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Example sentences for "digestions"

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digester; digestibility; digestible; digesting; digestion; digestive; digests; digge; digged; digger
  1. I think that all men have either normal digestions, slow digestions, rapid digestions, or no digestions at all.

  2. Finally come the people whose digestions are too rapid.

  3. The people with good normal digestions are of course the shouting optimists.

  4. Very well, then, we'll say that the pessimists are the people with no digestions at all: on top of them will be the people with slow digestions, the great unthinking herd that is optimistic because the optimists shout most loudly.

  5. The several digestions carried on in the dialyzer tubes were certainly accompanied by a fairly rapid withdrawal of the diffusible products of digestion, yet no noticeable increase in the amount of peptone formed was observed.

  6. When gathered young and thoroughly cooked while still fresh they are exceedingly wholesome, and are very well assimilated, when properly chewed, by even those whose digestions are considerably impaired.

  7. In whatever way cooked, they are moist and require no chewing, and as a consequence many persons with delicate digestions do not assimilate them properly.

  8. Digestions are as different as noses and thumb signatures; one can, therefore, neither invariably forbid one thing nor insist upon another.

  9. A Disposition to breed Worms always shews the Digestions are weak and imperfect; for which Reason Children liable to Worms should not be nourished with Food difficult to digest.

  10. If you are cooking for people having weak digestions then you would take the fat off the stew.

  11. If the people you are cooking for have good strong digestions you do not need to remove the fat.

  12. The result is, in many instances, that they become thinner than ever, owing to their digestions being thrown completely out of order.

  13. This casein is nutritious to those whose digestions can cope with it, but for those who cannot digest it the boiling is of great advantage, as the remaining elements of the milk become more nutritious because more digestible.

  14. These men had an excess of waste products in their system, retarding their digestions and clogging their energies.

  15. People who have poor digestions are proverbially cross, you know, and too much starch is certain to ruin even the very best of stomachs in time.

  16. You will save materially, your family will have stronger digestions and better health, and no one will suspect your economic motive.

  17. Most of the nations of the world live largely on it and have digestions of iron.

  18. It therefore is necessary that the fat which supplies their growing bodies with energy should be in the purest and most inviting form and should be one that their digestions welcome, rather than repel.

  19. For those whose digestions are at fault, sweetbreads ought to be eaten as a daily ration if the pocketbook will afford it.

  20. If we attended more to this point, our digestions would have sufficiently varied exercise to keep them in healthy working order, and we should hear less about what does or does not agree with people.

  21. It is of more consequence that our digestions should be permitted to work at regular hours, than that they should have an over-easy diet.

  22. I gathered the diagnosis that his affections and his digestions had been implicated in a scramble and the commissary had won out.

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