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  1. The mere suggestion that some day a woman would copyright and commercialize this "divine power" would have made him indignant beyond expression.

  2. The hosts of people who proclaim Mrs. Eddy's name and bend the knee to her do not seem to reflect that to copyright God's thoughts is an attempt to copyright the Deity.

  3. Mrs. Eddy declares that her book is from God, and then proceeds to copyright what does not belong to her.

  4. During the year an inquiry was held into the Copyright Act and evidence was given on deposit and on some minor changes of the law that are needed.

  5. In his report for 1888, he suggested that the time was ripe for the enacting of a Colonial Copyright Act.

  6. A letter was written from the chairman of the Library Committee to the Premier asking for instructions to be given to the Solicitor-General to prepare a Copyright Act, but nothing was done.

  7. Dunedin, introduced the Literary Copyright Act requiring the deposit in the Library of two copies of works published in New Zealand.

  8. His reports deplored the lack of copyright deposit in New Zealand, while he did much to make the resources of the Library available to students.

  9. Against him is entered the item "Cash paid Mr. Clare for copyright p.

  10. Johnson himself, who rejected that perpetuity of literary property which some enthusiasts seemed to claim at the time the subject was undergoing the discussion of the judges, is, however, for extending the copyright to a century.

  11. It was then granted that originally an author had at common law a property in his work, but that the act of Anne took away all copyright after the expiration of the terms it permitted.

  12. At the sale of the Robinsons, the copyright of "Vyse's Spelling-book" was sold at the enormous price of 2200l.

  13. The copyright was sold to Creech for L100; but the friends of the poet advised him to forward a subscription.

  14. An edition of Poets printed by the Martins in Edinburgh, and sold by Bell in London, was regarded by the London publishers as an interference with the honorary copyright which booksellers then respected among themselves.

  15. A few booksellers agreed, therefore, among themselves to call a meeting of proprietors of honorary or actual copyright in the various Poets.

  16. Copyright reserved in all countries signatory to the Berne Convention.

  17. This play is fully protected under the Copyright law of the United States and is subject to royalty when produced by amateurs or professionals.

  18. All acting rights, both professional and amateur, are reserved in the United States, Great Britain, and all countries of the Copyright Union, by the author.

  19. Edited by Horace Wilkinson"--in fact, I hold a copyright at this moment upon this alluring title.

  20. The Copyright of the illustrations is in every case strictly reserved.

  21. The public judgment will be entitled to little respect, if the copyright of the works of Hawthorne be not hereafter a most ample fortune.

  22. She thought Deborah was trying to copyright her complexion.

  23. If there had been an international copyright between England and America, Mark Twain would have made a considerable fortune without going into business.

  24. There is not one out of a thousand educated Americans, there is not one honest newspaper, that does not demand the immediate passing of the Copyright Bill; yet Congress turns a deaf ear to the wishes of the people with perfect impunity.

  25. Unluckily, the Copyright Bill has the misfortune to be desired by the English; and this is quite enough for the Washington politicians to refuse to pass it, although the Americans desire it no less than the English, if not more.

  26. The members are waiting to introduce champagne until Congress has passed the International Copyright Bill.

  27. Although the copyright should only be worth two or three hundred pounds, I will tell you what can be done with them.

  28. But tell me, are you printing this book at your own risk, or have you sold the copyright to some bookseller?

  29. All Cloth Bound Copyright Titles PRICE, 50 CENTS EACH Postage 10c Extra Frank Chadwick and Jack Templeton, young American lads, meet each other in an unusual way soon after the declaration of war.

  30. LA BELLE A new series of copyright titles for Boys 12 to 16 years telling of the adventures of three boys with the Forest Rangers in the state of Maine.

  31. All Cloth Bound Copyright Titles In this series we follow the fortunes of two American lads unable to leave Europe after war is declared.

  32. He had just published his Sketches by Boz, the copyright of which he sold for one hundred pounds, and was beginning the Pickwick Papers.

  33. The copyright laws of Great Britain would not allow Mr. Bixby to publish the letters in that country, and he did not care to give them to the public here.

  34. Illustration] A new series of instructive copyright stories for boys of High School Age.

  35. Meade, whose copyright works can only be had from us.

  36. Purely American in scene, plot, motives, and characters, the copyright works of Edward S.

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