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Example sentences for "browbeat"

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broughte; broughten; broughtest; brouillard; brow; browbeaten; browbeating; browed; browes; browght
  1. I didn't want to be browbeaten into submission--as you browbeat poor Virginia, and as you would Tony if he hadn't got a good dash of the Brabazon devil in him.

  2. Bully him and browbeat him as he might, Tony was in reality the apple of the old man's eye--the one thing in the whole world for which he cared.

  3. Let him conceive of an author as not in any wise on trial before him, but as a reflection of this or that aspect of life, and he will not be tempted to browbeat him or bully him.

  4. They have always cast about for the instruction of some one who professed to know better, and who browbeat wholesome common-sense into the self-distrust that ends in sophistication.

  5. Some day, perhaps, we shall have this way of treating literature, and then the lover of it will not feel obliged to browbeat himself into the belief that if he is not always enjoying himself it is his own fault.

  6. But the Conference was a mere farce; the king browbeat and hectored the ministers, and declared himself wholly convinced by the arguments of the Anglican clergy.

  7. The Bishop of London in revenge arrested Lancaster's protege Wicliffe, and began to try him for heresy; but the duke appeared in the court, and so threatened and browbeat the bishop that he was fain to release his prisoner.

  8. They might browbeat and insult a young queen, but they could not force the plunder from the grip of their aristocratic patrons.

  9. Wegg bullied and browbeat him to his heart's content, and ended by ordering him, like a slave, to be ready to receive him on a certain morning, and to have the money ready to pay him.

  10. And even in the most ordinary cases, gentlemen who would spurn the imputation of incivility in social life, will so browbeat and badger a witness, that the most disgusting bear-baiting would become by comparison a refined amusement.

  11. An extract implying that among the measures taken to browbeat the Convention into receiving Miss Brown, was the forming of a society instantly, under the special urgency of herself and friends, for this especial object, etc.

  12. You favor one, Browbeat another, leave alone a third,-- Why should you master natural caprice?

  13. He assumed the same arrogant and overbearing tone with which he had been accustomed from the bench to browbeat juries, counsel, witnesses, and prisoners, and he launched out into the most indecent personalities against his opponents.

  14. The first began by preferring articles against him to the king in council, which alleged, among other things, that at the trial of Sir George Wakeman "he did browbeat and curb Dr.

  15. They say that he had a chance to run in somewhere, and browbeat Dicky into keeping on for Newport at the risk of their lives.

  16. The Judges browbeat and reviled the prisoner with an intemperance which, even in the most atrocious cases, ill becomes the judicial character.

  17. The bar and the bench united to browbeat the unfortunate Whig.

  18. Vainly the chancellor browbeat him, employing those artifices of language and manner which were wont to make him quiver.

  19. I suppose you think I am going to let you browbeat me,” he began.

  20. But you don’t need to try to browbeat me like that; I’ll get the money that I paid for them.

  21. But we had this amount of excuse: that she fed us liberally when she could browbeat the butcher; and if at times we went short, she shared our privation.

  22. It would require all her courage, all her magnificent impudence, to browbeat Dr.

  23. He was by temperament little fitted to endure the disappointments and delays which must always attend the course of a dramatist who has not conquered a position which enables him to browbeat the tyrants behind the stage.

  24. I wuz jest browbeat and frustrated with the size on't--it is the biggest buildin' that wuz ever built in the world for plants and flowers.

  25. Wall, Josiah wuz almost broken-hearted over the loss of his money; he felt awful browbeat and smut, and acted so.

  26. Then do not browbeat your reader into accepting this attitude.

  27. Most of us really have this interest but we browbeat ourselves into a belief that a biography, especially an expository biography, must be dull.

  28. In flat opposition to the policy of Chatham and the rest of his colleagues, trusting in the favour of the king and in his own ability to coax or browbeat the House of Commons, he brought in a series of new measures for taxing America.

  29. When Hillsborough made up his mind to browbeat Boston, he thought it worth while to cajole the Virginians, and try to win them from the cause which Massachusetts was so boldly defending.

  30. Alikhanoff then reappeared, not in disguise, browbeat the hostile chieftains at Merv by threats of a Russian invasion, and finally induced them to take an oath of allegiance to Alexander III.

  31. Yet Cotton Mather scrupled not to put in operation these and other devices; to hound on the magistrates, to browbeat and sophisticate the juries, and to scream threats, warnings and self-glorifications from the pulpit.

  32. An attempt to browbeat the people into providing quarters failed, and the officers dared not seize them.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "browbeat" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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