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Example sentences for "grander"

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  1. It is scarcely possible to have, from a single point of view, a grander or more varied natural picture.

  2. Religion may not be expressing itself in Church-going, but it is expressing itself in deeper, grander ways.

  3. No grander conception of manliness has in modern times found expression in poetry than that of the Hercules in Browning's transcript of Euripides, Balaustion's Adventure.

  4. In proportion, however, as their size is grander or their movement more tremendous, these objects must be possessed of freedom, personality, and power exceeding those of man.

  5. We have had grander and nobler rulers, but none so popular as Elizabeth.

  6. Like the ancient madman, he may set fire to this Temple of Constitutional Liberty, grander than the Ephesian dome; but he cannot enforce obedience to that Tyrannical Usurpation.

  7. And Tilly, innocent of offence and quite unskilled in deciphering subtleties, put this sudden change of front down to jealousy, because she was going to live in a grander house than he did.

  8. You'll soon find grander friends than an old chap like me.

  9. The reason was that, after seeing the grander Highlands of Scotland, I became spoiled for the English Lakes.

  10. But I will continue to hope for a better time, canoes that will sail better to the wind, and a river grander than the SaƓne.

  11. Perhaps it is a repetition of the landing at Naples on a grander scale," said the clergyman.

  12. In a few hours they had left the land far behind them, and then the grander features of the distant coast became more plainly visible.

  13. Sae handsome and sae stately; and if kings hae any grander way, there's nae wonder folks bow down to them.

  14. No more will it be a struggle with Genoa and Triest; and Marseilles will grow still grander and more lively and cosmopolitan.

  15. When he was leaving he said to Mikko: "Your castle is so much grander than mine that I hesitate ever asking you back for a visit.

  16. The King was flattered and the courtiers whispered among themselves: "How affable of him to say that when he knows very well how much grander his own castle is!

  17. To seek promotion in civil trust from the editorial chair of an influential newspaper, is to sacrifice the grander opportunity and responsibility for the unsatisfying fame of official distinction.

  18. Something grander than actor, or manager: to-day we have with us the man.

  19. Having taken in the grander features, the eye is occupied with its details.

  20. But better than all, grander than all, is that kingly coronet of great mountains set on the lustrous green cushion of the valley.

  21. He might have said how much grander the river became when all brawling was forgotten, and both currents fused into one glorious stream.

  22. Indistinct as the details were becoming, the outlined masses were grander for the growing obscurity, and Robert could not restrain an exclamation of 'Magnificent!

  23. But you and Milton together have led me away from a far grander instance of what we had been talking about.

  24. The wonder of God's teaching is that, in great part, he makes us not merely learn, but teach ourselves, and that is far grander than if he only made our minds as he makes our bodies.

  25. In no country was there a grander field for the growth of oratorical genius than in Rome.

  26. These offered a grander field for the display of ingenuity and misrepresentation; it is, therefore, in handling these that the celebrated advocates put forth all their skill.

  27. Drawing aside my window curtain and gazing out over gray plains, my eyes caught instantly the bluish outlines of a grander castle and fortress than ever traveler on Rhine or Danube glanced upon.

  28. These, however, are not the people that are ever associated with the mention of the nobler and grander phases of human life.

  29. Or they have come down, with still grander and loftier mien, on their way to the Vatican or the Quirinal, there to put off their scarlet hats in exchange for the triple crown.

  30. The splendor of the revelation took away that inestimable effect of dimness and mystery by which the imagination might be assisted to build a grander structure than the Coliseum, and to shatter it with a more picturesque decay.

  31. His highest gifts are shed abroad with an even hand among the sects of Christendom, and petty distinctions of opinion melt away and become invisible in the fulness of a grander truth.

  32. How much grander the Creator's work if he has created persons, souls, and wills, than if he has constructed machines!

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