of the careful guidance and [illegible in MS.

  9. Neither does his Majesty commit it to you, nor do I find how your Lordship can be occupied in dealing with [illegible in MS.

  10. In accomplishing this, let not your Lordship understand that the royal exchequer is to suffer, because [illegible in MS.

  11. Moreover the compositors say that they are unaccustomed to compose in an unknown tongue from such scribbled and illegible copy, and they will scarcely assist me to compose.

  12. Why should the name Patricia be illegible when all the rest was clear?

  13. He laid the foundations for a library by purchasing from a wandering bibliophile first editions of Swinburne, Meredith, and Hardy, and a yellowed illegible autograph letter of Keats's, finding later that he had been amazingly overcharged.

  14. And then over the page there are some illegible pencillings from old authors of his such as this from Augustine: 'A good man would rather know his own infirmity than the foundations of the earth or the heights of the heavens.

  15. And then, on an utterly illegible page, this: 'Jesus, Thy life and Thy words are a perpetual sermon to me.

  16. And to this day the stone remains, an illegible monument of Mr. Pickwick's greatness, and a lasting trophy to the littleness of his enemies.

  17. He produced from his coat pockets a long and narrow strip of parchment, on which the presiding functionary impressed an illegible black stamp.

  18. Hearing me speak of these learned men whose works I had read at an early age, he complained that Pontedera's letters were almost illegible and written in extremely obscure Latin.

  19. I opened it, but finding it covered with an illegible scrawl I gave it him back, telling him to read it himself.

  20. None of us is so young but that he may make himself perfect in writing an illegible hand.

  21. Now the man, or woman of letters, will use violent language on receiving your clumsy brown paper parcel of illegible wares, because he or she has no more to do with the matter than the crossing sweeper.

  22. When stamped on paper or vellum, the ink thereupon impressed would be of irregular blackness, illegible in spots, and easily effaced.

  23. Write to the new governor that we have heard of the lack of wood and of the other things that are [word illegible in MS.

  24. Therefore his arrival is desired, because it is very necessary for all and [illegible in MS.

  25. Yet though both the messenger and his hosts know the contents of his bundle, it is very rare that a single illegible billete disappears en route.

  26. The prisoner at the bar was generally ignorant of the charges against him, for the so-called act of accusation was in most cases, a scrap of paper covered with cramped and illegible hand-writing that frequently proved undecipherable.

  27. But I find I have again relapsed into egotism, and must here entreat you, not only to pardon this fault, but also to make allowance for the illegible hand and desultory style of this letter.

  28. When it reached me I was engaged in assisting my wife to make out some of my mangled and almost illegible MSS.

  29. The organ, as on a former visit, was remarkably impressive, and, as quite a minor detail, I noted part of an almost illegible inscription to one Ingloit on the south pillar of the chancel arch.

  30. The rain had apparently fallen more heavily than it had near Norwich; but it had not rained gravel, an infamous material for roadmaking, nor could it account for the weary attitude of the tumble-down and illegible milestones.

  31. He should also indicate on the manuscript the authority he wishes used in correcting the spelling in case of mistakes or illegible passages.

  32. If it is misspelled or illegible he is to correct it according to the office style unless otherwise directed by the author in writing.

  33. He could hardly refrain from a smile when he came across the sentence, "He was young enough to know better," as he substituted in a large illegible hand the word old for young.

  34. Where freestone slabs had been used, the inscriptions were either illegible or quite obliterated.

  35. The Chief looked closely at the illegible signature and said: "I see; sharp rascal.

  36. Aside from those caused by illegible manuscript, mistakes arise from faulty "distribution," that is to say, the type has been thrown into the wrong boxes.

  37. But the chief source of error is illegible or carelessly prepared manuscript, and to the author's slips of the pen must be added in these days the slips of the typewriter.

  38. Let him send for a typist then; that's what he needs if he writes an illegible fist.

  39. These passages, in which the text is broken by brackets or dots, are indicated by Fenn as illegible in the original.

  40. Here occurs an illegible interlineation, in which only 'xs.

  41. These words in brackets were chafed and illegible in the original MS.

  42. The preceding words from 'and desirid' are a peculiarly illegible interlineation, and do not appear to form a consecutive sense along with the passage following.

  43. Here occurs a caret referring to some illegible words in the margin.

  44. This is a draft in the handwriting of William Worcester, very illegible from the number of the corrections, and also from the ink being very much faded.

  45. Besides, he has very often to contend with the difficulties caused by illegible writing in the manuscript.

  46. A contrary error to this is where the printer has made one word of two, caused either by sound or by illegible writing.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "illegible" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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