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Example sentences for "foreclose"

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  1. Hand'll foreclose now, for sure; and I can't say I'll blame him.

  2. I'm going to foreclose right off, and out you'll go next spring.

  3. He merely gave us formal notice that he could let matters run on no longer, but would foreclose instantly.

  4. I'll foreclose that mortgage at once, and out you'll go, just as quickly as the course of law will permit.

  5. Foreclose with all promptitude was their word, and foreclose they did.

  6. Yes, sir, I was cal'latin' to foreclose on you and sell this place to Kendrick.

  7. If it ain't paid you can foreclose when the time comes, I presume likely.

  8. Might be a good idea for me to foreclose that mortgage and sell the place to him at my own price.

  9. I'll foreclose the moment each falls due, that I warn ye.

  10. T will enable me to foreclose all the quicker.

  11. But mine will be the last you'll foreclose on, and I'm going to see one or two of the best lawyers in the city afore you do that!

  12. Josiah may find out the facts, that is, enough of them to prove to his mind that I can't foreclose on his property because of the little loan.

  13. You plan to attempt the sale of your equity in the ranch before my father can finally foreclose on you.

  14. Well, I figured that eventually I would have to foreclose on old Don Miguel Farrel, and it would require approximately two years after that before my irrigation system would be completed and the valley lands ready for colonization.

  15. My father wrote in his last letter that old man Gonzales had died and that a suit to foreclose the mortgage had been entered against the estate.

  16. You discovered that all of the stockholders in the First National were old friends of my father and extremely reluctant to foreclose on him.

  17. He can have a title in fee simple to the ranch by noon tomorrow and thus be spared the necessity for a new suit to foreclose that accursed mortgage and the concomitant wait of one year before taking possession.

  18. Such institutions loan money for the purpose of securing interest on it; the last thing they wish to do is to be forced, in the protection of the loan, to foreclose a mortgage.

  19. Why did you have to foreclose on his ranch, father?

  20. I might if I were some one else, but to foreclose would be devilishly unbecoming in Mashko.

  21. Thou canst foreclose too, and buy it at auction.

  22. What is questioned is that our Lord's words foreclose certain critical positions as to the character of Old Testament literature.

  23. If not, he said he would foreclose and sell the place.

  24. And so you think Stubbles will be very angry and will foreclose at once?

  25. Douglas then told about the mortgage on Professor Strong's place, and how Stubbles was about to foreclose as he needed money.

  26. Ends by threatening to foreclose mortgage--within the month.

  27. And--he threatened to foreclose the mortgage on Dapplemere Farm, did he, Sergeant!

  28. About twelve years since when I had just commenced business, I lent him five hundred dollars, and when his business troubles became complicated I refused to foreclose a mortgage which I had on his home.

  29. Now last week you lost $500 fair and square, because you would not foreclose that mortgage on Smith's property.

  30. Now it's my property, and I mean to foreclose without giving her any alternative; then the place will be mine, and we'll go there and live.

  31. Then he grew furious, and haughtily informed me that he would find means to compel me to accept him or he would ruin the whole family, as he had bought the mortgage from Mr. Himes, and could foreclose when he pleased.

  32. He holds a mortgage on Lakeside; and as I am not able to meet even the full interest at present, he can foreclose and rob us of the home our father made for us--the dear home where we were all born, and where father and mother died.

  33. Haven't I a right to foreclose and sell the property to get my money if they don't pay up their interest?

  34. I can't sleep on my rights that way, ma'am; I've got to foreclose to save myself.

  35. I told him I'd have to foreclose and take possession of this forty to save myself.

  36. So Rodney can never foreclose on us or take up those notes of mine.

  37. You can foreclose on my home here, and you can get me sent to prison for that check I was insane enough to raise when I had no way out of the hole.

  38. Roke says that Rodney kept it there because, when he got it all, he was going to foreclose and kick us out, and then dispose of it at his leisure.

  39. Even if the sale to the mortgagor's grantee had been made merely subject to the mortgage, the mortgagor on paying the debt would be subrogated to the mortgage and would himself be enabled to foreclose the property.

  40. It is his option whether he will foreclose the mortgage, as a means of collecting his claim, or whether he will get judgment on the debt, and seek to collect that judgment in the same way that an ordinary judgment creditor would.

  41. This difficulty was met by allowing the mortgagee to bring a suit to foreclose the debtor's right of redemption.

  42. In either event, if the debt is unpaid, the mortgagee will foreclose and the grantee will lose the premises.

  43. If so, I resign myself, and you can foreclose on my estates.

  44. Because I hold a mortgage on the farm which I propose to foreclose this afternoon.

  45. He has lost money, and a knavish neighbor has threatened to foreclose a mortgage on the farm and turn out the old people to die or go to the poorhouse.

  46. I was afraid that you or Mr. Alloway would unconsciously let him get a hint of the find, and I knew he could and would foreclose any minute.

  47. Don't nobody have to foreclose on me; I hand back my debt dollar for dollar outen my own pocket without no duns.

  48. And then when word come that your money had been stolen, he told me that I'd better foreclose or otherwise I might git next to nothin'.

  49. Why, we'll have to foreclose and sell the place," answered the lawyer, quickly.

  50. If I can't pay that mortgage, Grisley may foreclose and then you and me will be out of a home.

  51. He still continued almost mechanically to loan money at a high rate of interest, to execute and foreclose mortgages, but there was no longer zest or excitement in the game.

  52. I suppose,” the girl said steadily, “you have come to tell me that you will foreclose the mortgage.

  53. As I have already informed you, the mortgage will foreclose itself, when the time comes.

  54. I’m sorry; but I guess you’ll have to let Jarvis foreclose on ye.

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