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Example sentences for "immensity"

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immemorially; immensa; immense; immensely; immensities; immenso; immensum; immer; immerged; immerse
  1. The immensity was quite as striking to the mind as to the eye, and an absolute democracy was appreciable in it.

  2. Dwarfed to ant-like insignificance by the verdant immensity around him, the logger toils daily with ax, saw and cable.

  3. Nature has never endowed any section of our fair world with such an immensity of kingly trees.

  4. In all directions stretches the pillared immensity of the forests.

  5. The facts: I am, I move, I grow, are seen in all their immensity in connection with the fact that everything else is there along with me, and not the tiniest atom can do without me.

  6. One realizes the immensity of London when he is compelled to measure its length on a single errand.

  7. A photograph will be seen in one of the illustrations showing the immensity of the three-walled fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

  8. One could not help being impressed by the immensity of the landscape, endless sweeping undulation after undulation spreading before us, but not a real mountain in sight.

  9. As he looked upward, there was a sense of surrounding immensity that left him weak in the legs.

  10. But it can be easily shown that our solar system has boundaries, and does not fill the immensity of space.

  11. The immensity of the revolution, which these changes implied, was at once apparent.

  12. The foreign envoys were all impressed with the idea that the vengeance wrought was out of all proportion with the immensity of the thing achieved.

  13. He was like a man rowing a small boat in the immensity of a dark sea which threatened every moment to engulf him.

  14. She had stopped outside the barrier, gazing round with a troubled face at the immensity of the station and the throngs of hurrying people.

  15. Every thing tells you of the immensity of the building, or group of buildings which men erected here in ages long gone by.

  16. The light of day has become almost a twilight, adding a mysterious indefiniteness to the immensity of the vast edifice.

  17. But in the immensity of these solitudes, to whom was his appeal addressed?

  18. As completely lost in the new land as he would have been in the immensity of the sea, he ascended the course of the river, following, with a distraught gaze, the trace of the two trails marking the sand, which was wet in places.

  19. On rising above the clouds into the immensity of a clear sky all flooded with sunlight, Simon uttered a cry of joy.

  20. Of modern construction and Renascence style, it overlooked the immensity of the Roman Campagna.

  21. Meantime, without a pause, the carriage rolled on across the immensity of the Campagna.

  22. Susa is rendered remarkable by the immensity of wealth, hoarded up in it by the Persian kings, and which fell into the hands of Alexander, when, twenty days after leaving Babylon, he took possession of that city.

  23. The vastness and immensity of space strikes us with awe, and the mouldering monuments of human pride, that extend around, teach us a sad lesson of the instability of all human greatness.

  24. At Palmyra, Nature renders the works of man insignificant by her own immensity and her boundless horizon, within which some hundreds of columns seem entirely lost.

  25. Tall and graceful stems with an immensity of leaf, probably a plant belonging to the Solanaceae family.

  26. And if you asked me to describe the viands, or the glorious juiciness of the giant joints, or the supreme immensity of the lofty pudding, I should simply beg to be excused.

  27. And so he linked up with old Ap, old Ap in paper cap and immensity of apron, Rory in pilot coat and Tam o' Shanter.

  28. It was the inhuman immensity of this land that astonished and oppressed him.

  29. The sun with its specks of planets, its dust of planetoids, and its impalpable comets, swims in a vacant immensity that almost defeats the imagination.

  30. He stood for a time like one awestricken, and then, with a queer small cry and holding out his arms, he ran out as if he would embrace at once the whole round immensity of the world.

  31. For the first time the immensity of that million thrust itself upon him.

  32. It did not take him long to grasp the immensity of the disaster.

  33. Mangrove forests, unequalled anywhere for immensity and gloom, fringe the entire sweep of the Gulf.

  34. Miss Slessor's life shadowed by the consciousness of how little had been done, as well as by the immensity of what was still to do.

  35. Hence, were the United States Steel Corporation nothing but the largest business aggregation in the world its immensity alone might justify placing upon record the facts connected with its formation and its subsequent history.

  36. And the Corporation’s coal and coke operations are carried on a scale in harmony with the general immensity of its steel operations.

  37. Some concrete comparison is needed to give a faint idea of the immensity of the capital of the “Steel Trust.

  38. The declining sun was once more veiling the immensity of Paris with golden dust.

  39. The Army supply bases at Brooklyn and at Boston are examples of the immensity of the expeditionary depots built along the Atlantic seacoast.

  40. The invigorating scent of the sea was nectar to her wearied body, the immensity of the lonely cliffs was silent and dreamlike.

  41. I don't believe he knew that it was turning on its axis at the rate of a thousand miles an hour, because if he did, he would have understood the immensity of heat that would have been generated by stopping the world.

  42. In spite of the immensity of the sorrow surrounding you, I think you have a right to rejoice, the more so as your consort, Her Majesty the Queen, shares this rare privilege with you.

  43. The finest thing, most terrible and impressive, was the Salle du Dome, where the black shadows were lost in the immensity of the vault.

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