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Example sentences for "aeon"

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aegris; aegyptische; aelteste; aeltesten; aeneus; aeonian; aeons; aequales; aeque; aequo
  1. Though it should run on aeon after aeon it is still only a mechanism of atoms in eternally unfree material movement.

  2. With regard to the first part of the question, we do not know the actual value of our geological ages in time; but it is probable that each great creative aeon may have extended through millions of years.

  3. Yea, there is joy in the judgment; a peace I have not known in an aeon of pain; Joy in the thought that thy love will not cease Till it hath cleansed all my spirit from stain.

  4. Closeth an hour for the world and an aeon for me, Gazing at last from the martial heights whereunder Deathless memories roll to an ageless sea.

  5. And Aeon and Protogonus begot Genos and Genea, who dwelt in Phoenicia; and when the fierce heat came they stretched out their hands to the sky and the sun.

  6. And from the wind Kolpia and his wife Baau, which means night, Aeon and Protogonus, mortal men, were begotten.

  7. His beauty once their beauty tried; They could not feed him, and he died, And wandered backward as in scorn, To wait an aeon to be born.

  8. Roomy Eternity Casts her schemes rarely, And an aeon allows For each quality and part Of the multitudinous And many-chambered heart.

  9. During the three terrible hours that the play had lasted, he had lived centuries of pain, aeon upon aeon of torture.

  10. If Christianity had depended on the {304} Logos, it would have followed the Logos to the limbo whither went AEon and Aporrhoia and Spermaticos Logos.

  11. A whole aeon of resinous sunbeams breathed their essence through the dark from the spicy evergreens.

  12. The Ophites carried this feeling so far as to maintain that the serpent which deceived Eve was no other than the divine Aeon Sophia, or Wisdom, who thus weakened the power of Ialdabaoth, or the Demiurge.

  13. Eight years have elapsed since that day and this writing--an aeon in this rapidly moving Republic of ours.

  14. An aeon might have elapsed since he had walked down the white marble of its aisle toward the crouching figure in the pew.

  15. Irenaeus founds an argument upon this directed against the heretics who supposed that the Christus and Jesus were not identical, but that Jesus was the son of Mary, upon whom the aeon Christus afterwards descended.

  16. Marcion evidently intends the word to be taken in a transcendental sense of the emanation and descent to earth of the Aeon Christus [Endnote 219:1].

  17. Now, the first fishes do not occur till the Silurian--that is to say, in or about the seventh aeon after the beginning of geological time.

  18. Somehow the vision of this huge stone, first loosed and set in motion by heaven knows what agency, travelling from aeon to aeon up and down that shaft in obedience to some law I did not understand, impressed my imagination like a nightmare.

  19. According to some of the Gnostics this lowest aeon or emanation was identical with the Jewish Satan, or the Ahriman of the Persians, who is called "the prince of this world," and the creation of the world was an essentially evil act.

  20. With Jonah or Iona may be connoted the British Aeon-- Aeon hath seen age after age in long succession, But like a serpent which has cast its skin, Rose to new life in youthful vigour strong.

  21. How shall we define the aeon (or, eternity)?

  22. The full title remained (1340) “the master and brethren of the Knights Templars of the Hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr of Aeon of Canterbury.

  23. And he will do this again when the new aeon begins.

  24. But for this aeon his work is accomplished.

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