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Example sentences for "deteriorates"

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  1. If not susceptible to material conditions, then explain to me how it is that under good conditions it prospers and advances, and under bad conditions deteriorates and recedes.

  2. Each added impression deteriorates a little the sharp, clear outlines and brilliant impressions which are peculiar to the first copies printed.

  3. Often, from lack of exercise, one side of the brain gradually becomes paralyzed and deteriorates into imbecility.

  4. How quickly a youth of high ideals, who has been well trained in thoroughness, often deteriorates when he leaves home and goes to work for an employer with inferior ideals and slipshod methods!

  5. If they try to seek it through the avenue of leisure they soon find that an idle brain is one of the most dangerous things in the world--nothing deteriorates faster.

  6. Hence this preparation is one which deteriorates even in the small space of forty-three days.

  7. The cinchona tree, like the pimento, deteriorates under cultivation, and in moist, warm, rich valleys the bark becomes inert.

  8. It should not be liquid, which deteriorates the quality.

  9. No other animal, probably, is so dependent on man in the state of domestication to which he has been reduced, or deteriorates so rapidly under exposure, bad feeding, or bad grooming.

  10. It is a difficult operation, and fraught with the production of dust which is harmful to the eyes and throat, and if done in open vessels the carbide deteriorates in gas- making power by its exposure to the moisture of the atmosphere.

  11. The chloride of magnesium, or bittern, not only deteriorates the salt very much, but occasions a considerable loss of weight.

  12. It is well known that light gas deteriorates very considerably by keeping, especially when exposed to water over an extensive surface; but even to a certain degree over oil, or in close vessels.

  13. But what is of much greater importance is the fact that acute and chronic alcoholic intoxication deteriorates the germinal protoplasm of the procreators.

  14. Sweet-Flag deteriorates with age and is subject to the attacks of worms.

  15. It deteriorates with age, and should therefore not be kept longer than a year.

  16. Much of the ebonite formerly used to cover induction coils for instance, deteriorates so rapidly when exposed to the air that it requires to have its surface renewed every few weeks.

  17. The advantage of using a polished ebonite surface is that such a surface deteriorates more slowly under the influence of light and air than a surface left rough from the tool.

  18. Toward the north it deteriorates by growing less sound, though finer in grain; while to the south it becomes coarser.

  19. It will be evident that, as sodium bisulphite under normal conditions gives off a gas when exposed to the atmosphere, it deteriorates in quality continuously.

  20. But even the best grades give a vulcanised product which rapidly deteriorates if the vulcanisation is carried too far.

  21. That first deposited is, in all cases, the most beautiful, and the quality gradually deteriorates as the process proceeds.

  22. Hemlock, whether in leaf (conii folia) or powder (pulvis conii) rapidly deteriorates by keeping.

  23. If the heat be carried much beyond this point, the charcoal acquires a brilliant surface, and deteriorates in quality.

  24. In order to make perfectly clear to the reader's mind the action and use of these membranous expansions, and the way in which alcohol deteriorates them, and obstructs their work, we quote again from Dr.

  25. In what manner alcohol deteriorates the body and brain has been shown in the two preceding chapters.

  26. Under such conditions, the soil deteriorates and the older trees begin to suffer.

  27. Otherwise, as time goes on, it deteriorates more and more, the struggle for space among the crowded and suppressed trees becomes more keen, the insects in the dying trees multiply and disease spreads from tree to tree.

  28. There is no doubt that the sheep deteriorates in this State unless it is carefully and constantly bred up.

  29. If they sweat too much the sugar candies on the outside, and this deteriorates the quality of the raisin.

  30. If the book is used in the original publishers' binding it deteriorates much more rapidly than when properly bound at the beginning.

  31. Any disturbance of the digestive function deteriorates the quality of the blood.

  32. One reason why the offspring suffer is that the seminal fluid deteriorates very rapidly by repeated indulgence.

  33. As infidelity ever deteriorates from the female character, so Slavery transforms more than one, otherwise excellent woman, into a feminine monster.

  34. During discharge a storage cell deteriorates on account of the formation of lead sulphate over the surface of the plates.

  35. It deteriorates more or less rapidly and is quickly injured by temperatures above 140° Fahr.

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