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  1. And his whole life was a brilliantly enacted epic of marvelous grandeur and pathos.

  2. Cullerne lay remote from large centres, and archaeologic interest was at this time in so languishing a condition that few, except professed antiquaries, were aware of the grandeur of the abbey church.

  3. Never had breakfast taken longer to lay, and still there was the letter lying by the tin cover, which (so near is grandeur to our dust) concealed a simple bloater.

  4. Van Brugh was especially skilful in his dispositions of plan and mass, and produced in the designs of Blenheim and Castle Howard effects of grandeur and variety of perspective hardly equalled by any of his contemporaries in France or Italy.

  5. The architecture of the Roman Revival was pompous and artificial, but seldom trivial, and its somewhat affected grandeur was a welcome relief from the dull extravagance of the styles it replaced.

  6. Assyrian architecture never rivalled the Egyptian in grandeur or constructive power, in seriousness, or the higher artistic qualities.

  7. The innovation of colossal orders extending through several stories, while it gave to exterior designs a certain grandeur of scale, tended to coarseness and even vulgarity of detail.

  8. The interior of St. Mark’s, in some respects better preserved than that of Hagia Sophia, is especially fine in color, though not equal in scale and grandeur to the latter church.

  9. Roman grandeur was to be attained only by copying the forms of Roman architecture with the closest possible approach to correctness.

  10. Such were especially the bridges, in which a remarkable effect of monumental grandeur was often produced by the form and proportions of the arches and piers, and an appropriate use of rough and dressed masonry, as in the Pons Ælius (Ponte S.

  11. Those two cries, not shouted but uttered in a low scarcely audible voice, who shall declare their grandeur and the distance between them?

  12. But I needed to have it said explicitly so as to bring human misery and human grandeur together.

  13. The infinite grandeur of our misery becomes confused with glory and almost with happiness, with cold haughty happiness.

  14. And in spite of myself, my inexorable, attentive eye could not help detecting the stamp of theatrical solemnity, of conscious grandeur in her gesture.

  15. Yet once again, when once again they see that they put infinity into desire all in vain, they will be punished for the grandeur of their aspiration.

  16. And when you stand back far enough to see the massive columns from the swelling instep to the lofty summit dissolving in a dome of verdure, you rejoice in the unrivaled display of combined grandeur and beauty.

  17. In calm, sun-days the Sugar Pine preaches the grandeur of the mountains like an apostle without moving a leaf.

  18. View the forest from beneath or from some commanding ridge-top; each tree presents a study in itself, and proclaims the surpassing grandeur of the species.

  19. In general views no mark of man is visible on it, nor anything to suggest the richness of the life it cherishes, or the depth and grandeur of its sculpture.

  20. Then, after making a tin-cupful of tea, I sat by my camp-fire reflecting on the grandeur and significance of the glacial records I had seen.

  21. Thus and so on it has oftentimes seemed to me sang and planned and labored the hearty snow-flower crusaders; and nothing that I can write can possibly exaggerate the grandeur and beauty of their work.

  22. Soon there is no illusion of grandeur too absurd to be real, no indictment of idiotic presumption which it is unwilling to admit.

  23. Germany was inebriated with a sense of its mental grandeur and moral pulchritude.

  24. The reader who has traveled in Italy will find little difficulty in recalling one to his memory, with its broad lines of light and shadow, and its strange, but not unpleasing mixture of grandeur and desolation.

  25. If anything can be said to rival the grandeur of the St. Matthew Passion it is the Mass in B minor, the triumphal hymn of the church militant.

  26. All that Europe has done to spoil the primitive grandeur of the older civilisation, which has existed centuries before us of the West, leaves Cairo a monument of the gorgeous and inscrutable past.

  27. Until then she had not been near enough Miss Anthony to realize the nobility and grandeur of her character, but thenceforth she accorded to her all the devotion and reverence of her own strong and beautiful nature.

  28. From the top of this high peak, which overlooks the Golden Gate, they enjoyed a view that for beauty and grandeur is not surpassed in the world.

  29. Would that I had the tongue of an angel and could go and bear my testimony to the grandeur of that noblest of God's works!

  30. The officer threw his hat upon a table, and his countenance, always so intelligent and martial, assumed, all at once, a strange character of grandeur and solemnity.

  31. Athos pronounced these words with so much grandeur and solemnity, that the three officers were almost convinced.

  32. The Grandeur of the Bishop of Vannes Porthos and D'Artagnan had entered the bishop's residence by a private door, as his personal friends.

  33. Colbert, minus grandeur of person, less largeness of heart, resembled Fouquet in many points.

  34. Rounding Kniuskjoerodden, the North Cape burst in all its sunlit grandeur on my delighted view.

  35. Who mine, from cruel avarice, his steps, Or with his towery grandeur swell their state, The pride of kings!

  36. Her steadfastness had a kind of grandeur in it, that seemed to look down upon my misgivings as failings or weaknesses of character.

  37. When seen at a distance either from the Croix Rousse or Fourvières, its four turrets and a watch-tower give it an air of grandeur consistent with its former history, and distinguish it from the adjoining suburb.

  38. From the latter quarter the Rhone is traced winding up in a wide and rapid current, till it reaches the highly cultivated islands at the foot of Mont Don, and pursues its course with increased grandeur towards the southward.

  39. Mont Pilate, towards the foot of which the Rhone wound to the right, sinks into utter insignificance when compared with these Alps, though of a height and grandeur which would render it a leading feature in Wales or Cumberland.

  40. Andrea could never forget his former grandeur or reconcile himself to his position, though, as he made profit out of his hereditary rights in many petty ways, he was held in little repute.

  41. What more natural than that a new race, finding this magnificent ruin, standing in solitary grandeur on Salisbury Plain, and able to learn nothing of its origin, should call it simply the place of stones?

  42. Dyanish pita was the god of the blue firmament, but even in the Vedic times his grandeur was considerably on the wane.

  43. We extinguished the dying embers of our fire and watched the full moon gradually appearing above the rocks, flooding with her glorious light the surrounding scene, which was of the sublimest grandeur and solitude.

  44. We were very much impressed with the immense size and grandeur of the great Minster, with its three towers rising over two hundred feet in height.

  45. There is no English cathedral in which we are so completely impressed with the massive grandeur of the round-arched style as by Durham.

  46. If the sphere of his action seems too small to justify the comparison of him with the few whom the world owns as its greatest men, he rises to their level in the moral grandeur of his life.

  47. The appearance of Yussef's formidable guard, the alacrity with which he was obeyed, and the grandeur which surrounded him convinced Abu-Bekr that the throne of the usurper was too firmly established to be shaken.

  48. He raised his hand with a lofty gesture, as though he were asserting the truth and grandeur of some specially noble cause.

  49. The mystery of existence makes the grandeur and worth of man's nature, as it makes for him his poetry and his religion.

  50. An infallible test of the great poet is that he inspires us with a sense of the richness and grandeur of life.

  51. But we must chant, to whom Thou dost reveal Thy everlasting light; Of all Thy gifts and grandeur we must sing.

  52. He was taught and fulfilled his duties, but he never knew the grandeur or the majesty of the faith in which he was reared.

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