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Example sentences for "granddaughters"

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  1. Bertrada died after the death of Hildigard, having lived to see three grandsons and as many granddaughters in her son's house.

  2. In his treatment of them Charles gave the strongest proof of his family affection, for upon the death of his son he appointed his grandson Bernard to succeed him, and had his granddaughters brought up with his own daughters.

  3. Living with Madame Hassan Bey was her young sisters, a Turkish sub-débutante, but somewhat less shy than the granddaughters of Mahmoud Pasha, as she is a student of the American College for Girls.

  4. My daughters are true granddaughters of the Middle Border.

  5. His last days were spent in calm content with his granddaughters to delight and comfort him.

  6. He was nearing his eighty-fourth birthday, and a realization that every week in which he did not see his granddaughters was an irreparable loss, gave me uneasiness.

  7. Mrs. Smiley's expression of pleasure was sincere when her six granddaughters sent to her, as a Christmas present, a very pretty patchwork quilt, which they had made with their own hands.

  8. I have only to marry my granddaughters creditably, and prevent my grandson going to the dogs, and then my mission on this insignificant planet will be accomplished.

  9. She talked very little, but she was always gracious to her granddaughters and their governess, and she liked them to be with her in the evening.

  10. Lady Maulevrier never accompanied her granddaughters on these occasions.

  11. I have a strange impatience to behold one of my granddaughters happily married, to know that her future is secure, that come weal, come woe, she is safe in the protection of a brave true man.

  12. I should like to see both my granddaughters married before I die--yes, I should like to see Lesbia's fate secure, if she were to be only Lady Lesbia Smithson.

  13. John Hammond received his tea-cup from Lesbia's hand, and lingered in the drawing-room talking to the dowager and her granddaughters till it was time to dress.

  14. I think she has learned my Molly's value; rather late, as I learned it; and I believe she will be glad that one of her granddaughters should marry the son of her first lover.

  15. The secret of Lady Maulevrier's sin had been so faithfully kept by the two young men that neither of her granddaughters knew the true story of that mysterious person whom Mary had first heard of as James Steadman's uncle.

  16. But shall I then not see my granddaughters to-day, as I do every Sunday?

  17. So to-morrow you will let him know, my lad, that his granddaughters are arrived.

  18. My two granddaughters are here," he said to a missionary sitting beside him.

  19. I was instrumental in starting a school of our own for girls, and I took my granddaughters away from here and put them in the new school.

  20. There were ten in his party; and when the coffin had been carried out to the grave, the two granddaughters of the old man opened the simple service by singing very impressively the first three verses of the Portuguese Hymn.

  21. Campbell thanked the old minister and his two granddaughters on their taking leave, for their presence and assistance; and a number of us boys also shook hands with the old man at parting.

  22. He had given the old minister such data as he had, and two of the minister's granddaughters had expressed a willingness to assist by singing at the burial services.

  23. Charming granddaughters were growing up in Betty Lewis's "Kenmore" home.

  24. His first two wives were the granddaughters of his great-aunt, Mildred Gregory, and his last wife great-granddaughter of her last husband!

  25. We have so few granddaughters that we cannot help making too much of them.

  26. It is true, she tried to dissuade her granddaughters from their purpose, but feebly, without conviction.

  27. It's my granddaughters that keep me a-going, and my son, too.

  28. The pretty angel-fish suggested youth and feminine beauty to him, and his adopted granddaughters became angel-fish to him from that time forward.

  29. St. Maur, also two of Nathaniel Hawthorne's granddaughters had recently located adjoining the Stormfield lands.

  30. The Marshall house is now in possession of the Society for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, having been purchased a few years ago from the Misses Harvie, the granddaughters of Chief Justice Marshall.

  31. The youngest of these granddaughters lived in the house in 1876, when the story of Rebecca Motte was written for the Women's Centennial Executive Committee.

  32. Maximilian to Margaret The emperor wishes his granddaughters to come to Brussels to see the park.

  33. Sometimes he invited his young granddaughters to spend a few days with him at Brussels, 'to see the park and enjoy themselves.

  34. His granddaughters were much with him, and though they were the belles of Baltimore town from their earliest girlhood, a very delightful phase of their life was that portion of it spent on their own and their grandfather's estates.

  35. Granddaughters of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, one of the most illustrious Americans of the period, they became through marriage identified with the most distinguished families in England.

  36. It seemed incongruous with the punctilious old Southern gentleman to make a discourteous distinction thus between his granddaughters and his niece.

  37. His granddaughters are children--I have forgotten their names.

  38. I congratulate my granddaughters on being born in an age so much enlightened.

  39. While we sat at table, baskets and bouquets of wonderful flowers kept constantly arriving; the sweet granddaughters brought them in, in a sort of procession lovely to see.

  40. Her spirits soon rallied, and the granddaughters did their best to fill the great void.

  41. In giving thanks to-day, I made my only personal petitions, which were first, that some of my dear granddaughters might find suitable husbands, .

  42. I have heard praises of the thorough housekeeping of our grandmothers, but the housekeeping of their granddaughters is a thousand times more intense.

  43. He glanced at his granddaughters as he said it, as if to suggest that their morals, if not his own, might be impaired by such language.

  44. There was a moment's pause during which Deacon Saxon doubtless mused upon his own mercies, and his granddaughters pondered the question, who the unfortunate octogenarian whom he had just mentioned might be.

  45. Denny; Sophie and Bertie Frye, granddaughters of A.

  46. One of the granddaughters pleasurably recalls the vision of Joseph Latimer, father of Sarah, sitting in his dooryard, under the boughs of a great Balm of Gilead tree, reading his Bible.

  47. Mrs Hattingh, however, had ceased to impress him since the day she had obtained the dresses for her granddaughters fraudulently and on the strength of his attachment to Susannah.

  48. The junior members of the Hattingh family consisted of two granddaughters and a grand-niece.

  49. Isabelle de Valois, Duchess-dowager de Bourbon, took charge of her granddaughters and retired into the convent of the Cordelières at Paris, where she ended her days.

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