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  1. To get from the digestive organs into the blood, the nutrients must pass through the mucous membrane lining these organs and also the walls of blood or lymph vessels.

  2. Name the enzymes found in each of the digestive fluids.

  3. Though this is not, strictly speaking, a digestive process, it is, nevertheless, necessary for the further digestion of the food.

  4. Where it is desirable to learn something of the actual structure of the digestive organs, the dissection of the abdomen of some small animal is necessary.

  5. Practically all the constituents of the plasma, except the wastes, enter the blood from the digestive organs.

  6. This complicates the process and prevents the use of water alone as the digestive solvent.

  7. Beginning the meal with a little soup, as is frequently done, may be of slight advantage in stimulating the digestive glands.

  8. Though exciting temporarily a greater flow of the digestive fluids, alcoholic drinks taken in any but very small quantities are considered detrimental to the work of digestion.

  9. The conversation, on the other hand, should be elevating and joy giving, thereby inducing a desirable reactionary influence upon the digestive processes.

  10. Though usually described as a digestive gland, the liver has other functions of equal or greater importance (Chapter XIII).

  11. Describe the method of control of the circulatory and digestive processes.

  12. The digestive fluids from the small intestine continue their action here, and the dissolved materials also continue to be absorbed.

  13. In the canal the food and the digestive fluids come in direct contact—a condition which the dissolving processes require.

  14. Taste serves two main purposes: it is an aid in the selection of food and it is a means of stimulating the digestive glands (page 161).

  15. Then is poured out upon the insect's body a digestive acid fluid, and the substance of the dissolved and digested animal is duly absorbed by the plant.

  16. Its effects upon the digestive functions is, in the highest degree, destructive.

  17. A study of the diagram of the digestive apparatus at the commencement of the book will be of great assistance in enabling you to understand the reason for and the method of these movements.

  18. Its constant use will almost invariably result in digestive disturbances, and will certainly aggravate such troubles, if previously existing.

  19. One of the causes that conduce to digestive disturbances is that of solitary eating.

  20. Consciousness of the digestive organs is an offense to them.

  21. Our objection to nut-meats applies to all forms of concentrated foods, that is, that they do not give the digestive functions the proper amount of exercise.

  22. Its action on the digestive organs (especially the stomach) is disastrous in the extreme.

  23. Besides, the digestive fluids are not secreted in an indefinite quantity, but in proportion to the immediate need.

  24. In the first place the condition of the mouth has certainly deranged the digestive organs, and, where there is room for choice, no operation, however simple or apparently safe, should be undertaken while the stomach is out of order.

  25. I cannot attribute every case to derangement of the digestive organs, or to idiosyncracy.

  26. They treat their stock, almost as a physician would treat so many city aldermen; and give dinner or digestive pills almost as regularly.

  27. In cases where there are digestive or intestinal troubles, it is often necessary to remove the cellulose before the fruit is eaten.

  28. When this covering is old and hard or green and tough, as the case may be, it is difficult for the digestive juices to break through and attack the sugar contained inside.

  29. Some are necessary to aid in the stimulation required to carry on the processes of digestion and in some cases make up a part of the digestive fluids.

  30. However, because of the stimulation they produce in the stomach, foods of this kind, if taken in small quantities, are properly served as appetizers, and can be eaten by normal adults without fear of digestive disturbances.

  31. Very young children should not have candy at all, it being much too concentrated for digestive organs that are used to handling only diluted food materials.

  32. Taking food that is not required not only is an extravagance in the matter of food, but overtaxes the digestive organs.

  33. Evidently there is some digestive trouble here, and a dose of croton oil (3 drops) mixed in a teaspoonful of raw linseed oil for each hog would be beneficial.

  34. They are taken into the paunch and the digestive movements of this organ cause the foreign body to penetrate the lining and enter the heart, where it gradually causes death as it enters deeper.

  35. In medical science limber-neck is regarded as a symptom rather than a disease, and may be due to a number of causes, such as derangement of the digestive organs, intestinal worms and ptomaine poisoning.

  36. The first treatment in diarrhea (which must not be confused with simple looseness of the bowels) should be a mild physic to clean out the digestive tract.

  37. Begin at the crop and remove the digestive tract from the bird, pulling it back toward the vent.

  38. In preparing the bird for canning, care should be taken in drawing it so that the contents of the digestive tract do not come in contact with the meat.

  39. Instead of a simple, baglike, enteric cavity, the slitlike mouth admits food into a flattened gullet which leads to an enlarged digestive cavity.

  40. Except for occasional gastric or intestinal crises of pain, sometimes with vomiting, sometimes with diarrhoea, the digestive functions are usually well performed, unless the stomach has been greatly upset by over-use of iodide.

