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Example sentences for "forbears"

Lexicographically close words:
forbear; forbearance; forbeare; forbeareth; forbearing; forbede; forbid; forbidd; forbidden; forbiddeth
  1. Fae forbears my thirst I inherit, As others get red hair or gout; The heirship's expensive: mair merit To me that I never cry out.

  2. Thy forbears carried on this craft for many years and must have left thee much of capital and property which thou hast turned to good account and on this wise thou hast largely increased thy wealth.

  3. The heart but rests when sense forbears to roam; We win back freshness when Love smiles on Home;-- Home not to thee, O happy one!

  4. If, however, his house happened to be near no stream he had a simpler method for grinding his corn, a way his forbears learned from the Indian, or heard about through his Scotch ancestors.

  5. In some parts of these southern mountain regions, if their forbears were of Pennsylvania German stock, they call Old Christmas Little Christmas as the Indians do.

  6. This cautious characteristic persists to this day with the mountaineer and can be traced back to the persecution of his forbears in Ulster.

  7. Though he may be illiterate he still remembers, because the story has been handed on by word-of-mouth, the suffering and mistreatment of his forbears across the sea.

  8. We aim for this generation to know how thrifty and apt their forbears were," is frequently heard from their lips.

  9. Lest the coming generation forget the ways of their forbears and the America for which men struggled and died--the America of yesterday--the scene is being faithfully reconstructed in various ways in national parks.

  10. And if he knows you, knows your forbears as well, he is courtesy of the highest sort.

  11. She had met a modern Thurston, and found the instincts of his forbears strong within him.

  12. Although Geoffrey's male forbears had been reckless men, his mother had transmitted him a strain of north-country canniness.

  13. Or, "He neglects to give, or forbears to give, any account of them.

  14. But he forbears to class it with the auxiliaries, and even contradicts himself, by a subsequent remark taken from Dr.

  15. She had a gentle little cry all by herself, and then through her tears she smiled at her silent forbears who seemed to be watching her more attentively than ever from their frames of tarnished gilt upon the walls.

  16. Mary looked up at the pictures of her forbears who seemed to be listening attentively for her answer.

  17. The thirsty thief forbears to drink his infant's milk.

  18. Further, since daughters inherit from the father, the male entail woman forbears to realise and to exploit for her own uses returns to her sex in the person of her grand-daughter--by paternal inheritance.

  19. Thereupon quoth the King, "By Allah I will neither return to my capital nor sit upon the throne of my forbears till I learn the truth about this tarn and the fish therein.

  20. It is an article of almost universal use in Brazil, and the free negroes of to-day are no less skilful in cultivating and preparing it than were their forbears in slavery days.

  21. Besides, thanks are given to him who gives, not to him who merely forbears to receive, and praise even more.

  22. He was a dreamer, a weakling, one in whom the strong pulse that had borne his forbears to the front beat but feebly.

  23. He also could count among his forbears men who had fought at Blore Heath and Towton, or had escaped by a neck from the ruin of the Gunpowder Plot.

  24. Seed grain in exchange for yet another seal to be set in the long row which he and his forbears had planted regularly, year by year, in the usurer's field of accounts.

  25. He and his forbears had made much out of Jaimul and his fellows; but was that any reason against making more, if more was to be made?

  26. Ay, and we'll make you a soldier, John, and a good honest gentleman to fight for your king, as your forbears did before you.

  27. The old man fell to the memories of former folk, and told us tales of our forbears as would have made them turn in their graves could they have heard them.

  28. Scarcely the hand forbears to dip its palm For beverage drawn as from a mountain-well.

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