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Example sentences for "grandees"

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  1. Even the junta of Whig grandees could not treat him worse than he had been treated by his present ministers.

  2. It was under the patronage of Frederic, of Catherine, of Joseph, and of the grandees of France, that the philosophy which afterwards threatened all the thrones and aristocracies of Europe with destruction first became formidable.

  3. The habits of these mercantile grandees appear to have been more profuse, luxurious, and ostentatious, than those of the high judicial and political functionaries who have succeeded them.

  4. The wealth of Clive was such as enabled him to vie with the first grandees of England.

  5. Well, when glowing references were made to other grandees on the stage, those grandees always showed a trifle of nervous consciousness, and as these references came frequently the nervous changes of position and attitude were also frequent.

  6. Grandees of Spain, do you consent to this?

  7. The gauchos are the descendants of the aristocratic Spanish dons and Indian women; for the grandees and hidalgos who once ruled these colonies did not hesitate to seek the society of the Pocahontases of the Guarani race.

  8. There are some fine old churches and palaces in Carthagena constructed of stone, which show the magnificence in which the old grandees lived when the city was a commercial metropolis.

  9. Of the temporal grandees of the realm, and of their wives and daughters, the muster was great and splendid.

  10. Macdonald of Sleat, the most opulent and powerful of all the grandees who laid claim to the lofty title of Lord of the Isles, arrived at the head of seven hundred fighting men from Sky.

  11. Lycurgus in order to establish this forever as a law, brought nine thousand grandees together, told them he was going upon a long journey and wished this form of government to remain effective until his return.

  12. In lieu of labor the grandees received the taxes.

  13. Then he divided Sparta into nine thousand equal parts or provinces, appointing nine thousand leaders or grandees to protect them.

  14. Of course your reviewer never did live in those days, but the style of life of these minor grandees seems to ring true, as one would expect of this skilled author.

  15. The grandees are covered in the presence of the king, either before speaking to him or after having spoken to him, or while taking their seats with the rest.

  16. The Spanish grandees have long claimed to be considered of equal rank and dignity with the electors and the princes of Italy.

  17. Among the splendid crowd of Spanish grandees who followed the troops, it is enough to mention the Grand Marshal, Don Alvaro Osorio, Marquis of Astorga, who carried a naked sword aloft.

  18. So the princes and grandees of Germany, while Amurath was knocking at the imperial gates, busied themselves with banquetting and other diplomatic work, but sent few reiters either to the east or west.

  19. The grandees with the shorn heads, whom I met in great numbers in the hall, were very intelligent people, and when I exclaimed, "Gentlemen!

  20. I guessed at once that they must be either grandees or soldiers, at least to judge by their shorn heads.

  21. At the same time he sent three of the grandees of Spain to announce his accession to the throne to Napoleon, and to give him renewed pledges of his friendship and devotion.

  22. Sire, the grandees of Spain have always been distinguished by their fidelity to their sovereigns.

  23. On the 9th of July Joseph left Bayonne and entered Spain, accompanied by the members of the Junta, many grandees of Spain, his ministers, and the officers of his household.

  24. The grandees of the Empire and the first subjects of Napoleon were divided into two classes totally distinct from each other.

  25. As Glaucon interpreted, the shout of relieved gladness from the Persian grandees made the tent-cloths shake.

  26. Glaucon lingered until most of the grandees had gone forth, then the bow-bearer went to him.

  27. Most of them, the gentry of the provinces, have been elected in opposition to the grandees of the Court.

  28. Moreover, neither the grandees of the Court, devoted to worldly pursuits, nor the gentry of the provinces, confined to private life, are practically familiar with public affairs.

  29. Until the time of Ferdinand and Isabella, when the power of the territorial nobles was broken, the grandees had also certain more important rights, e.

  30. The title of "grandee," abolished under King Joseph Bonaparte, was revived in 1834, when by the Estatudo real grandees were given precedence in the Chamber of Peers.

  31. Your Majesty should order two grandees to go out to the gate and receive the envoys.

  32. The other knights and grandees interrupted the argument, and made them stop.

  33. When King Escariano knew that his dear friend and brother at arms was coming, he rode out with his grandees and met him on the road.

  34. As soon as the proclamation was read, all the grandees outside the city were notified and they were all soon there with their horses rested.

  35. The ambassadors got back on their horses, and in the camp they found the captain and the grandees holding a meeting in the council tent.

  36. The morning of the following day the captain asked the kings and grandees to come to mass.

  37. After he had taken his leave of the emperor, the empress, and of his princess and wife, he left the city of Constantinople, and went to his camp with grandees and other nobles.

  38. The duke haughtily answered no, but the other grandees came very happily.

  39. So we grandees were obliged to adjourn the sederunt till Saturday the 17th--and so ended the collie-shangie.

  40. He came not, but there were enough of grandees besides.

  41. Vathek meanwhile saluted the moon with an idolatrous air, that neither pleased Morakanabad nor the Doctors of the Law, any more than the vizirs and the grandees of his court, who were all assembled to enjoy the last view of their sovereign.

  42. On these conditions and no others would Christopher Columbus undertake his perilous journey into unknown seas; and the grandees of Spain walked indignantly away from him.

  43. For this is his true place,--among men who have known the rough hardships of seafaring life, and not among grandees and courtiers.

  44. He sat down on the throne of his kingship, and the Wazirs did him homage and the Grandees and Emirs of Samarcand, and all prayed that he might be vouchsafed justice and victory and length of continuance.

  45. Presently they went forth and sat down upon couches of kingship, whilst all the Wazirs and Emirs and Grandees and Lords of the land presented themselves and kissed ground.

  46. As soon as his father-in-law had departed for Samarcand, King Shahryar summoned the Grandees of his realm and made them a stupendous banquet of all manner of delicious meats and exquisite sweetmeats.

  47. There he sat down and seated Alaeddin on his right hand; whereupon the viziers and chiefs of the state and the grandees of the realm sat also, each in his several room, whilst the drums beat and they held high festival in the palace.

  48. Moreover the Viziers and Amirs and officers of state and grandees of the realm invoked blessings on him and the Sultan gave him joy [502] and prayed God prosper him.

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