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Example sentences for "eternity"

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eternall; eternally; eterne; eternise; eternities; eternize; eterno; etes; eteth; ethane
  1. In the neighbourhood of Memphis many of these palaces might be seen, which their short-lived masters had built for eternity, an eternity which did not last longer than the lives of their builders.

  2. Eternity is passed in this vain endeavour.

  3. Earth had its vanities to solace him, but eternity has none.

  4. Say to the eager and impetuous youth, two years must pass before you can possess her whom you love, and you spread out an eternity before him, full of dangers and disappointments.

  5. Would the eternal architect," they said, "remain from all eternity doing nothing?

  6. Thus Love triumphs over Man; Chastity triumphs over Love; Death triumphs over both; Fame triumphs over Death; Time triumphs over Fame; and Eternity triumphs over Time.

  7. Time is the eternity of thousands; and therefore they think only of time.

  8. Nought can avert his destiny, For ever through eternity Within yon cleft he must abide.

  9. I longed for no eternity without Molly, and I remember praying that my spirit might be utterly annihilated and become as insensible as the clay that I was about to leave behind me.

  10. The victims faced death like tried soldiers; their attitude as they halted upon the confines of eternity elicited the commendation of the people.

  11. They were convinced that they were warders of the inheritance of the saints, and they patrolled their circuit, and went about in the name of Christ proclaiming the mercy of God and warning men of Eternity and of The Judgment.

  12. The men regents will live into eternity if the canvas endures.

  13. To traverse them would demand an eternity and the nerves of a madman.

  14. Dostoïevsky knew such a sensation when he wrote of "a species of eternity within the space of a square foot.

  15. It reaches earth and heaven Through heart and soul of man, It lives beyond the present-- Eternity doth span.

  16. Henceforward, whenever that spectre of a mother comes before him, it must re-echo the words of God and eternity which Paul has spoken.

  17. What an eternity it seemed since I started with those children singing carols.

  18. Hill tops like hot iron glitter bright in the sun, And the rivers we're eying burn to gold as they run; Burning hot is the ground, liquid gold is the air; Whoever looks round sees Eternity there.

  19. Eternity seems to stretch before it, an eternity of joy hinted in the first glance at this new universe which it attains.

  20. This troubled me so much that I could not sleep all night long, and the next day it seemed to me an eternity before the time came when I was to wait on the baroness.

  21. The few seconds seemed to be an eternity--an eternity of fear and hope.

  22. Since then a day and a night had passed--an eternity for those who watched by the bedside of the patient.

  23. The shadow of death brooded upon him as he gazed with filmy, sightless eyes into the dark hollow of eternity that lay beyond.

  24. Then suddenly Arnold opened his eyes; they were sightless to this world; they were gazing straight into the shadow of eternity that hung like a curtain before him.

  25. The foolishest articulate-speaking soul now extant, may not he say to himself: "A whole Eternity I waited to be born; and now I have a whole Eternity waiting to see what I will do when born!

  26. We do not believe in the riches of the soul, in its proper eternity and omnipresence.

  27. The spirit sports with time,-- "Can crowd eternity into an hour, Or stretch an hour to eternity.

  28. I feel the eternity of man, the identity of his thought.

  29. I would a thousand times rather have one day of conscious purity of heart and mind and soul and body, than an eternity of such life as I have now.

  30. And the worst of it is that to all eternity I can never make any atonement' 'But God will forgive you, Charley.

  31. It is a fool's comparison; for an eternity of the former would be bliss--one moment of the latter is misery.

  32. For man lives in Time, has his whole earthly being, endeavour and destiny shaped for him by Time: only in the transitory Time-Symbol is the ever-motionless Eternity we stand on made manifest.

  33. Of this latter sort are all true works of Art: in them (if thou know a Work of Art from a Daub of Artifice) wilt thou discern Eternity looking through Time; the Godlike rendered visible.

  34. Shall I not have all Eternity to rest in?

  35. Now, even now, or else through all Eternity never!

  36. The Earth has opened on them; in a moment they are not, and Eternity is.

  37. Was the Professor apprehensive lest an Editor, selected as the present boasts himself, might mistake the Teufelsdröckh Serpent-of-Eternity in like manner?

  38. He is gripped by another terror, the terror that has come through the presence of these strange men who have brought the things of eternity to seem real to him.

  39. He was a fool for refusing to make provision for the eternity that he must live.

  40. Some of them had gone into eternity and others had gone beyond his influence forever more.

  41. It is true that, after having concentrated in God the whole of the real, it became difficult for them to pass from God to things, from eternity to time.

  42. It would only have to be diverted an instant from itself in order to step out of its eternity and thereby coincide with all this knowledge and all these things.

  43. From which it follows that everything is given once for all, and that it is necessary to posit from all eternity either material multiplicity itself, or the act creating this multiplicity, given in block in the divine essence.

  44. Eternity no longer hovers over time, as an abstraction; it underlies time, as a reality.

  45. A perpetuity of mobility is possible only if it is backed by an eternity of immutability, which it unwinds in a chain without beginning or end.

  46. It establishes between eternity and time the same relation as between a piece of gold and the small change--change so small that payment goes on for ever without the debt being paid off.

  47. It seemed an eternity to Barry Lawrence before the taxi finally swerved in toward the curb and stopped with a grinding jar before the marble-fronted house facing the park.

  48. It seemed an eternity to the impatient Lawrence before a door closed hastily above, and he heard the sound of light footsteps hurrying down from the top floor.

  49. Probably our difficulty arises largely from the mistake of applying time-relations to God at all, and thinking of eternity as an enormously long period instead of timeless Present, excluding both "unborn To-morrow and dead Yesterday.

  50. Yet this is nothing: I leave eternity to Thee; for what is man that he should live out the lifetime of his God?

  51. There is some unsuffusing thing beyond thee, thou clear spirit, to whom all thy eternity is but time, all thy creativeness mechanical.

  52. Our experience of Eternity is "that of which nothing can be said.

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