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Example sentences for "freshly"

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freshest; freshet; freshets; freshie; freshies; freshman; freshmen; freshness; freshwater; fressh
  1. The freshly rasped hoofs of the horses might declare the cause of the detention.

  2. The last ejaculation was uttered in a significant tone, and prolonged, as if continuing some train of thought that had freshly started into his brain.

  3. Freshly shaved and ironed and almost afraid to sit down and get wrinkles in my trousers!

  4. It 'was a note, freshly written on the train stationery.

  5. We killed a young cow for meat, and along the next morning we saw wolves running away from a freshly killed carcass.

  6. The path to it led across a clearing between little hillocks of freshly turned earth, and the high forest overhead was bursting into tiny green darts of growth like flame.

  7. But touching the People of the Cliffs--that would be Moke-icha's story.

  8. Their branches have almost all been freshly lopped off with axes.

  9. Wipe, but do not wash or skin, some freshly gathered, fully ripe mushrooms, and place them in a jar with layers of salt between the several layers of mushrooms and over the whole, allowing six ounces of salt to a gallon of mushrooms.

  10. Cold tea should be made from the best tea and freshly boiling water; it should stand four minutes only, and should then be poured into the bottles through a tin strainer.

  11. Pack the freshly ground coffee tightly in the strainer, and slowly pour boiling water on it.

  12. Salad dressings should be mixed freshly as required; but it is sometimes thought desirable to keep a stock dressing bottled and ready for all emergencies.

  13. Mix freshly grated cheese with an ounce of butter till it becomes a thick paste.

  14. Blanch and mince two dessert-spoonfuls of sage, add four ounces of freshly made bread-crumbs, and season with pepper and a dust of salt.

  15. Put it into a jug, and pour upon it one quart of freshly drawn cold water.

  16. This refreshing and nutritious drink must be freshly made, as it soon turns sour.

  17. Simple cream cheese is the easiest of all, for one has only to take a quart of thick cream, put it with two drops of rennet into a napkin which has been freshly rinsed out in cold spring water, and sprinkle a little salt over it.

  18. Roast freshly as required, grind as soon as roasted, and make as soon as ground.

  19. Make strong coffee from freshly ground berries, add cold milk and a little sifted sugar.

  20. Take half a tea-spoonful of freshly ground black pepper, a tea-spoonful of brown sugar, and a tea-spoonful of cream.

  21. Procure beef which has been freshly killed.

  22. What precaution is desirable in the cutting of freshly printed stock?

  23. He counted more than two hundred freshly built piles of stone, but whether any of these contained more than one body of the Folk he could, of course, not tell.

  24. They walked with the greatest circumspection, to avoid falling through some new hole or freshly opened crevasse.

  25. He found, incidentally, that more than one hundred and sixty freshly boiled and headless skeletons were now dangling from the iron rods, but wisely held his peace concerning them.

  26. Together they brought armfuls of the brilliant crimson and purple blooms along the edge of the sands, where forest and barren irregularly met; and with these, fir and spruce boughs, the longer to keep his grave freshly green.

  27. At breakfast yesterday we had freshly baked wheat-bread, at breakfast to-day freshly baked rye-bread.

  28. That is my own title for them, though I should perhaps resent it if applied by another critic--above all in the case of the piece before us, the careful measure of which I have just freshly taken.

  29. The skin of a woodchuck was freshly stretched upon the back of the house, a trophy of his last Waterloo; but no warm cap or mittens would he want more.

  30. The beasts were being sold on a piece of rough, freshly reaped ground, lying between the high road and the river bed, empty of waters, but full among its shingle of myrrh-scented yellow herbage.

  31. The Brownie leader, who also taught fourth grade, had brought a plate of freshly baked cookies and a pitcher of chocolate milk.

  32. On a clothes line hung a freshly washed green and white patterned quilt.

  33. On the long table stood a long row of freshly baked cherry pies.

  34. As for the two varlets who had accompanied the noble lady, they were stretched out on a freshly made bed of straw in the weighing-room.

  35. With that, the witch took freshly plucked wolf's milk flowers, the juice of which rubbed into the skin leaves behind spots resembling freckles which cannot be washed away by water, and only very gradually fade away.

  36. The wind had blown the freshly fallen snow into the corridor, and in this snow Dame Sarah recognized the impressions of Michal's small, narrow boots.

  37. He had come freshly and fast from England, to see the world, omitting Paris and Western Europe on his way, as he embarked at Southampton for Alexandria.

  38. And while he thus used art to smooth a channel for his thoughts to flow in, no man's eloquence ever issued more freshly and spontaneously from the heart.

  39. Down he sat upon the box, out of the way of a breeze that was wafting a trifle too freshly through the street.

  40. And over each escape were draped garments of every hue and kind, some freshly washed, and drying; others airing.

  41. Blowing and excited, and looking yellower than usual, he displayed his freshly washed neck, a fringe of wet hair, and a pair of soapy ears.

  42. Now the walls were freshly papered in a regal green-and-gold pattern which, at the floor line, met a thick, red carpet.

  43. Cupid, has Rhody a freshly broiled chicken for your young master?

  44. He saw her in the freshly swept walks, in the small negroes weeding the blue-grass lawn, in the distant ploughs that made blots upon the meadows.

  45. The old dingy rooms were freshly scoured, the boys wore their best clothes, and the teachers frock-coats with white ties; the cane was put away, all punishments were suspended.

  46. Dimity curtains, snow-white, hung at the windows, and the bureau was covered with a freshly laundered white Marseilles cover.

  47. Near the table, by the stove, a freshly ironed shirt hung over a chair.

  48. When the door flew back it was as white and clean as a freshly scrubbed pine table.

  49. How you watch the tender twigs in spring, and the freshly forming bark, hovering about the healthy growing tree with your pruning-knife many a sunny morning!

  50. He has little time for the poetry of haying, as he struggles along, filling the air with the wet mass which he shakes over his head, and picking his way with short legs and bare feet amid the short and freshly cut stubble.

  51. Was there ever, he said, in the past, any figure more clearly cut and freshly minted than the Yankee?

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