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Example sentences for "freshness"

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freshie; freshies; freshly; freshman; freshmen; freshwater; fressh; fresshe; fret; freta
  1. But his short absences were a blessing in disguise, for if their relations had grown a little stale during the winter, the summer trip invariably restored them to their former freshness and delightfulness.

  2. They sang the old favourite song, and Harold crowed, they danced to the tune and rocked the baby's cradle to it, and the song always retained its freshness and charm.

  3. It was warm and cheerful, too, but with a freshness in the air, and a certain golden glow over the sky, which told that it was evening.

  4. Half an hour later, having by strenuous effort regained something of their former freshness of appearance, the two boys dropped in upon the group on the Three Gables lawn.

  5. In a few minutes the two were cozily settled in the little alcove off the big book-lined living-room, a pleasant breeze bringing morning freshness in by way of an open window.

  6. Bessie enjoyed it immensely, and felt herself growing stronger and better in the brightness and freshness of this beautiful home which was one day to be Grey's.

  7. What vigor, what keenness, what freshness of spirit, possessed him!

  8. I submit to your judgment whether it would not be well to print these 'Consular Experiences' in the volume without depriving them of any freshness they may have by previous publication in the magazine?

  9. The stories and rhymes have the freshness of nature about them.

  10. But they were richly laden with all good, And cannot be remembered but with thanks And gratitude, and perfect joy of heart--135 Those walks in all their freshness now came back Like a returning Spring.

  11. He was taken away in the freshness of his manhood; pure he was, and innocent as a child.

  12. Those lovely forms Had also left less space within my mind, Which, wrought upon instinctively, had found A freshness in those objects of her love, 365 A winning power, beyond all other power.

  13. A freshness also found I at this time In human Life, the daily life of those Whose occupations really I loved; The peaceful scene oft filled me with surprise Changed like a garden in the heat of spring 195 After an eight-days' absence.

  14. Poetry was getting a little worn out, but to restore its freshness there were the poets of the people.

  15. The pages she devotes to them in her Histoire de ma vie have all the freshness of an oasis.

  16. Later on she writes as follows: "Do you imagine that one love affair, or even two, can suffice for exhausting or taking the freshness from a strong soul?

  17. Salads do not keep their freshness and flavor well, and should be used very soon.

  18. Those foods classed here as perishable are those which readily "spoil," that is, those that are affected by mold and bacteria on account of the moisture that they contain, and also those that lose flavor and freshness quickly.

  19. They gave that corner a bowery look; the perfume and freshness tempted me there often.

  20. And who can tell whether the fragrance of that day's atmosphere may not enter into the freshness of some new childhood in the life which is to come?

  21. In its quality of freshness and buoyancy it recalls the work of Turgenieff.

  22. She wanted him to preserve his freshness of vision.

  23. Some marvel of freshness sped through her veins.

  24. She could not keep her freshness after this; she had not the heart to try.

  25. The features of this last-named Princess were not regular, but her face expressed gentle affability, and the freshness of her complexion was remarkable; altogether, she had the charm of a pretty shepherdess.

  26. When an hour later Kinnard Towers and his cortege trooped out of Lone Stacy's house, Jerry Henderson, willing to breathe the freshness of the night, strolled along.

  27. The freshness of her charm would be less obvious than the lapses of her grammar; the flash of her wit less marked than her difficulties with a tea-cup.

  28. I like the morning freshness and have been on the lake.

  29. The sun was hot in the North then, the days were often calm, and there was a wonderful bracing freshness when the lingering twilight glimmered behind the pines.

  30. The hot sunshine that lasted so long, and the freshness that followed when the shadows deepened, calmed and strengthened her.

  31. There is a freshness & independence of character about her--yet withal a certain waywardness & reserve.

  32. Such women are at least fresh, and freshness cannot be put on.

  33. There is something prodigious in Turgenev's insight into, and his inexhaustible richness, truthfulness, and freshness in the rendering of those emotions which have been the theme of all poets and novelists for two thousand years.

  34. Then Mary, with her own face dripping with dew, with that wonderful wet freshness of bloom upon it, would eye her with seriousness as to any improvement, and bid her turn this way and that.

  35. He never recovered the freshness and strength of his youth.

  36. After the sweet freshness of the country she had left behind, the scene was appallingly hideous, and her heart sank with a sense of fear and foreboding.

  37. Looking at herself in the mirror she saw a pale plaintive little creature, without any freshness of beauty--all the vitality seemed gone out of her.

  38. Even if the burning heat of day be succeeded by the cool freshness of the night, here always of equal length, the wearied ox and horse enjoy no repose.

  39. The rapidity with which love is ripened depends less upon the actual number of years that have passed over the soil in which the seed is cast, than upon the freshness of the soil itself.

  40. There, all the bloom and freshness natural to youth seemed blasted!

  41. All in nature was glad, exhilarating, and yet serene; a genial freshness breathed through the soft air; not a cloud was to be seen in the smiling azure; even the old dark yews seemed happy in their everlasting verdure.

  42. The seventeenth century has possession of that "morn" caught once upon its uplands; nor can any custom of aftertime touch its freshness to wither it.

  43. Obviously it is freshness that he generally lacks, for all his vigour, his emphatic initiative, and his overbearing and impulsive voice in verse.

  44. And who can ever forget the cool freshness of the dewy summer morning, before the sun's "burning eye" gleams upon the shining surface of the watery sheen?

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