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Example sentences for "haloed"

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  1. Of the pitiful thing that her life had been this man made a wondrous thing, all sweet with twilights and haloed with service.

  2. Only the towering peaks were alight with crimson and gold, which haloed their bulk in majestic mystery.

  3. The slope was lightened by her eyes Like summer lightning fair, Like rising of the haloed moon Lightened her glimmering hair, While her face lightened like the sun Whose dawn is rosy white.

  4. Sir Arthur's parting words had haloed her daughter for her during these difficult days.

  5. It is haloed in the memory of people who read it in their youth and fancy they still like it, but won't take the trouble to read it and see that they don't.

  6. The sound of the guns was very near, and to the east of the town we could see an aeroplane haloed in bursting shrapnel.

  7. The real trouble was that too often, nowadays, that exigent heart of hers would intrude upon her sacred devotions, transforming them into day-dreams, haloed with a hope the more frankly formulated because she was of the East.

  8. The higher tree-tops were haloed with glory.

  9. The air they breathed was sweet with heady, nameless fragrance, the burning golden light that haloed them seemed the effluence of their love.

  10. And about the downy temples of the Child shone a slender ring of mystic brightness, and another, more faint, haloed the chastely beautiful head of the Mother bending above.

  11. Just outside the town stands the house in which George Stephenson lived his last days, and ended his great life of benefaction to mankind; leaving upon that haloed spot a biograph which the ages of time to come shall not wash out.

  12. Abbotsford and Stratford-upon-Avon are points to which our countrymen converge in their travels in this country; and you will find more of their signatures in the registry of these two haloed homesteads of genius than anywhere else in Europe.

  13. The slope was lightened by her eyes Like summer lightning fair, Like rising of the haloed moon 170 Lightened her glimmering hair, While her face lightened like the sun Whose dawn is rosy white.

  14. Even as he thought of them, the room faded and his own cabin appeared as he had seen it the day before, through the open window, with Cassandra moving about in her quiet, gliding way, haloed with light.

  15. Her eyes followed the undulating line of the mountain above them, rising tree-fringed against the sky, to where the highest peak cut across the setting sun, haloed by its long rays of gold.

  16. The sublime words of pardon which he uttered as he died rang in her ears like a promise of heaven and a hope of seeing him once more, haloed with glory, in the other life.

  17. Each act that he would have us do Is haloed round with strangest beauty.

  18. And Old King Cole, with many a puff That haloed his urbanity, Would smoke till he had smoked enough, And listen most attentively.

  19. But out on the porch, that little, jasmine-scented bower in Arcady where youth cried to youth and golden heads were haloed in the moonshine, there fell a silence.

  20. This haloed summer still idled on its way, yet all the while sped quickly; like some languid lady in an elevator.

  21. The psalms and lessons of the synagogue came back to my lips; in visions of the night I saw my father, blood-stained, but haloed with light.

  22. At her house, the girl was practically compelled to see fun as well as merit in all those prodigies, haloed with hair and filled to overflowing with music and themselves.

  23. He could only see the woman as a great blur, a mass of trailing hair, a loose, exuberant smock haloed with gold.

  24. Within blood-red curtains breathed over the arched door; a little altar stood against the eastern wall, guarded above by angels haloed with gold, standing in a mist of lilies with wings of crimson and green.

  25. V The woman's face, haloed by the gloom of the casement, still looked out from Tintagel over the solitary grandeur of sea and cliff.

  26. A misty glow haloed him round, and though he rode close there seemed no sound at all to mark his passing.

  27. The light fell upon Igraine's face and haloed it with a quiet radiance.

  28. The priest at the altar, haloed by the glowing of his lamps, looked at the King, white and wondering.

  29. The towers on the cliff were haloed with magic hues.

  30. He was young, with his eyes to the stars, and suffering for the King's sake was haloed by romance.

  31. Yet, with it all, she never acted falsely, and though she saw herself haloed by her own skill and popularity, she tried to counteract her tendency to glance upwards at that adornment.

  32. The dreams of the pioneers that haloed the heads of those who came to Harvey in those first days--those dreams are gone.

  33. Laura wore a simple summer dress that brought out all the exquisite coloring of her skin, and made her light hair shine in a kind of haloed glory.

  34. The simplest human life was packed with marvels of sensation and emotion, haloed with dreams and divine illusions.

  35. But of all manifestations of divinity the most patent was that which haloed Vespasian.

  36. Slowly the eastern rim of the landscape is bathed in soft pearly light, haloed over the mountains.

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