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Example sentences for "appointing"

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appointable; appointed; appointee; appointees; appointeth; appointive; appointment; appointments; appoints; apporte
  1. The alien agents were opposed to Swayne's plan of appointing native whites as agents, and told him tales of outrage that had been committed, but he paid no attention to them.

  2. In August, 1868, he proceeded to put the system into operation by appointing sixty-four county superintendents, of Radical politics, each of whom in turn appointed three trustees in each township.

  3. Parsons, who disliked the Bureau, but who was a timid and prudent man, issued a proclamation requiring compliance, and even enforced compliance by removing those who refused and appointing in their places nominees of Swayne.

  4. Ousting the Native Surely Mr. Harcourt can suggest to the South African Government the necessity of appointing a Commission to inquire into the working of the Act, a Commission which would include Natives as well as whites.

  5. In pursuance of this policy General Botha won the approbation of all Natives by appointing Hon.

  6. A week later Napoleon received a welcome letter from the Minister of War appointing him Captain of the 4th regiment of artillery, and his arrears of pay were also sent.

  7. The Emperor took up his quarters in the Kremlin, appointing Mortier governor with strict instructions to prevent the troops from plundering.

  8. He made a sort of verbal will here in my hearing, appointing old Viola his executor; and, by Jove!

  9. The parishioners possess the sole right of patronage in only three or four instances; and, in one or two cases in the City, particular corporations possess the right of appointing the clergy.

  10. For the parish churches, again, the right of appointing the clergymen is vested in various hands according to circumstances, which it would require too much time and space to explain at sufficient length to make them understood.

  11. At the top of the pile was an official circular appointing one George Z.

  12. The Reform School Board The members of the School Board in Doosnoswair being suspected of appointing female teachers for an improper consideration, the people elected a Board composed wholly of women.

  13. I declare, a commission, appointing Richard Jones, Esquire, sheriff of the county.

  14. His naturally harsh temper was now soured by age, and he urged on the Ephors into declaring war against the Thebans, and appointing him their general to carry it on.

  15. And because, when Minucius the dictator was appointing Caius Flaminius his master of the knights, the mouse which is called the coffin-mouse was heard to squeak, they turned them out of their office, and elected others.

  16. There he furnished four galleons for the said help, and three hundred or more soldiers, appointing as commander of the latter Don Francisco de Miranda Enrriquez.

  17. Now, appointing agents generally is the right of every man, and innocent in itself, but appointing an agent to commit a murder is sin.

  18. Thinking slaveholding to be sin, he goes on, year after year, appointing by his vote judges and marshals to aid in hunting up the fugitives, and seeing that they are delivered back to those who claim them!

  19. Such is voting under the United States Constitution--appointing an officer to help the oppressor.

  20. Voting under our Constitution is appointing a man to swear to protect, and actually to protect slavery.

  21. Gambetta has astounded people by appointing a flashy newspaper writer, of no particular principles, to the post of Political Director in the Foreign Office.

  22. The question of appointing the Controllers and deciding what their functions were to be, gave rise to more difficulties, caused by the obvious desire of many Frenchmen to get the Egyptian finances entirely into French hands.

  23. Resolved, That we consider the attempt to possess himself of all military authority and dictation, by appointing all the militia officers, is a stretch of military despotism, hitherto unknown in the annals of our Republic.

  24. Proceedings will be instituted against them in a court organized by Chief Justice Eckels, held in this county, which court will supersede the necessity of appointing military commissions for the trial of such offenders.

  25. The proprietor was also given control of ecclesiastical matters such as the power of appointing ministers and founding churches, which were "to be dedicated and consecrated according to the Ecclesiastical Laws of our Kingdom of England.

  26. In that year the government assumed political control over the Indians, creating a southern and a northern department, and appointing a superintendent for each.

  27. Party managers and methods had not then become powerful agencies of coercion, hostile to the free and just exercise of the appointing power.

  28. If this danger were adequately realized, it would be possible to rouse public opinion, and to secure that a man's beliefs should not be considered in appointing him to a post.

  29. The habit of considering a man's religious, moral, and political opinions before appointing him to a post or giving him a job is the modern form of persecution, and it is likely to become quite as efficient as the Inquisition ever was.

  30. From appointing agents to serve this committee in France or England, Franklin was soon promoted to be himself one of the agents and to represent in France the united colonies which had just declared their independence.

  31. There is but one way of redressing this and remedying the public evil; that is the plan I before sent you of appointing the Dr.

  32. The commodore made his first lieutenant, Mr Saumarez, captain of this prize, appointing her a post-ship in his majesty's service.

  33. The modes of appointing guardians and curators have been explained in the first Book.

  34. If he's right, there's no use our electing the Archdeacon and then having the Local Government Board coming down on us afterward for appointing an unqualified man.

  35. I fail to find either pleasure or excitement in appointing a new sexton.

  36. On this more serious occasion, therefore, he prayed me to enlist fifty comrades for the protection of the said house, appointing me their captain, as I had been when the Colonnesi came.

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