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Example sentences for "deteriorated"

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  1. In all other respects, too, as if predestined to ruin by some Divinity, they deteriorated both in mind and body.

  2. In all the changes of structure which regularly supervene during old age, we probably see the effects of deteriorated growth, and not of true development.

  3. The idea then occurred to me of sectioning the upper jaw of a calf at about the age of the second dentition, and taking out the teeth, which were already strong and well formed, but not yet deteriorated by mastication.

  4. The papacy, monasticism and scholasticism becoming more and more deteriorated are the patrons of every sort of deterioration within the church.

  5. In spite of the depraved taste and deteriorated language, it called forth a new period of brilliancy in the history of poetry which could rival classical poetry, not indeed in purity and elegance of form, but in intensity and depth.

  6. Julian represented Christianity as a deteriorated Judaism, but Christolatry and the worship of martyrs as later falsifications of the doctrine of Christ.

  7. In Celebes the Dutch missionaries found twenty Christian congregations of old standing, greatly deteriorated for want of pastoral care, but still using the Heidelberg Catechism.

  8. Their dialect varied considerably from the Delaware; of which it is clearly a deteriorated form.

  9. There must be extraordinarily bad features in the case of distress that fails to secure feminine compassion; except in a matrimonial point of view, our sisters rarely consider a man deteriorated because he is ruined.

  10. This pueblo has greatly deteriorated in later times; formerly both town and province were rich and prosperous.

  11. The Mayas are not, however, the only illustrations of a deteriorated race to be seen in Yucatan, as will be understood by comparing the present Spanish population of the peninsula with the proud Castilian conquerors of the sixteenth century.

  12. But qualitatively the theatres rapidly deteriorated to the level of dime shows.

  13. Side by side with this deteriorated literature there goes on a more encouraging folk-singing.

  14. In the seventies a few traces of that school are still to be found, but the majority of songs produced then smack of the badchen's art, while Goldfaden himself has deteriorated into a writer of theatre couplets.

  15. Much of this Eastern forest area is not only culled of its best timber, but burnt over, and thereby deteriorated in its composition, the inferior Balsam Fir appearing in largest number in the reproduction.

  16. Thus the community would suffer through the lowered productiveness of its land, and because of the lower rent that it would receive from all subsequent users of the deteriorated tracts.

  17. He observed on his farm at Saleves near the lake of Geneva that after a lapse of time the "Galland wheat" deteriorated and assumed, as was generally believed, the characters of the local sorts.

  18. The best proof perhaps, of the unfavorable influence of external conditions for slightly deteriorated deviations is afforded by variegated leaves.

  19. From cold, calculating, highly intelligent perversity it had deteriorated into the indiscriminating, dangerous menace of the mentally defective.

  20. When Bwana had gone forth to shoot for meat she had always been his enthusiastic companion; but with the coming of the London guests the hunting had deteriorated into mere killing.

  21. While mannish women, whose physiology has deteriorated to the katabolic, disruptive and forceful, male mode, possess frequently the hungry appetites of men; not only for food but for drink.

  22. Any one who knows New England at all, knows that its morals have deteriorated just in proportion as its old Puritanism has declined, or been liberalized.

  23. Intellect, morals, and sociality seem to us to have sadly deteriorated under the misdirected efforts to advance them.

  24. That their constitutions should be undermined and their physical development should be most seriously deteriorated was a necessary result.

  25. The property has gradually deteriorated in consequence of neglect.

  26. London was already the greatest manufacturing city in the world, and the great volumes of smoke proceeding from the numerous factories undoubtedly deteriorated the quality of the air.

  27. This polity could be no other than human, and no other, as it seems, than a somewhat deteriorated copy from its earthly original.

  28. Although strong economic fundamentals bode well for Mexico's longer-term outlook, prospects for solid growth and low inflation have deteriorated considerably, at least through 1995.

  29. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and bilateral donors have provided funds to rehabilitate Tanzania's deteriorated economic infrastructure.

  30. Romania's infrastructure had deteriorated over the last five years due to reduced levels of public investment.

  31. Though he induced many philosophers to become members of the Church, the value of these accessions was greatly deteriorated by the daring spirit of speculation which they were still encouraged to cultivate.

  32. For some time it was held that "hard" wheat with a high glutinous content could not be grown in the English climate, and undoubtedly most of the hard varieties imported for trial deteriorated greatly in a very short time.

  33. That Hess acts in an abnormal manner, suffers from loss of memory, and has mentally deteriorated during this Trial, may be true.

  34. Since the accident mentioned above, the general condition of the patient has deteriorated rapidly.

  35. An error is often committed by assigning too many hens to one cock; and the result is a weakly and otherwise deteriorated progeny.

  36. What are called highly-bred fowls are, however, too often the deteriorated offspring of progenitors far below the original stock.

  37. It is notorious that the pastures of that section of the country have seriously deteriorated in fertility and become overrun with worthless weeds and bushes to the exclusion of nutritious grasses.

  38. The parent contracts some loathsome disease—the offspring are physically deteriorated thereby.

  39. Cain had been driven out a degraded, deteriorated vagabond.

  40. The result of such amalgamation then is, their posterity will be a deteriorated race, and the pure Hebrew stock sown to the winds, scattered, wasted away and destroyed.

  41. Are not these things proof that the descendants of Ham are a deteriorated race?

  42. They were evidently the most deteriorated of all the descendants of Ham.

  43. During the dark ages of the world, the races of men generally became deteriorated to an extraordinary extent.

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