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  1. All the disquieting forecasts which seemed to be supported by the debates in the Chambers and the party conflicts were found to be wholly falsified.

  2. Broadly, they substantiated the forecasts given by the Chancellor of the Exchequer at Holloway (A.

  3. Noulens, who was making his first appearances as Finance Minister, strove to obtain concessions from all quarters and to discredit the unfavourable forecasts of the Opposition.

  4. Soldiers, equally with civilians, are liable to make erroneous forecasts of the future, and to mistake the general situation with which they have to deal.

  5. His forecasts and judgments on the military situation in particular, although occasionally right, were usually very wild.

  6. In that capacity I signed and issued the first of the annual forecasts of the exportable surplus of the rice-crop.

  7. These forecasts have been issued year by year ever since, and on the average have been so close to the actuals as to evoke the expressed admiration of the mercantile community.

  8. There is nothing in tea necessarily inconsistent with tragedy; still her vague forecasts of this conversation had not included the taking of tea.

  9. Under the heading, "A D├Ždalus at Dover," Punch forecasts the use of the flying machine as an engine of war.

  10. Punch heaped laboured ridicule on the great Hyde Park Demonstration, printed burlesque advertisements suggesting employment for peers after the abolition of the House of Lords, and indulged in prophetic forecasts of "What it may come to.

  11. Their hopeful forecasts had led Pitt and Dundas to send far too few troops for what proved to be an increasingly difficult enterprise; and at this time British authority extended scarcely beyond the reach of the garrisons.

  12. The Jacobins evoked the popular enthusiasm; the Committee of Public Safety embodied it in citizen armies; and the science of Carnot and Napoleon led them to victories which shattered the old-world systems and baffled the forecasts of Pitt.

  13. Ever since May, 1908, when first Mr. Asquith had become Prime Minister, he had given various forecasts and promises about this Bill, and especially on his attitude and that of his Government to women suffrage amendments.

  14. Now all these promises and forecasts were proved to be absolutely worthless, mere scraps of paper; and this owing to the conduct of the Bill by the Government itself.

  15. Weather forecasts have been sent to each Forest Supervisor throughout the fire season, informing him of the probable weather conditions.

  16. Forest Supervisors have been informed in these forecasts of what are known as emergency conditions, that is, an unusual and abnormal combination of weather conditions which make fire danger very great.

  17. Demographic forecasts, like all forecasts of social events, have but a comparative value.

  18. Also, whenever a major storm or other peacetime disaster threatens, keep your radio or television set turned on to hear Weather Bureau reports and forecasts (issued by the Environmental Science Services Administration of the U.

  19. Use your radio, television and newspapers to keep informed of current weather conditions and forecasts in your area.

  20. Undoubtedly the record of the marvels of applied science kept by Punch, and the forecasts of further extension in which he indulged, come home to us more closely in connexion with inventions for use in warfare.

  21. Its regular forecasts are for twenty-four hours, but occasionally, when conditions are fairly settled, announcements are made of what is termed the "further outlook.

  22. These long-range forecasts are made for extensive areas of the country, such as the North and Middle Atlantic States, the Ohio Valley and Tennessee, and the Great Lakes region.

  23. Since weather predictions serve a variety of purposes, many different kinds of forecasts and warnings have been developed by meteorological services.

  24. The forecasts and especially the warnings are, in such a case, worth millions of dollars to the people of the United States.

  25. Besides data for constructing maps, the radio stations issue forecasts and storm reports for each of the numbered zones shown off the Atlantic coast and over the Gulf.

  26. The economical use of this method of frost protection depends upon accurate forecasts of the right time to "fire" the orchard.

  27. The forecasts are generally displayed in post offices, and in many cases the rural telephone exchanges are pressed into service to distribute weather information regularly to all their subscribers.

  28. The subject of making forecasts from a weather map is one concerning which some big books have been written, and it cannot be dealt with very satisfactorily in the brief space at our disposal.

  29. It would be out of place here to give examples of the many telepathic forecasts (or happy guesses) with which he was credited.

  30. A great deal of what he forecasts would be very likely to occur if once England were in the clutches of a strong enemy, and in the matter of description wherein the tumult and carnage is brought vividly before the reader.

  31. I sail sow you wiss," she says; and then gives descriptive particulars of the conduct of the galvanic battery, and forecasts its effect on dolly.

  32. In addition to this, a set of forecasts is daily supplied to the newspapers, and about twenty-eight well-known agriculturists, for public exhibition in their neighbourhoods.

  33. Few people have any knowledge of the science beyond that supplied them by the forecasts and charts in the daily papers.

  34. Consequently the charts, which are more or less abstruse, are only understood by the few, and the forecasts are indulgently tolerated as a description of useless fortune-telling, rendered respectable by scientific recognition.

  35. As a matter of fact the method by which we obtain our weather reports and forecasts is very different, and savours even more strongly of romance than the clairvoyant system usually identified with the seers of the weather office.

  36. Farmers and others to whom the question of weather is a vital one, especially at the hay and harvest seasons, are supplied with harvest forecasts for the nominal sum of 2s.

  37. The forecasts are made three times a day--at 11 a.

  38. Such discourse can never assure us absolutely that the motions it forecasts will occur; the sensible proof must ensue spontaneously in its own good time.

  39. And it was in that spirit that they made their forecasts and regulated their own behaviour towards the enemy.

  40. And now the nation blithely accepts the further forecasts of the men who are chargeable with this long sequence of avoidable errors.

  41. In all our forecasts one important element of calculation was invariably left out of account: the consequences of our blunders, past, present and future.

  42. The philosopher Charles Renouvier gave proof of remarkable prescience by condemning the a priori theory in an article in La Revue, 1855, in which he forecasts the a posteriori plan.

  43. In handicaps especially, his forecasts were so often fulfilled that he acquired quite a reputation among his sporting friends.

  44. He compared the weather forecasts of Greenwich with those of America.

  45. Whatever forecasts he may have made in his long career as author and politician, which the event has proved fallacious--I do not believe he ever pretended: 'Sguaiato Giosue .

  46. There is another thing necessary to energy, too--the power of distinguishing your visions from your reasonable forecasts when looking into the future, so as to allow your energy to lay hold of the forecasts only.

  47. Not only have the principles and general conclusions propounded in the "Anglo-German Problem" received signal confirmation from recent events, but the forecasts and anticipations have been verified in every detail.

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