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  1. Its first aim is to take the question straight to Congress and repeal the Federal statute which prohibits the circulation of contraceptive knowledge.

  2. Those who have not been spoiled or misled by contraceptive propaganda or advice, instinctively regard artificial birth-control as well as onanism with disgust.

  3. Contraceptive knowledge has enabled a small number of women (which is rapidly growing larger) to fit into these institutions in spite of their lack of a desire for motherhood.

  4. It is proposed to disseminate a knowledge of contraceptive methods throughout the overcrowded homes of the ill-fed, ill-clad poor.

  5. To this end they advocate certain contraceptive methods, and the reader should note that these methods require precautions to be taken solely by the woman.

  6. Trall was not at all a strong advocate of contraceptive methods.

  7. For contraceptive measures are important weapons in the fight against abortion.

  8. If, however, a contraceptive is not used and the sperm meets the ovule and development begins, any attempt at removing it or stopping its further growth is called abortion.

  9. This fact brings us to the conclusion that contraceptive measures among the upper classes and the practice of abortion among the lower class, are the real means employed to regulate the number of offspring.

  10. The result is that the average physician has felt that contraceptive methods are not yet established as certainties and has, for that reason, refused to direct their use.

  11. If they were unavoidable, we should have to bear with them, but they are not unavoidable, as shown by facts and figures from other countries where contraceptive information is available.

  12. One of the foremost gynecologists of America sent her out three times without giving her information as to the contraceptive means which would have prevented a repetition of this experience.

  13. I had decided that there could be no better way of demonstrating to the public the necessity of birth control and the welcome it would receive than by taking the knowledge of contraceptive methods directly to those who most needed it.

  14. Such investigation is indeed already beginning and we may expect great progress in contraceptive methods in the near future.

  15. America has a law since 1873 which prohibits by criminal statute the distribution and regulation of contraceptive measures.

  16. Hirsch, "and at the same time combat contraceptive measures may be likened to the person who would fight contagious diseases and forbid disinfection.

  17. It is quite true that many physicians speak emphatically concerning the injurious results to husband or to wife of contraceptive devices.

  18. So far as these are concerned, contraceptive methods, far from being a social evil, are a social blessing.

  19. It even risks the total loss of the contraceptive result, for at such moments the intended method may be ineffectively carried out, or neglected altogether.

  20. Any contraceptive proceeding which hastily enters the atmosphere of love immediately before or immediately after the moment of union is unsatisfactory and may be injurious.

  21. Forel compared the use of contraceptive devices to the use of eyeglasses, and it is obvious that, without expert advice, the results in either case may sometimes be mischievous or at all events ineffective.

  22. In Holland nurses are medically trained in a practical knowledge of contraceptive methods, and are thus enabled to enlighten the women of the community.

  23. Considering that the use of contraceptive measures is now almost universal, it is astonishing that there are yet so many so-called "civilised" countries in which this method of enlightenment is not everywhere adopted.

  24. When a contraceptive method is adopted under satisfactory conditions, with a due regard to the requirements of the individual couple, there is little room to fear that any injurious results will be occasioned.

  25. We recommend the consideration of the licensing of the importation of certain contraceptive goods.

  26. There is no known contraceptive which is simple, inexpensive, and 100 per cent.

  27. In particular, we believe that some effective measures could be devised to control the distribution of that type of contraceptive which is mainly used in these circumstances.

  28. In what way was society injured by this young couple acquiring contraceptive information?

  29. Third, the imperfections of our contraceptive measures are due to the secrecy with which the entire subject must necessarily be surrounded.

  30. But the remedy is simple: give her full instruction in the use of contraceptive measures.

  31. In what way has society been injured by those people acquiring contraceptive information?

  32. I will therefore briefly relate a few everyday cases, which will demonstrate to you the beneficence of contraceptive knowledge and the tragedy and misery caused by the lack of such knowledge.

  33. Contraceptive Measures= And the argument that contraceptives are injurious to the health of the woman, of the man, or of both, may be curtly dismissed.

  34. In what way has society been injured by this couple obtaining the contraceptive knowledge?

  35. For the past thirty years the birth rate of that country has steadily decreased by contraceptive methods, while the death rate has increased proportionately to the number of inhabitants.

  36. How can we rule America, not to think of the rest of the world, unless we have Nordic children to take our place, and how can we have such children if we let sex-brained misfits run about spreading contraceptive drivel?

  37. Advocates of birth control say that Holland has had a Neomalthusian League openly operative since 1881, with fifty-two clinics where contraceptive information is publicly given.

  38. The laws which the agitators wish to have abrogated declare that contraceptive information is indecent and should be classed with the circulation of obscene literature, pornographic pictures, and instruction in abortion.

  39. Some day it will come to pass that contraceptive measures will be legal, in view of the fact that our jurists and law makers are showing a decline in the size of their own families.

  40. One of the stock questions of the neurologists when examining a married man or woman complaining of neurasthenic symptoms relates to the contraceptive measures used.

  41. Moreover the contraceptive measures, according to the law that every "solution" breeds new problems, have their place in causing nervousness.

  42. Nothing more need be said of contraceptive measures than this: they are inevitably increasing in use and soon will be part of the average marriage.

  43. The notoriously "unsafe" character of the contraceptive measures has only diminished this fear, not completely allayed it.

  44. That contraceptive measures have come to stay; that they are increasing in use, the declining birth rate absolutely evidences.

  45. It is sometimes urged against Birth Control that the use of contraceptive methods is injurious to the health of women, in some cases a long list of physical and mental ills being given as possible of being caused by such methods.

  46. For the class of married people who do not desire children at all, contraceptive methods, far from being a social evil, are a social blessing.

  47. Considering that the use of contraceptive measures is now almost universal, it is astonishing that there are yet so many 'civilized' countries in which this method of enlightenment is not everywhere adopted.

  48. The advantage and disadvantage of this or that contraceptive is a technical matter for the doctors to determine.

  49. Do all contraceptive measures damage the individual?

  50. If sponge or cotton-wool is used, it should be saturated in contraceptive lotion or smeared with contraceptive ointment before insertion.

  51. Now if the physical conformation of the reproductive organs of the husband and the wife render this event possible or probable, then soluble suppositories and contraceptive douching are alike unreliable, by themselves or in combination.

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