  41. As these are the secretions which play the largest part in the digestive processes, they lead us naturally to our next heading.

  42. The colon is not a cesspool but a digestive and assimilating organ.

  43. Patients go to physicians with so many tales of digestive distress that even the best doctors are fooled unless they are especially alert to the ways of "nerves.

  44. What really happens is a tightening up of the circular muscles of the blood-vessels lying in the network of the solar plexus, and a spasm of the muscles of the digestive tract.

  45. His digestive disturbances were merely the echo of an organic disease of the kidneys.

  46. Spicy table talk, well mixed with laughter, is better than all the digestive tablets in the world.

  47. Experiments on dogs and cats by Pawlow, Cannon, and others have shown what fear and anger and even mildly unpleasant emotions do to the whole digestive process.

  48. Digestion in the stomach and small intestine is carried on by means of certain digestive juices, but in the large intestine it is the bacteria which do the work.

  49. Contrary to general opinion, the intestines are not a dumping-ground but a digestive organ.

  50. Now, the illness is more protracted; the liver is more stubborn, the stomach more irritable, and the digestive organs are more rebellious.

  51. For example, on the worlds where they do not eat, the digestive apparatus and the intestines do not exist.

  52. Besides, I can assure you that when one has ceased to be accustomed to this material process of the introduction of nourishment into the digestive tube, one cannot avoid being impressed with its coarseness.

  53. Tubercular bacilli pass through the digestive tract of flies and remain virulent.

  54. In the second place, it is possible that the typhoid bacillus may be carried in the digestive organs of the fly and may be deposited with its excrement.

  55. They may pass through digestive tract and remain virulent.

  56. Believes that the bacilli may enter the system through the digestive tract and that flies carry them to our food.

  57. It is probably a digestive difficulty of some sort.

  58. The birds are fed as much as they will clean up at each feeding and if any feed is left it should be gathered up so that it will not sour and cause digestive troubles.

  59. Internally their digestive organs differ from those of the Cercopithecinae, the stomach being three times as large as that organ in any Guenon of the same size.

  60. The stomach is very similar to that of Man, and so are the digestive and reproductive organs.

  61. We can make an unstable compound that will hurl a ton of iron ten miles, but not one that when exploded in the digestive tract of the human body will lift a hair.

  62. It is caused by a complete stagnation of the digestive organs, and often makes its appearance after a heavy rain, or long wet spell, when the yards are invariably wet, sloppy and offensive.

  63. The young birds will, while in constant contact with this mud, absorb more or less of it, clogging the digestive organs, and deranging their appetites.

  64. In the one case it means close confinement to the fowls a great part of the winter, with want of exercise and consequent want of action in the digestive organs.

  65. Their digestive organs, in many points, are different from the hens, and they do not assimilate hard food readily.

  66. I don't mind how much you scold me, for I had such a happy time while I was watching Frosty swallowing those digestive pills!

  67. He gave me no medicine, except some digestive pills four days ago, and a lotion for my ears.

  68. Whether I shall ever be cured remains yet to be seen; it is supposed to proceed from the state of my digestive organs, but I am almost entirely recovered in that respect.

  69. To sketch Metschnikoff's doctrine in a few strokes is only possible by a paraphrase of the very pregnant words "Phagocytes, digestive cells.

  70. The influence of the digestive tract is still more evident in certain diseases, more particularly in intestinal diseases of infants.

  71. We would not consider topping off a heavy meal with eggs, meats or cereals or to eat these in large quantities between meals realizing that we are exposing ourselves to possible digestive discomfort.

  72. The experimental subject, experienced no digestive troubles or discomforture whatsoever except in the case of the English walnut, which evidently contains some irritating substance that causes diarrhea.

  73. Further, we must recognize that the nut is a hard, compact substance and that unless completely masticated, is not readily penetrated by the digestive juices of the alimentary canal.

  74. A small tea-cupful may be drunk fasting in the morning, which will create an appetite, and also strengthen the digestive organs.

  75. He feel asleep, overcome by weariness, by the digestive torpor of that extraordinary banquet, and he did not awake at all during the night; but his sleep was cruel, tossed with dreams that perhaps made him groan.

  76. He breathed the placidness of a respectable old bachelor whose only love is for good living and who appreciates the digestive sleepiness of the boaconstrictor as the greatest of happiness.

  77. It produced a calamitous effect upon the digestive tract, inasmuch as there was hardly a white man in the prison who did not suffer chronically from stomach troubles--constant suffering, often becoming acute.

  78. Nor are the doctor's salts a remedy; their violent and abnormal action finally paralyze the excretory and digestive powers of the organism, and the man dies from poisons generated by indigestible food in his own system.

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