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  1. The grandest mountain prospect that the eye can range over is appointed to annihilation.

  2. The grandest ambition that can enter the soul is to know the truth.

  3. In the real choir is all the thrilling music of the world, and in the star-lit aisles have been, and are, the grandest souls of every land and clime.

  4. But he was grandest of all, when he cursed the eggs, shell, white, and yolk, solemnly imploring complete and speedy suffocation upon any party who should stick a spoon in them.

  5. Behind them to the south-east are the waterfalls, one of which, 630 feet high, is described as the grandest cascade in Africa south of the Zambesi.

  6. The agencies which stimulated Beethoven's grandest thoughts are eminently characteristic of the man.

  7. He employs a poet for his singular theatre, whose humour and skill in suiting the grandest subjects for the stage, and in parodying the gravest effects, are often exceedingly happy.

  8. Again: "What is all this compared to the grandest of all Masters of Harmony--above, above?

  9. An English critic said last winter in the Illustrated London News, that, after seeing Miss Smithson in Juliet, I had cried out, 'I will marry that woman and write my grandest symphony on this play.

  10. A brilliant use of the violins and reeds depicts the exultation of the victors on their return, and closes one of the grandest sound-paintings in music.

  11. It has often recurred among those grandest of the servants of God who may sink into the deepest dejection from contrast with the spiritual altitudes to which they have soared.

  12. That stately and melancholy figure--in some respects the grandest and the saddest in the Sacred Volume--is in detail little more than a mighty 'shadow.

  13. Is she not the grandest creature you ever saw?

  14. She had bound herself by a chain that could never be broken, and here she read of how all noblest and grandest impulses are above the law, and refuse to be so bound; and how, in such cases, it is noble to defy and trample upon the law.

  15. He had enjoyed, for only twelve days, the grandest residence and the greatest ease his life had known.

  16. But he taught me to revere that grandest and most powerful of tragedians, Sophocles.

  17. The newly founded Empire spared nothing to organise fetes in general, and this one in particular, on the grandest scale.

  18. And she adds: "One can scarcely realise that the man who would presently be improvising in his grandest style, was the Felix senior, the king of games and romps.

  19. There are many species of martyrdom, but that of mere love is the grandest in the concentration of its own singleness.

  20. The Major bowed lower than ever and went beside her with his grandest air.

  21. The Major bowed with his gravest and grandest air.

  22. But the grandest effect was when the far-off mountain precipice flung back the music; for then the Great Stone Face itself seemed to be swelling the triumphant chorus, in acknowledgment that, at length, the man of prophecy was come.

  23. He gained a world; he gave that world Its grandest lesson: "On!

  24. Though I should perish, this journey should be the grandest event of my life.

  25. It is one of the greatest and grandest watersheds of the world, for from its northern flank the water flows down to the undrained lakes of the plateau, and from its southern flank to the Indian Ocean.

  26. Thus much was a priori certain, that this region presented the grandest problems which remained still unsolved in the physical geography of Asia.

  27. Her grandsire was the Mountain Hare,' said the owner of the mare, hurrying up to continue her family history, 'and he was the grandest horse in the four baronies.

  28. She put her grandest raiment upon her and started away at once.

  29. They bought a lovely house and farm of land with the money which was lent by the Jew; and they fixed all the grandest ever was seen.

  30. So they all went up to the room and told young M'Carthy to rise from his bed and eat a good dinner, for the grandest arrangements out were made for his future and he'd surely meet the lady.

  31. In a moment their kippeens clashed; in another, hundreds of kippeens crashed together, and the grandest fight ever fought in Connemara raged over Callanan's Field.

  32. Here was one of the grandest poetic minds that the world has produced.

  33. His widely varied genius, passing from the most spiritually familiar of tones to the height of moving and imposing eloquence, was one of the grandest of all antiquity.

  34. These nomadic shepherds, a few Tatars at New Arghuri, and a camp of Russian Cossacks at the well of Sardarbulakh, are the only human beings to disturb the quiet solitude of this grandest of nature's sanctuaries.

  35. The ascent to this lake, through the famous Buam Defile, or Happy Pass, afforded some of the grandest scenery on our route through Asia.

  36. Since the time that the title of Asia applied to the small coast-province of Lydia, this country has been the theater for the grandest events in human history.

  37. Pets they were, the grandest in all the world.

  38. It's the grandest way to get in with all of 'em.

  39. I would like," said Winny, in her grandest manner, "to see anybody trying it on with me.

  40. Autumn came, and with it another Grand Display at the Polytechnic Gymnasium, the grandest he had yet known.

  41. But no complete view of this wonderful building outside can be obtained, from the closeness of the houses; and that which would be the grandest ornament of the finest city in the world cannot even be seen in its full proportions.

  42. When the full force of both is united, as in the symphony mentioned, the grandest musical expression appears.

  43. Sometimes, indeed, one feels that both are written from the same mood in the grandest minds.

  44. If a reply be sought to the question, why the grandest compositions of this art are more generally impressive than the efforts of the pure science, it may be reached in various ways.

  45. Therefore, in the full presence of nature, the grandest deeds seem harmonious and the wisdom of Plato, and actions whose greatness is the centre, not the utmost compression, of our life are harmonious and symmetrical.

  46. I must say that the first was grandest to me, and remains so.

  47. The richest and grandest music of the world is hitherto in a minor key.

  48. Though very beautiful of themselves, they suggested to me grander pictures of this grandest theme, and so interested me very much.

  49. Often the grandest passages are most melodious, as in poems the greatest thought suggests the happiest expression.

  50. It is scarce necessary to say that the room was handsomely furnished: for the mansion of Sir Marmaduke Wade, besides being one of the oldest, was also one of the grandest of the time.

  51. As Marian came to the close of one of her grandest pas, the movement had inadvertently brought her close to the spot where the cuirassier captain was standing.

  52. That was the grandest throe ever felt by England's heart in its aspirations after Liberty.

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